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AND STILL 🏆 @Canelo closes the chapter on his trilogy with GGG with a dominant victory at #CaneloGGG3.

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Canelo +🥩>>>>>>>>> vegan Canelo.

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Te juro que estaba por poner ese tweet es acojonante tienen a un Nadal en boxeo y no paran de tirarle mierda , canelo es un boxeador enorme , técnicamente buenísimo y muy completo no es un 10 en nada pero no baja del 8 en nada ..

GGG is a better fighter than Canelo and he has a better legacy in boxing. Nobody that loves boxing should think anything else. Only people on the pay roll will dispute it 🥊🥩.

Domingo de NFL🏈😋 Ayer cobramos casi todo en college🏈 y cerramos con broche de oro en la pelea de Canelo🥊 5-1 💎✅🤘🏻 Van a querer pick del día 💎 ❓❓❓ 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻.

Óscar De La Hoya: La pelea fue una mierda total; GGG parecía un maldito viejo y Canelo no puede sostener el suspensorio de Hopkins.

Ezke la pelea del @canelo eztubo avurrida - Un marrano todo pendejo, que zapeaban en el Kinder y lo siguen zapeando de grande.

@writeon_Q @MonteroOnBoxing People conveniently forget dude got stripped of his belt TWICE. I like Benavidez, but to say Canelo has been ducking him is silly..

Most people watched GGG’s career from the age of 32 on and love to call him overrated because quite simply put they are mental midgets and can’t put together that they watched a 32yr old Canelo last night already looking well past his peak powers… 36 isn’t your prime dummies..

@ConorMcpigeon Canelo haters before the fight: wow he won’t be able to beat this guy! He’s an actual boxer. Canelo haters after the fight: actually that fighter sucked. He was never good. I wish canelo would fight actual boxers.

This is gotta be one of the stupidest comments Lmao now Canelo has to fight Zurdo and Beterviev but Benavidez doesn’t 🤣🤣 gtfoh get off Benavidez balls dude.

🔴#XTREMO | El @Canelo se retira del box tras coronarse victorioso por decisión unánime.😱🥊 ✅ Nota aquí: ⬇️.

@laizar27 If Canelo fought over here 🇬🇧 The atmosphere would be ridiculous! Loud would be an understatement. 👊🏼.

Para deliciosas recetas, para eliminar las malas vibras y para remedios naturales. La #canela es tan útil, que vale la pena cosecharla en el hogar. 😉👇🏼👩🏻‍🌾.

@RickCalleti Jajajaja jajajaja ésos son verdaderos putazos con el canelo fueron caricias simplemente 😁😁😁😁.

@AsiEsMonterrey Relájate!!, JM Márquez no tiene 40 años que se retiró, si solo vez las peleas el Canelo, entonces puede que si. Pero en efecto, nos hace falta un ídolo en el box..

@MIGHTYMaxBOXING Movements in terms of mandatories in the lower division puts middleweights to shame We really got Canelo-Yildirim and Andrade-Parker 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Subía alguna foto de vez en cuando y punto, ni me creía zyzz ni pollas, entrenaba, disfrutaba y no hacía el canelo.

Mi marido invito a ver a un amigo el box el sábado y como no me pelaba se me ocurrió pasar así enfrente de la tv. Mi marido siguió viendo al canelo, pero nuestro amigo prefirió acompañarme a la cocina en donde le hice su “ botana” 😈.

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@MIGHTYMaxBOXING The truly great fighters fight everybody. Canelo fights only who he thinks he could beat Also his entire career he always looked for an advantage. Fighting at a catch weight too many times. He’s an ok fighter but he’s not great. He’s never dared to be great..


Let’s get Canelo vs Tyson Fury in a sing off. P4P pipes in #boxing on the line @ringmagazine.

#ZONADeportiva | Tras el triunfo que tuvo contra Gennady Golovkin este sábado, Canelo Álvarez manifestó que estará por un tiempo fuera del #boxeo, esto debido a que sufre una lesión en su mano izquierda 🥊😕 +Info:.

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@RArkangelon Jajajajaja, ¿Cómo van a desacreditar a Canelo sino saben de la verdaderas leyendas del box?.


GGG has fought 45 and his draw and two losses were all to Canelo.

@SirJamieH GGG only came to life in the 9th round, it’s as if he remembered he had a reputation to keep hold of. Canelo was superior in every department, all that was missing was the KO. GGG didn’t look like he wanted a war, he wants to go out on top, I get but last night suffered for it.

@JBoon90 @AdamCatterall Thanks for the comment. I say correct that 115-113 is horrific and 116-112 is bad. If you care to read more carefully I say “I can see 3 rounds” to GGG, with “2 at a push”. Those 2 were close but probable Canelo. I gave it 117-111 But,as I say, 116-112 is bad but not a shocker 👍🏼.


@billyboxing2 @EverythingBoxi2 Really schockd against washed 40 year old who looked desperately shot to bits last 4 years since 2nd Canelp fight. Canelo waited 4 years for Ggg to age himself out..


@Sa_Gwang That’s the only reason why they’ve waited until now to make the GGG trilogy fight. It’s such a shame, I like Canelo but GGG was the better fighter out of the two. Had him winning both fights, I didn’t see it last night. Did he get dominated?.

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