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Everyone at Manchester City sends their love and thoughts to Bugzy Malone. Wishing you a quick recovery 💙

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witnesses at the bugzy malone crash thought he was dead yet they still got their phones out to record him wtf is humanity these days 😳😳

Manchester City ()

Everyone at Manchester City sends their love and thoughts to Bugzy Malone. Wishing you a quick recovery 💙

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Mario Falcone ()

Very confused as to why someone would film Bugzy Malone while he lay on the floor pouring with flood and shaken after a motorcycle accident? First instinct would be to help, not get your phone out and film. Strange person. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Joel Marshall ()

Bugzy Malone deserves it your parents deserve corona for bringing another inhuman, dumbass motherfucker into the world.

Beards Weird ()

Man really started his tweet with “fuck bugzy malone” some people are so weird man

Hassan ()

“Bugzy Malone deserves it. He’s wasting NHS resources in a national crisis” type of tweets from people who I bet stockpiled from here to kingdom come because of the same crisis are a sheer, idiotic madness. Hysteria washed some folk of even a good sickening.

Luke ()

Praying that Bugzy Malone pulls through. I really don’t wanna be hearing his music rn.

Eri 🇦🇱 ()

Bugzy Malone has an accident & all of the sudden everyone’s purer than Jesus & a motorbike expert.

🇯🇲 || B.I.T.C.H ()

Sending my prayers out to Bugzy Malone, I really hope he’s going to be ok🙏🏾🙏🏾

Israr Hussain ()

What a little snake of a friend sending out these videos of Bugzy Malone at his worst. Prayers for @TheBugzyMalone

Asim ()

Fair enough bugzy malone was doing dumb shit, but he pays his taxes towards the nhs; in return it’s only fair that he does get the medical treatment. Maybe people would be more empathetic if they put their family member in that position

Grime Nation ()

Popular UK Rapper bugzy malone gets into a life threatening motorbike 😔🙏🏽 #bugzymalone

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M ()

The fact there are people out there saying bugzy malone deserves to be dead after the crash he had are actually scum not only do we only have cctv that doesn’t show much up till the crash that proves it’s his fault and even if it’s his fault he doesn’t deserve death scumbags

H ()

Regardless, praying Bugzy Malone has a speedy recovery and bounces back from this ✨

James ❄️ ()

Bugzy Malone man, what a fucking fool. Going full speed on his bike when he shouldn’t even be out anyway, I would say he deserves everything he gets but he doesn’t warrant wasting a hospital bed at this current time

Jay Wilson ()

Will it be sad if Bugzy Malone dies? Yeah course, he doesn’t deserve to die, but it’s a very hard lesson he’ll have to learn if he lives because if you drive like a cunt like that then there’s a high risk that happens, could’ve easily been a kid in that car he crashed into.

عدنا ()

Bugzy Malone is seriously injured and you’ve got people out here wishing death on him . You’re all selfish pricks who don’t deserve an inch of fucking happiness you callous bastards

Princess Peach👸🏼 ()

Hope I don’t wake up to news that Bugzy Malone didn’t make it 🙏🏼 yeh he’s stupid for speeding around like that but doesn’t mean he deserves to lose his life

The Happy MC ()

I pray Bugzy Malone survives that motorbike accident. Video looks horrible damn 🙏🏾

Brian lefevre ()

how many more people are gonna tweet the bugzy malone footage in order to get #numbers? opportunistic ghouls

Josh ()

Maybe Bugzy Malone should have stayed at home instead of dangerously speeding around the roads on a quad bike. That’s time and resources that could be put towards someone with coronavirus but nah, that’s wasted now. Bloke is an idiot

Michael Agbaji ()

It’s mad that Bugzy Malone went from being loved from 2016 to now he’s being hated by his same supporters 👀....

Snips ()

I hope Bugzy Malone is okay. I’m disgusted by the people on twitter saying it’s karma cause he shouldn’t have been outside. You’re as bad as the person who filmed it. Nasty, self righteous pricks. Hope he makes a speedy recovery

Glik ()

Swear to god if Bugzy Malone dies 2020 is even more of a fucking write off, done wit this year

Musa ()

I hope bugzy malone is okay and gets through this. And if he does boiiii will he have a story to tell #MEN3

Connie ()

genuinely hope he’s okay but why does bugzy malone think it’s okay to drive like an idiot on a quad bike during the middle of a lockdown tho, if some randomer did the same thing people would be slating them

DJ Semtex ()

Praying for Bugzy Malone and his family. He’s a warrior, absolute Spartan if anyone can recover from this @thebugzymalone can 🙏🏼

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𝓜𝓻 ()

Yo prayers up for Bugzy Malone 🙏🏽🙏🏽 apparently he just had a motor accident

Liam Broady ()

I’m sorry but i don’t care whether it’s Bugzy Malone who has just crashed or a normal person. What type of person records someone as they are lay on the floor critically injured?

WHF!🇾🇪 ()

I do hope Bugzy Malone is ok after his accident, it looked nasty!🙏 You have to ask though, why an earth was he out and about driving erratically on a motorbike when our prime minister has told everyone to stay indoors?🤔 As if the NHS aren’t already under enough 😐

☚ #iHeartConcertonFOX #dontrushchallenge ☛
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