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#ByeByeBoris Twitter

#ByeByeBoris is trending. If the thought of that cheers you up immensly…. I want to follow you. #FBPE.

Enough is enough- for the good of the country just resign. #ByeByeBoris.

#ByeByeBoris Photo,#ByeByeBoris Photo by Steve Wightman,Steve Wightman on twitter tweets #ByeByeBoris Photo

@TomSwarbrick1 its a message to the government to change course and get rid of Johnson #ByeByeBoris.

Fucking excellent. Fairly soon Luxon won’t have any kissing cousins to buddy up with. #ByeByeBoris #NationalNotFitToGovern.

@bobbyllew Nope. All quiet. Business as usual. Nothing to see here. Time to draw a line under it and move on. 😂 #delusional #ByeByeBoris.

@MimiJ9 Bloody EU ! Coming over with their furriner ways and voting for .. er ? #OperationDeadDog #ByeByeBoris.

Johnson continually makes up policy on the hoof & creates sound bites to keep ppl quiet @Conservatives need a leader who believes in core Conservative principles ☑️Low tax ☑️Freedom ☑️Integrity & transparency If they keep #ByeByeBoris as leader #ToriesAreToast.

#ByeByeBoris if the rest of the country wakes up and votes tactically then we can rid ourselves of the cancer party that is destroying this Country #NeverTrustATory.

Lmao all going swimmingly for the conservatives when they can’t even force any of the cabinet onto the news shows. 😂 #byebyeBoris.

@DavidGHFrost @Conservatives I mean I was expecting the usual mid term spin from the tories but this is spectacular! #ByeByeBoris.

@OliverDowden Well done! Now go ahead and align with the #ByeByeBoris group of honest MP’S. Give the British people a government it can trust and believe in.

#ByeByeBoris Unsurprisingly, no Tory spokesperson on morning TV/Radio. Downing resigns, Raab unavailable (probably hiding in a fridge) and Boris has fled the country. When will this No Shame resign!.

#ByeByeBoris MPs who want to keep their seats will have to f••k him off … The writings on the wall though the tories will be gone at the GE and they did that themselves with the help of Johnson ….

#ByeByeBoris Photo,#ByeByeBoris Photo by You Lazy ⭕️,You Lazy ⭕️ on twitter tweets #ByeByeBoris Photo

@antony_hig Hey Antony, how are you feeling this morning after those results? Bit twitchy are 😊👍 #byebyeboris.

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