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I have never seen Tory MPs look so utterly depressed. Nor have I heard such a poorly argued financial statement from a Chancellor..

The sacking of the permanent secretary at the Treasury Tom Scholar by @KwasiKwarteng as his first act as chancellor is now a very real problem for the Chancellor, after the Bank of England has been forced to initiate an emergency markets operation to prevent the.

If this was a Labour chancellor every national newspaper would be calling for his immediate RESIGNATION! I make no apology for my rage.

Strict action must be taken against Vice Chancellor Government College Uni for desecrating an educational institution by lending it to a Fitna & organising his jalsa on the premises. Using a seat of learning for political hate-mongering is a crime that should not go unpunished..

The Chancellor has made clear what his priorities are. A return to the trickle down of the past, not a brave new future. This is casino economics - gambling the mortgages and finances of every family in the country. It is reckless, and it is irresponsible..

When you listen to the Chancellor today, try to imagine how the Conservative Party would react if - with debt and interest payments at their current level - a Labour government announced a package of tax cuts targeted at *its* core vote paid for by a big increase in.

In the middle of the biggest fall in living standards in decades, the Chancellor has prioritised scrapping the higher income tax rate for those who earn more than £150,000..

After promising to make the wealthy richer by cutting their taxes & uncapping bonuses for millionaire bankers the new Chancellor then shamelessly threatened to make the poor poorer by reducing benefits Is this the kind of country we want?.

“It’s critically important that if you’re working hard and making good grades, you should not be thrown into a lottery with just everybody.” To be clear: The everybody that the Chancellor is speaking of is the largely poor Blk & Latino students he serves..

Positive reaction to the The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) said Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s reforms will lead to positive GDP growth in Q4 2022 cutting the recession and pushing annual growth to + in 2023 and in 2024. The Telegraph.

The Economist is not happy with Kwasi Kwarteng Britain’s chancellor offers up a reckless budget, fiscally and politically.

So the Bank of England will raise interest rates and we will all pay more on out mortgage, so that the Bank of England can stabilise the pound after the chancellor gave away billions in tax cuts to the super rich. @IainDale #lbc.

The Pension funds crisis caused by the Conservative Party forced the The Bank of England to launch a £65bn bailout, because PM Liz Truss & Chancellor Kwazi Kwarteng refuse to u-turn on £45Bn of tax cuts. Welcome to the 2022 Tory UK Financial Crisis #ToriesOut84 #FinancialCrisis.

@NickBryantNY Unfortunately I think this cover looks out-of-date, and is suitable for the situation last week. Now, I don’t think the Chancellor is holding a paddle. And the journey to sh*t creek has been completed..

Britain’s chancellor offers up a reckless budget, fiscally and politically via @TheEconomist.

Chancellor Photo,Chancellor Photo by Adi Gaskell,Adi Gaskell on twitter tweets Chancellor Photo

Why don’t the highly paid tv journalist/tv presenters donate the tax money the chancellor has saved them to the @TrussellTrust or similar charities ? they seem to be showing real concern about how high earners are being looked after, just a thought. #BBCBreakfast.

A warm #StaffsWelcome to @StaffsUni from our Vice-Chancellor and Chief-Executive, Professor Martin Jones..

It is a pity that @KwasiKwarteng did not follow the example of a previous Chancellor of the Exchequer, Randolph Churchill, in resigning before he delivered his first budget..

@rapplerdotcom On September 27, UP Diliman Chancellor Fidel Nemenzo condemned the attacks against Judge Malagar and her husband, and called Badoy’s remarks not only ridiculous, but also dangerous..

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Imagine having a newly-appointed chancellor who within a few weeks of taking office has succeeded in doing more damage to our economy than a combination of the pandemic & the war in Ukraine… These Eton College geniuses are really quite something! #KwasiKwarteng #r4Today.

🚨NEW: Benefits facing real-terms cut as PM and Chancellor try to claw back costs - scoop by @ChaplainChloe and @HugoGye.

Kwasi Kwarteng was the Business Secretary who took the UK into recession - Chris Bryant. @RhonddaBryant criticises the #MiniBudget, stating that people from his constituency think the Chancellor is a disgrace. Read more here:.

Under the Gov’s new plan for economic growth, the average working family in Amber Valley will be £1,500 better off. The Chancellor today outlined measures to tackle the energy crisis, make work pay, cut taxes, remove barriers for business, and grow the British economy..

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Mini-budget 2022: pound crashes as chancellor cuts stamp duty and top rate of income tax – live.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called the death of a woman in police custody for not wearing a hijab terrible. Meanwhile, thousands of pro-government demonstrators have gathered in Tehran..

Can i thank the Chancellor for the comprehensive demolition of the Tory Party policies over the last 12 years. BEST COMMENT EVER, JUST SUMS UP THESE DISHONEST GOONS.

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Chancellor says We had to have a reboot, a rethink, pushing growth and incentivising investment, and critically helping people on lower incomes keep more of the money they earn. Errr. The higher earners have just had a 5% pay rise, those on lower incomes 1%, are you sure?.

@zarahsultana You know that tax is a % right ? Hey guys, this is the next shadow chancellor !!!!.

As one of the people fortunate enough to pay the higher rate of tax, I am happy to pay it. Nobody in that tax bracket needed the cut. Madness, and at a time when society needs those who have financial wherewithal to contribute more not less. The chancellor needs to think again..

Mini-budget 2022: pound crashes as chancellor cuts stamp duty and top rate of income tax – live.

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