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Best catchphrase of all time goes to @LtJoeKenda! #MyMyMy.

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What stage of capitalism is it when they have celebrities on gameshows playing for money for CHARITY and if the celebrity doesn’t answer a question correctly or guess a catchphrase correctly they DON’T GIVE THE CHARITY THE MONEY? Horrific..

The new liberal catchphrase is. Are you ready for it?..........(GENITAL AFFIRMING SURGERY) they want taxpayers to foot the bill for inmates who want to change their gender. I say no FREAKING way.

Pergunta 100% séria: Porque é que ele tem views? Tipo, quem e que vê isto e acha piada? E para além disso, zero do conteúdo dele é Nem a catchphrase.

@RLeBonTennant Oh just celeb catchphrase & now the chase celeb (with ppl I don’t know!) 🤣😘😘😘😘.

@GhostOfScottLaw Get your own fucking catchphrase. You dont see me stealing your elite tweet.

Saturday ITV Celebrity Catchphrase Celebrity The Chase Celebrity X Factor What a shite state TV has become!.

@BrookeLVincent @Catchphrase Aw Vegas has just pipped her to the post. They did brilliant though! 👌 #Catchphrase.

ITV Saturday night line up Celebrity Catchphrase The Chase Celebrity Special X Factor Celebrity There’s a connection here but I just can’t put my finger on it 🙄.

I blimming love catchphrase, I deffo need to sign myself up for this! #catchphrase.

ITV showing celebrity catchphrase. Followed by the chase: celebrity special. Followed by X factor: celebrity..

@SocialM85897394 Lady Nugee always has that smirk on her face a bit like Harry Enfield character who’s patronising catchphrase was “I am considerably richer than you”.

Anyone else heard of a catchphrase “red lorry yellow lorry?” 🤔 #Celebritycatchphrase.

@JoJohnWick Vrai et la catchphrase « toute ma vie, je vivais ma vie comme une tragédie mais au final, c’est une comédie » est valide pour une fois (mise en abîme de ouf)..

You need mushrooms to follow Celebrity Catchphrase. What. The. Fuck? 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Watching celebrity catchphrase and I swear this show was made for me. Somehow I get 90% of the answers in three first 3 seconds, and I’ve never even heard of half the catchphrases. I’m clearly a very literal person and my brain is very good at ‘say what you see’ 😂.

Remember when Tv was worth watching, before stupid people invaded ITV. #catchphrase.

Shouting at the tv on a Saturday night, has my life really come to this #catchphrase.

Saturday night, watching Catchphrase with Daughter and Hubby, eating pot love hearts , sherbet lolly washed with glass of red wine. Just waiting for strictly now ❤👍.

Brooke buzzing in and then thinking of an answer is a tad annoying. #catchphrase.

Awful scheduling, putting on repeats, i watched this today already,, #catchphrase.

@ITV why are you showing #catchphrase that you had on itv2 this afternoon?? You run out of new episodes? 🤔.

Stephen Mulhern is slowly morphing into that weird human Ken doll bloke #catchphrase.

Took his most popular catchphrase in his @WWE career, and buried in in 10 seconds.

@Geoff_McGivern Oh no. So sorry to hear that. Marvin has always been one of my favourite characters in sci-fi or any genre really. He was Adrian Mole’s dad also. I think his great catchphrase “I think you ought to know I’m feeling very depressed” is particularly apt right now 😥.

Best catchphrase of all time goes to @LtJoeKenda! #MyMyMy.

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