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Updated: November 30th, 2021 01:37 PM IST

Jamie Carragher believes Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are holding PSG back 👀

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This particular video will never get old. No matter how poor pundit Carragher will be, he will always be better than this thrash pundit.

🔴💬 Xabi Alonso rememoró en DAZN una anécdota con Carragher cuando jugaban juntos en el Liverpool 🤐 Parece que el inglés se paso de listo en su

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Eu sou o Jimmy, o meu filho mais velho é o Keane e o mais novo é o Carragher. O tema é: cartas Pokemon. E isto são os meus dias, todos os dias.

ICYMI: Carragher vs Keane after Chelsea vs Man 👀 📹 @SkySportsPL

Jamie Carragher gives credit to Manchester United’s defensive display against Chelsea

Chelsea? Liverpool? Manchester City? 🤔 Sky Sports pundits Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink discuss who they think are favourites to win the 2021/22 Premier League title 🏆

EPL: Jamie Carragher snubs Liverpool, names team to win Premier League title this season

Jamie Carragher identifies Ralf Rangnick’s biggest role at Manchester United

Jamie Carragher lives in his own small bubble when talking about the Elite players of the game. High intensity rock and roll football isn’t the only way to be a successful team.

Carragher, the man who never won the league and have only won cup trophies in his career thinks league is the only competition. Scouse for a reason.

It gives me no please to say this, but Jamie Carragher is spot on and Roy Keane is an idiot.

Gary Neville’s reaction to Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher arguing about #mufc 🤣

🗣 Roy Keane: “Ronaldo was never going to get #mufc back winning titles.” 🗣 Jamie Carragher: “What was the point in signing him then?!” 🎥 @footballdaily

Roy Keane vs Jamie 👀🍿 🎥 @footballdaily

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink watching Roy Keane v Jamie

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@UTDlegendary I’m still disappointed by that decision. It’s just sooo soft and what made it more annoying was carragher saying it was definitely a pen. Like ffs you came from an era where that would be laughed at. The game has gone so soft.

@Dunmoreorless Its not a rule, Carragher talking absolute nonsense. Only thing stopping him putting the flag up there is the linesman thinking he isn’t offside.

Jamie Carragher definitely taking the hand with naming McTominay MOM? Ralf has some job on his hands. #RalfRangnick

Matic n Fred both played better than Mctom .. Carragher 👇🏿 MOTM 🤣 Carragher pulling a fast 1 trying to get Mctom playing every week 🤣🤣

Jamie Carragher explains why Michael Carrick had to drop Cristiano Ronaldo

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Jamie Carragher believes Messi, Neymar and Mbappe are holding PSG back 👀

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“Carrick’s at the wheel man!” Jamie Carragher got jokes 😂

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What the fuck is Carragher on…. “Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho…..” Salah controlled the ball. I can’t fucking listen to the moron anymore.

Carragher shouldn’t commentate on Liverpool games and likewise Neville on Man Utd games! The biased outlook is fucking dreadful!

How is that not a pen???? Throwing people to the ground is not a foul carragher? Gimp #LIVARS

Other than Liverpool fans, does anyone else in the country like listening to Jamie Carragher commentate on Liverpool matches?! Honestly, how do @SkySports allow it?!

@youngemz99 He is pissing me off I haven’t seen the most biased commenter thank carragher


No-one can make a keepers fuck up sound like a world class goal like carragher can for the reds 😂

Not to mention Carragher’s commentary on a Liverpool v Arsenal game. It’s just fucking cringe how biased the guy is, obviously hates Arsenal, why put him on commentary.

Jamie Carragher makes major Mikel Arteta claim as Arsenal have their very own Cristiano Ronaldo.

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