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how come my school didn’t have a wrestling club that has wrestlers visit all the time? all i had was a juggalo that only wore enzo & cass merch and wouldn’t leave me alone.

que história é essa que um aluno de direito da ufpa cagou em uma sacolinha e jogou em um aluno de serviço social… tá o caos lá no cass.

@little_cass ถ้าจะคุยเรื่องการฟ้องร้องเค้าไม่มาคุยกับพี่แจหรอกค่ะ เค้าไปคุยกับทนาย พี่แจไม่ได้มีตั๋วทนายเนอะ มโนเก่งกว่า ot5 ที่ชอบมาด่าๆกันอยู่อีก.

@casspernyovest @GomolemoLesabe Cass stop this man of making bangersss for minutes 😤 rebatla 3 minutes with more Barssss.

@iiimpala_67 Что? / Приподнимают бровь и вопросительно смотрят на Винчестера/.

ไม่ต้องคิดแทนคนตจว.จ้าาาาาา พวกกูก็อยากได้ความสบายเหมือนคนกรุงเทพอะจ้ะ 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

((they were pretty lazy with that, I mean Cass got her suit back, even if it was with white eyes. She is in desperate need for an actual Batgirl suit..

cass and ash and pearl and rose and jasper and della and entrapta and grace and pam.

@Cass_loves_SKZ Plenty of artists have done including Nicki Minaj fandom. there’s nothing wrong with looping the song🔂 and we don’t care about drags we’re here to get achievements for skz not impressed kpop twitter Stan’s.

@leonard_dement @konsearring Putting them together ISN’T better. They’re constantly joined at the hip, barely have any time to be independent characters, and whatever individual characterization Steph and Cass had beforehand is put aside and reduced to to “two best friends having fun”..

@hyunjinandme08 But is looping an organic way of gaining streams tho? I already see this being used as a drag in the future..

i wish Cass had bo ma 3 verses on #PardonMyArrogance ....yerrrrr ne gwa go nyewa even more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Mpho Pops // AIDS // iStore.

Cass Photo,Cass Photo by Khotso-Nucho®,Khotso-Nucho® on twitter tweets Cass Photo

@realVioletBloom @vreselijkMens I do not know whether Hillary Cass is trans or not. She has however the capacity to evaluate scientific medical literature on its merit..

@nothingb4u @brotherslover Dean will storm the Empty (which looks like a barn for some reason) and ascend to Heaven w/ Cass. That’s still going to happen in the prequel, you know?.

Seungmin looks so kind, like he can never do no wrong. Everytime I see him and I get all pink inside out and my first instinct is ' MUST PROTECT' Their aura is so pure fr..

@Techken_Tiff I wish I was of going out/legal age during that time cus the bars woulda been BUMPIN.


que capa linda só espero que tirem logo essa lente de zoio de mosquito da cass.

Cass Photo,Cass Photo by nia,nia on twitter tweets Cass Photo

yeah when i get two people replying to me within 3 minutes of each other and one of them has slurs for jewish and black people on their profile im not exactly gonna be inclined to take my chances with the other one.

@Masonic_Hustler Too much. Cass is back rap raping like in 2016 n i like it🔥🔥🔥🔥.

@LVJY_cass ive had my phone for like a year and a quarter and i think i only let it get under 50% from the 1 year mark 😭.

cass y yo compartiendo la conversación más desagradable, nefasta, odiosa, repulsiva, antipática e irascible sobre la persona q me cae mal.

Cass Photo,Cass Photo by ghoul,ghoul on twitter tweets Cass Photo

@StenfordMenele Is there anything that cass will do and y’all won’t try and find something negative in it ?? Y’all are trying too hard at this moment..

@Leftie_laura @Mermaids_Gender Have you read the Cass Report?.

Oh honey no this scene is a whole entire mess in French (bad, very bad) ☹️.

Cassandra looks back at the other, as she looks back at her body. “You’re looking rather nice too, ya know~” “And hot…~ Can’t forget about that… hehehe…~” She gives her a wink, her hands moving to her own breasts, playing with them slightly to tease the other Cass..

@penceymustdie очень понимаю если будут силы желание и время думаю мы могли бы встретиться которыц блять раз это пишу.

@grebaniy_cass просто хочу молча обнять тебя и поблагодарить за это...

@vaporsupremacy yay!!! i’m so happy for you! thank you cass💕 we are moving on up💗.

@penceymustdie знаю а еще знаю что у тебя ужасно тяжёлый период но пожалуйста... ты сможешь если что можешь писать, дм всегда открыт для тебя кис.

@grebaniy_cass ты же знала что я тебя люблю сильно сильно да.

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