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“If the @channel4 investigation remains unchallenged by evidence, it will be clear ex Culture Secretary #NadineDorries has misled a Commons Select Committee and will thus be an inappropriate person to be recommended for a peerage.” ⁦@CommonsDCMS⁩.

We reveal new photos of Jho Low in Macau with his Chinese handler (2nd from right). We also put out a wanted poster in Chinese, and explain how he really stole $8 billion. More info in thread. Ep 4 of The Search For Jho Low out now on our @youtube channel..

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While BBC One, BBC Two and ITV broadcast the funeral live and Channel 4 showed a documentary on the Queen, Channel 5 instead broadcast “The Emoji Movie”.

/ 🧩新シーズン「8P channel 13」 10月14日より配信開始! \ 引き続き第金曜更新 Rakuten TV独占先行にて配信致します✨ 「声優チャンネル」加入で第1シーズンより全話見放題! 引き続きよろしくお願いします🙏 🔗 #8P.

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🗣️ Jude Bellingham sobre seu futuro: “Eu tento evitar essa conversa, realmente. Só quero jogar bem sempre que estou em campo. Quando atuo pelo Dortmund quero ganhar o jogo, e quando eu jogo pela Inglaterra eu quero mostrar às pessoas o que posso fazer.” [Channel 4].

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In four years England’s games have moved from Sky Sports, to BBC 1, to ITV to Channel 4. Carry on playing like this & we’ll be watching The World Cup on Dave. #ITAENG.

Channel 4 destined never to show a decent England performance it seems. Or even a goal..

Gamers we are at $ raised for @DirectRelief and have a lot more incentives to unlock! Upgrade my Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night run to ALL BOSSES by helping us reach $6000! All on @spikevegeta’s channel , but you can also quickly donate here : 💜.

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Question. What’s the worst thing on show tonight? 1) Englands Performance 2) Southgate’s Team selection 3) The England Strip 4) Channel 4 commentary and production Answer. They are all fucking awful.

二日酔いでソロ    いきます PlayStation 4からブロードキャストを始めました! #PS4live (Apex Legends) live at.

Put England games on channel 4 and it goes down hill. Bring back ITV 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️.

Here are all the ways to download the new episode previewing OU-Kansas State with @mikegolicjr and some of the other big games in week 4 of college football! Spotify: Anything else: Apple:.

This England Italy game is a million miles less intense than the wales Belgium game. Even the channel 4 commentary is enough to send you to sleep.

FOOTBALL (1-4) Apollo-7 (1-4) McCracken County-27 2:36 3rd qtr. Zeno Cornelius 1 yard run for the TOUCHDOWN. 📻 The Fan 📱 (YouTube).

Interesting week next week Back in London Will be interviewed for a BBC News Investigation about [REDACTED) And A Channel 4 documentary about [REDACTED].

We only need 4 more subs to make it to 1000! Please help us reach this milestone by subscribing to our channel! #uaptwitter #ufotwitter.

Or you can simply carry on watching Channel 4 & wait for Harry Maguire to drop a bollock.😊.

Pretty stunned Channel 4 don’t have a post game interview with Southgate. So many questions after that..

#ITAENG Channel 4, you cheeky bast**ds! Watched that rubbish all night, waiting for the post-match thoughts of Southgate, to be told you can hear his comments on the late night highlights just after midnight. Oh sod off! Missing @GaryLineker.

@TheFF_Educator and I examine the wonderful week 4 #CollegeFantasyFootball games on the Rookie Big Board Channel📺: - Marvelous Matchups🚀 - CFB #DFS Fantastic 4🤔 - Fantastic 4: CFF Sleepers🧐 - Matt’s DFS Lineup💰 - All-American RBB Best Bets🔥.

Today is a great day for me, dont hug me im scared is on channel 4, Ghost Files premiered, and Ghosts s4 has started AND its bisexual awareness day !!!.

@simonharris_mbd Very true. The mad woman being given a pass to HofL for knowing nothing about Channel 4! Its outrageous!.

Watching Channel 4 now where I’m hoping Southgate bring on Giles & Mary to spark up an attack..

The only losers in this nations league setup is channel 4. Bet they’ve paid a reyt whack to have games on their channel and we can’t string 3 passes together.

The quality on Channel 4 player for the Italy v England is not good #ITALYvsENGLAND #NationsLeague.

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Channel 4 pushing it now: “ Harry Kane is not someone who goes to ground unless he’s injured!” Ironically he did get a sore one there!.

4 episodes in, and #HeadlessSeries is still the best thing you aren’t watching. What are you waiting for? Go to the @shipwrckdcomedy YouTube channel and get caught up! It’s a gosh darn delight! (Still peeling my eyes for how inquiring actors may be considered for future projects).

@Anthony_Hornsby @mikeseat Channel 4’s coverage of this already rubbish football match is making it seem even worse.

Not sure what’s worse - selection, tactics or Channel 4 trying to be edgy ? Total embarrassing cringe fest all round #SouthgateOut.

Bet Channel 4 are well happy they spunked their money on Englands Nation League rights 🤦🏻‍♂️.

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