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The TN State Govt’s drama of the ban on Online gaming (Rummy & Poker) needs to be exposed. Sept 26th: CM & Cabinet clears ordinance on ban on online gaming. Oct 3rd: TN govt passes ordinance banning online rummy & poker and introduced new regulations for online gaming. (1/4).

UPDATE: The Cabinet has agreed to take a 20% pay cut from their monthly salary, says Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, and then proceeded to hire a cabinet filled not only with swamp creatures, but swamp creatures who hate his guts. An underrated self-own..

This is a very painful human story of a Zimbabwean lady who lost her chicken small business because of 18 hour power cuts in Zimbabwe. The tragedy is that Zimbabwe’s cabinet ministers are getting a one off US$500,000 payment each after authoring this 5 year economic disaster!.

I joined H. E. President @WilliamsRuto during the ground-breaking ceremony of the Nairobi Railway City, Nairobi County. The Prime Cabinet Secretary Hon. @MusaliaMudavadi, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, among other leaders, was present..

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K24 TV
K24 TV

Cabinet approves directive to mark all State events with plantation of 200-500 trees.

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Union Cabinet meeting chaired by @PMOIndia slated to take place today, 7th December at 6pm at 7 LKM..

1. Economic affairs minister Rafizi Ramli says the process of appointing deputy ministers is ongoing, and that they will most likely be sworn in within one to two weeks. He adds that the process will be similar to how the Cabinet members were appointed..

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President William Ruto chairs Cabinet meeting at State House, Nairobi..

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Congratulations to Allison Chris Myers on becoming the first transgender Cabinet Member in New Jersey. Allison has committed her life to service to the nation and New Jersey. New Jersey continues to place leaders in important positions that represent our diverse nation..

We’re in the Trouble with a capital T stage of our teenage years. Feat. Edgar and the kitchen cabinet . #CatsOfTwitter.

He passed a law granting cabinet sweeping powers to legislate without accountability to the legislature. +.

Rob Shaw
Rob Shaw

NEW: @KatrinaCBurnaby has asked @Dave_Eby not to be appointed to cabinet tomorrow, to focus on her son and to deal with long-term trauma from gender-based violence..

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The twins are toddlers now. Alessandra is a wild child she loves to investigate and play around with the items in the kitchen cabinet meanwhile Phoebe is upstairs splashing in the toilet 😂❤️✨.

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@FreeBeacon @SaysSimonson This is in the top ten of worst cabinet appointments by any president..

CABINET APPROVES proposal by Kenya to bid for hosting rights of 2027 Africa Cup of Nations alongside other East African nations..

Selon le Canard enchainé, la directrice de cabinet adjointe de Christian Estrosi a adressé à France 3 un message pour demander la liste des invités d’une future émission sur l’attentat de Nice que la chaine souhaitait organiser à la Villa Masséna. Parce.

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KasiPeople©® This Slate has 3 Former Premiers, 2 Members of Cabinet for the past 10 years ... 2 Current Top Six Members ... The Cat.

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4️⃣ Je ne l’ai pas attrapé au cabinet où j’ai examiné des centaines de patients positifs. Le masque est l’outil le plus efficace contre l’infection : je le dis sans discontinuer depuis le 22 mars 2020 (@SPostillons, @Cote_Science…) et ça continuera. 6/18.

@NovElection2024 If you can only have one the Senate; all judicial nominations are Senate-only, as are Cabinet appoint confirmations, and it can block anything passed by the House..

What Mr Pimpernel said What use has Coffey ever been in every cabinet role she has held?.

I have a medical cabinet haunted by a ghost, way sicker imo..

Really disappointing that Richmond has so many needs yet ZERO representation in the NDP cabinet. #bcpoli.

(the government’s committee of Cabinet that reviews and approves funding requests from ministries) that the Ministry’s subject-matter experts did not agree with the direction from the Minister’s office. /4.

We found that, at the direction of the Minister, the Ministry recommended deferring highly-ranked highway expansion projects in favour of lower-ranked projects, without communicating to Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet /3.

In UK , big projects are tabled in Parliament for approval. The really big ones have specific Acts In Malaysia , it is all done off-budget; decision by the Cabinet behind closed doors. And public is not given any detailed reports Thought PH will change all this..

it’s insane how much tools can cost and yet old people don’t understand why people my age can’t build a cabinet or retile a floor.

𝐔𝐊𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍𝐄 🇺🇦||60 prisonniers ukrainiens ont pu faire l’objet d’un échange ce mardi, annonce Andriy Yermak, chef de cabinet du président ukrainien, Volodymyr Zelensky,sur Twitter. « Autre échange de prisonniers fructueux. Il a eu lieu symboliquement le jour des Forces armées.

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The UCP cabinet should be required to take this online program in Legislative Drafting at @AthabascaU #SovereigntyAct #ableg @RachelNotley.

The caretaker government of Najib Mikati met for the first time in six months amid #Lebanon’s ongoing political vacuum. By @nicfrakesjourno..

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