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Chad Wolf is what you get when cabinet members are selected because the president likes how they present on Fox News

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You Lazy ⭕️ ()

#YorkshireTeaGate Boris said can you sweep up and make the tea now I’m in the Cabinet how cool is that ... And this makes such a great cuppa we all like it ... Well Javid didn’t he’s not with us now ...

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Lynnette Lock #FBPE Welsh European ()

@Sillyshib As long as it takes the cabinet first I am ok with that. I am likely to be one that dies from it as I read the older you are the more likely that is to happen. Over 40 and upward are in the most at risk category. Please if anyone in the uk has to get it let it please be BJ

Tom Harwood ()

COBRA is a reference to Cabinet Office Briefing Room A, it is not the only room in which meetings can be had. BoJo bringing the lolz this #PMQs

MyRepública ()

Issuing a press statement on Wednesday, Deuba objected to the white-paper released by the Trust on Tuesday claiming that the decision was taken by the cabinet led by him.

I am Sensational ()

What is the average age of this cabinet? What is the average age of the South African population?

Eins ()

pwerti ka lutaw nga adlaw kay imbis lab gown kwaon sa cabinet uniform pa nga ssa ka manghod ko ang akon nakwa :”) atleast indi zero sa practical exam 🤪

The Chad Adams Show ()

A future cabinet meeting in an alternate universe. . . . unedited.

Palpalindia.com ()

मोदी कैबिनेट बैठक में लिये 3 बड़े फैसले, एनटीसी मिशन को मंजूरी, जानिए क्या होगा असर news in hindi

Hyypiä ()

Hi since Tun M wants to have a non-partisan unity government, i volunteer myself to be appointed as Minister. Tun M, if you’re reading this, pls appoint me as a Cabinet Minister. Im not an Ahli Dewan Rakyat but you can appoint me as a Senator first then i can be in the Cabinet 😀

Bestgaragestorage ()

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Benjamin Lewis ()

The LGBCE can also have a gold star for a prompt FOI response too — and an intriguing one at See, Cabinet Office? It *can* be done!

Whitefield Rising ()

INR 18,000 crores is the outlay on a 60:20:20 model. But we wait cabinet clearance still.

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Art of the Title ()

Today the first true horror film, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, is 100 years old! Learn about its titles and pioneering visual effects

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Ricardo Mackenzie ()

There is as handful of people in Cyril’s Cabinet that understand this simple FACT! 👇👇👇 “We don’t have any money. We’ve got no room for more debt or more taxes. - @geordinhl

Kip Boyd ()

If Warren stays in the race, it is proof that she knows the dnc is planning on stealing the nomination from Bernie and handing it to Bloomberg, and that she has been promised a spot in his cabinet, maybe even promised her vp in did that work out, Liz?

Vintageretro7 ()

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Tablettes Lorraines ()

Cabinet SIL-COM est un organisme de formation professionnelle implanté à Neuves-Maisons. La structure, spécialisée dans la #stratégie-commerciale et les #techniques-de-vente, offre aux professionnels des prestations parfaitement personnalisées.


@JamesCleverly Who specifically has a strong relationship? Cabinet members change like the wind

Arst Avocats ()

Le cabinet @ArstAvocats est classé Excellent par la revue DÉCIDEURS Magazine pour l’année 2020 en matière de #Restructuring & Entreprises en difficulté

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Croner-i News ()

The government has signalled its intention to set up a new audit regulator to replace the Financial Reporting Council FRC, despite the cabinet reshuffle which saw the business secretary replaced. Find out more at (via @accountancylive)

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Kchm2000 ()

@PFEW_Chair @patel4witham Former cabinet minister and ex-prisoner Jonathan Aitken says overcrowding/assaults and understaffing in prisons are worse than ever. He suggests freeing up 7000 prison slots UK is also in deficit. How will it afford more prisoners?

Quint Hindi ()

सरोगेसी को रेगुलेट करने वाला ये बिल पिछले साल अगस्त में लोकसभा में पास हुआ था. वहीं, राज्यसभा ने इसे सेलेक्ट कमेटी को भेजा था

Dr. Malini Nair ()

Certain Journalists who have no direct line to the cabinet right now and are desperately missing the perks provided by the previous government and trying to rabble rouse - are responsible

MLBonavita ()

« Les #agriculteurs sont des acteurs majeurs de leur territoire. Leur voix est essentielle dans les conseils municipaux ». Anne-Cécile Suzanne, Sc-Po, est à la fois consultante dans un cabinet parisien et éleveuse dans le Perche. @AnneCSuzanne @Le_Figaro #municipales

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K.Sunther Ayangar ()

Dont forget RoughFiZi as your minister in the cabinet soon. @anwaribrahim @rafiziramli

Selwyn ()

@SimonPGrindrod Bloated cabinet which is costing us an arm and a leg and at the end of the day they are being paid millions for doing jack shit. All they know is go and sleep in parliament. It is scary to think that the future of SA is in the hand of these pensioners.

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Stephen Wells LibDem, PR, Europhile ()

How can we trust the impartiality of the investigation of Vote Leave if the Civil Servant in charge has resigned? The resignation should have been of the Home Secretary who is unfit for the role. Why did Johnson appoint Patel who May had to remove from her Cabinet for being so?

Jerry Dean Bowers ()

» Richard Grenell: Trump appoints first openly gay cabinet member to head US intelligence | The Independent

Film Dialogue ()

100 years of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Why we’re still living in its shadows @BFI

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Aaron Rupar ()

Chad Wolf is what you get when cabinet members are selected because the president likes how they present on Fox News

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