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Everyone knows the Judge’s Chambers, but how many people remember Sal’s Pals? They would wear Sal Fasano t-shirts & mustaches, and sometimes Sal would even send them pizzas up to their seats. What a guy

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Kansas Politics Is Local ()

@anneprit IKR? Deliberative bodies like the #ksleg are not well suited to respond during disasters and emergencies. They are two chambers, partisan, and scattered far and wide when not in session. Get a grip @KansasGOP legislators.

Gray Smith ()

@matthewsyed And some social emotions promote collective even altruistic aims while others favor self interest. The echo chambers differ in their commitment to truth and the dominant social emotions. True neither side listens as much as it speaks but they are not mirrors of each other

Yall Politics ()

The Senate is back in session. Looks to be a full work day with meetings in both chambers. First up the House Appropriations Committee is set to meet in the chamber at 10 and the Senate will have a Medicaid meeting at 1:30 in 216. Both should be available for live stream #msleg

Manas ()

@XhakabilityV2 He’s been exceptional for us. But still he’s 34 this year so makes sense I suppose. Saliba Chambers Papa Holding Mustafi Mari. Lmao that’s bleak.

Mama G ⭐️⭐️⭐️#3stars4GenFlynn ()

@NYGovCuomo Covid-19 nursing home order is equivalent to Hitler’s gas chambers/death camps except he was kind enough to send body bags to accommodate.

BigAl ()

@arseblognews Errr no thanks. I’d rather take my chances with Holding, Chambers, Mari. Too many

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jak zaczęłam chambers to było spoko a ostatnie odcinki są takie naciągane i oglądam na siłe

Hyperbaric Medical Solutions ()

Hyperbaric Medical Solutions’ modern facility, complete with hyperbaric chambers, enables patients to take advantage of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an adjunctive treatment to skin grafts gone wrong.

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Noah Hendrix ()

Very skeptical of polls right now for a number of reasons But, if Dems win the presidency and both chambers of Congress this fall, it will be incredibly interesting to compare what they do to what Republicans did 2016-18 They might also be all talk but for different reasons


The communist @NYCMayor just got through naming off all the free crap he is offering NYC to keep his deadly quarantine going and then says NYC is billions in the hole and need federal funding! @realDonaldTrump

College Chambers ()

We are still having IT issues. If you need to contact Chambers please call 02380 230338. Thank you ()

Old School RuneScape Shares Changes to Vanguard and Chambers of Xeric

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Sabrina Zequeira ()

I’ve reached the point where I’m romanticizing the worst parts of being in lab. Like I would lunge at the chance to clean rat poop out of operant chambers if it meant being in lab.

Kaitlin Bain ()

“While the lawsuit recognizes that the median protects driver safety, the plaintiffs point out that Texas transportation engineers elected to use a type of barrier that retains water upstream rather than letting the water flow downstream.

Joshua chambers ()

@TwoFourFours Was a 2 year actually, don’t need him. Chamber, holding, saliba, mustafi, papa, mari

Out The Airlock ()

I used to Haul Neutrino Co-Grids and Binary Hyrdo-Chambers between the Diet of Predicted Iso-Stations and the Nadir Comets In Silico Arch-Empire.

Grayson County MS ()

Congratulations to Team 5 student, Kierson Chambers, on winning The Secret Code Challenge! Way to go!

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Joseph Mattaino ()

@yoyoel Yes, that person in the pink hat is clearly a bigger threat to your brand of feminism than ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. ______________ Since Trump is such a Nazi, where are the gas chambers?.. and if I recall, anti-Semitism runs rampant among the feminists.

Laparker ()

A graduation of sorts as face placards on Trenton Central High School Chambers St. lawn honor Class of 2020 graduates who may have their special walk canceled due to CoVid-19 concerns.

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FairwaymortgageATL ()

Star Review on #SocialSurvey by Kelsey C. for Nikki Chambers

#KnowledgeKnowsBest ()

@mediocentr0 @enes_kayahan AMN needs to be retained. Holding and Chambers for Dunk would be a better deal but Chambers and Holding for Mings would be an even better deal. Can’t have Saliba alongside Mari. Mari is crap.

Prolix ()

@fathuhu How do we extend a time frame in the constitution without a constitutional amendment? Also, why can’t we change the constitution? Majlis is convening in chambers for it. We have deliberated over it for more than two months now. So why not? Not criticising. Trying to understand.

Gray Smith ()

@matthewsyed You espouse a form of relativism and imply moral equivalence of the two echo chambers. But the truth is what it is irrespective of what people believe. Some styles of thinking make it more likely the truth will be found. Some styles of argument enable the truth to be hidden. 1/1

𝒜𝓃𝓃😷 #JusticeForEllie ()

@KashJackson2018 It’s an antiwhite which hunt that could happen to any white man. Twitter didn’t trend elderly whites beaten by enrichment. They didn’t trend reports about Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom or Jessica Chambers who were burnt alive by diversity. Why? They were white victims

Wemedge ()

Chambers is seven miles, up the gravel yard and down, and walking-only. You carry your clubs. And every morning after, during yoga/kb/pilates, my bones make funny clicking sounds. But damn, it’s lovely.

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Clock End Italia ()

Non me lo so spiegare (cit. Tiziano Ferro) ...abbiamo speso una quindicina di milioni per prenderlo (cartellino + commissione + ingaggio) e lo teniamo solo un anno, soprattutto quando le alternative sono Mustafi, Holding, Chambers e Sokratis?

Caleb Chambers ()

There are no words. Jesus, forgive us & heal our land. • • • #Repost @Chris_Hodges ・・・ I am so deeply concerned by the increasing lack of value and respect for life we’re seeing over and over in our country.…

RayBeckerman ()

Just a closer walk with thee Joan Baez (@joancbaez) and The Chambers Brothers music #gospel #spiritual

Jack Edwards ()

@thearsenalscout @arseblog Forgot ESR! But even still you have to have 8 if you let Holding + Chambers leave you need to add another 3/4 reserve players to a 25 man squad which waste of time

Stanzo ()

Everyone knows the Judge’s Chambers, but how many people remember Sal’s Pals? They would wear Sal Fasano t-shirts & mustaches, and sometimes Sal would even send them pizzas up to their seats. What a guy

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