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Carmella and R-Truth were magic together. Sad to see this team broken up. #WWE #Raw.

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@RoyalWrestling_ Mames separaron a Carmella y R-Truth valen verga. Gracias por tantas risas F.


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So we got (updated) RAW: Becky Charlotte Liv Zelina Kairi Asuka Natalya Alexa Nikki Smackdown: Bayley Sasha Carmella Lacey Free Agents: Dana Peyton Billie Naomi Ruby Sarah Tamina Nia Lana Mandy Sonya Mickie Ember Ronda Am I missing anyone??.

Smackdown (Fox) Brock Lesnar The New Day Daniel Bryan Bayley Shinsuke Nakamura Ali Ziggler & Roode Carmella The Miz King Corbin Shorty Gable Elias.

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Now that Lacey seems to be a face, it’s either her or Carmella that’s gonna take the title off Bayley.

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@WWEonFOX You haven’t done bad with the picks so far sasha ,Carmella , bayley , charlotte all who are good in the ring ... I’m looking forward to who else you get on the brand.

I’m gonna miss @CarmellaWWE and @RonKillings together so much🥺❤️ but I can’t wait to see what’s next for Carmella in the blue brand!!💙.

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@WWE She’s the sleeper pick Carmella was in this position and she succeeded let LIV SUCCEED.

R-Truth and Carmella are now split So does that mean thay R-Truth is the smoke?.

@Reylo713 @WWE Sasha Banks, Bayley, Carmella, Tamina are not women? 🤔🤔🤔.

@titomarcelo Si Smackdown se quedo sin mujeres face, solo tienen a El resto Bayle, Sasha, Tamina y quizás las que sobran (Ruby, Sarah, Mandy, Sonya) son heel #Rawcl #draftcl.

@Da_Don81 Couple of weeks ago. Tamina beat Carmella. Carmella caught her and super kick her. Then she tells Truth to pin her..

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Carmella, Tamina, & Lacey Evans..

Les bookers font de la merde il etait en rivalité il y a peu de temps natalya et evans. .au lieu de mettre contre carmella et deville . Ou de faire le club vs street profits et mysterio en maint event #CatchRAW.

Out of the entire very predictable draft 2 things surprised 1. They split up R-Truth and Carmella, maybe she goes back to her own thing or maybe he shows up playing dumb 🤷 2. Miz went to SmackDown, unless his reality show got cancelled, that makes no sense to me #RAW.

No doubt Bayley and Sasha can do the heavy lifting but Bayley can only fight Carmella for so long. I doubt they run Bayley vs Sasha before WM 🥴.

@_denisesalcedo I was saying to myself earlier that Smackdown has nothing but heel females other then Carmella. Guess they sensed that Lacey as a baby face will help create new stories.

There used to effectly be one 5 women on RAW. Sasha Bayley Charlotte Dana Nia. Now there are literally only 5 women on SD. Sasha Bayley Carmella Lacey Tamina. #RAW.

@WrestleTalk_TV Smackdown has only 5 women on it (Bayley, Carmella, Lacey, Sasha & Tamina) :p.

Quizás esto sería el inicio de Lacey Evans Así junto a Carmella serían las faces y el resto de féminas heel #draft #RAWCL.

Carmella and R-Truth were magic together. Sad to see this team broken up. #WWE #Raw.

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