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The Martha Washington Lecture with @GWBooks focused on Mary Ball Washington is LIVE. Join Martha Saxton, Craig Shirley, and Charlene Boyer Lewis in a conversation moderated by Karin Wulf.

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Bk C L A U D  🇨🇲
Bk C L A U D  🇨🇲 ()

This evening @MCCharlenee is going live with @WALETURNER Join Mc Charlene on her IG page for a live chitchat with Nigerian 🇳🇬 talented Wale turner 8pm GMT+1 ⚡️🔥⚡️🔥

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Carlene Bender
Carlene Bender ()

Apparently ‘Charlene’ is trending on Twitter - this TV character is the number one reason why so many people just can’t get my name right. It’s like they manage to convince themselves that I can’t pronounce my own name. #Neighbours #thanksKylie 😒

ItaliaTeam ()

。゚゚・。・゚゚。 CHARLÈNE ゚・。・゚ 。゚゚・。・゚゚。 MARCO ゚・。・゚ #ItaliaTeam #GuignardFabbri

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Michael Ball
Michael Ball ()

33 years ago in Australia, Scott and Charlene got married @kylieminogue @JDonOfficial

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kylie gold
Kylie gold ()

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary Scott and Charlene 🐻🐱🐭🐹🐰🐻🐸🐷🐮🦁🐯🐶🐗🦊🐺🦍🐵🐷🐮🦁🐯

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Steve ()

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversary Scott and Charlene. #Neighbours @kylieminogue @JDonOfficial

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shelley silver
Shelley silver ()

Yes, I do remember. I watching these two, incredible beautiful people, get Married. 🎩👰🏼. Happy Anniversary, Scott and Charlene. 🎉🍾🥂. ( I was 16). 😃

Tony Cowards
Tony Cowards ()

Happy 33rd wedding anniversary Scott and Charlene! #amethyst

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Craig Hunter
Craig Hunter ()

Happy 33rd Wedding Anniversay Scott and Charlene, wonder where they are now @kylieminogue @JDonOfficial #suddenly

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Dannie Alves
Dannie Alves ()

New Post!!! British Royal Family: If Kate Middleton gives birth to twins via a C section, how will the next heir be chosen? This actually came up a few years ago in Monaco, when the Sovereign Prince’s wife Charlene was giving birth to twins via c-sectio…

Royal Blog de Match
Royal Blog de Match ()

#Royal La princesse Charlène de Monaco a réadopté la frange

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@rsh ()


Jim Hunter
Jim Hunter ()

@_Charlene_T You would think an investigation of that would merit a Pulitzer Prize. But instead whoever got to the bottom of it would probably become a pariah in the news industry.

Charlène B.
Charlène B. ()

@mondialrelay j’ai reçu un mail me demandant de choisir un nouveau point de relais mais je n’ai accès qu’au suivi. Help!

Gareth D Morewood
Gareth D Morewood ()

@CharleneTait_SA @angelamorgan856 Thanks Charlene ....looking forward to working with Scottish colleagues in August 👍😎 stay safe G

❤️❣️❤️TeamDonovan 💖💕💖
❤️❣️❤️TeamDonovan 💖💕💖 ()

Suddenly Angry Anderson Scott and Charlene wedding @JDonOfficial @kylieminogue 🤵🏼👰🏼💍🥂 33 years ago

Franziii ()

Putang ina 8 ako mag yaya o dapat meron na pero si charlene 10 nag aayos palang? Hayup!! Di ako maka get over :33

Steve Owles
Steve Owles ()

33 years ago today Scott & Charlene got married on Neighbours. I watched it. That means I’m older than 33 😳 @kylieminogue

Charlene ()

@Goatman62 Sounds like a great idea 😂. My neighbors would hate the mouthy mutt though

Charlene ()

@TheSpiritof762 Masks are required in Dallas County so I go to the neighboring doesn’t have one 🤷🏻‍♀️

Charlene ()

@JimRoland15 We’re supposed to feel bad for what some white people did a long time ago. My dad’s family didn’t even live in the US until the 1920s

Jim Roland 🇺🇸
Jim Roland 🇺🇸 ()

@_Charlene_T Pretty much. I had some white savior grilling me on FB for saying that I had zero responsibility for anything beyond my own actions. Absolutely nutty.

Claire ()

@JoRussell_FM I bought the wedding dvd of Scott and Charlene wedding to watch the night before @helfkndoes wedding specifically to see this scene with the song 😂😂

Billy Dainton
Billy Dainton ()

Today is Scott @JDonOfficial and Charlene’s @kylieminogue 33rd Wedding Anniversary. Just in case anyone my age isn’t feeling old enough.

Charlene ()

Anatomy and biology will tell them this isn’t possible. Science doesn’t care about feelings.

Charlene James
Charlene James ()

Happy Bithday to the bestie 💜 hope you have a lovely day. Love me, Jordan, Sofia and Ralph xx

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Rob ()

26 June 2020 - Sacha Stone with Charlene Bollinger and Marla Maples go head to head with the Status Quo on Vaccine -

Charlene ()

A vote for Joe is really a vote for his VP. He won’t last a week. He’s barely making it in his basement.

Paul Brookes
Paul Brookes ()

Sending wishes for a Happy Anniversary to Scott & Charlene! #33YrsMrAndMrsRobinson

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Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon ()

The Martha Washington Lecture with @GWBooks focused on Mary Ball Washington is LIVE. Join Martha Saxton, Craig Shirley, and Charlene Boyer Lewis in a conversation moderated by Karin Wulf.

☚ #bcafc Akon ☛
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