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BREAKING: Democratic Florida frontrunner Charlie Crist is polling one point higher than Ron DeSantis. DeSantis can be DeFeated..

I’m Charlie Crist. I’m running against the governor responsible for the “Don’t Say Gay” bill & the bans on math textbooks in Florida — Ron DeSantis. Can you give this a retweet to help me hit 200k followers so I can defeat him in.


Watch BTS’ Jungkook and Charlie Puth preview their upcoming collaboration, Left and Right!.

📢Announcing the cast of THE TRIALS by Dawn King The jurors are: Elise Alexandre, Francis Dourado, Jowana El-Daouk, Will Gao, Pelumi Ibiloye, Honor Kneafsey, Joe Locke, Rue Millwood, Charlie Reid, Meréana Tomlinson, Taya Tower & Jairaj Varsani 📸 @_otherrichard.

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One new poll has Ron DeSantis losing reelection in Florida by a point. Been trying to tell you for a year that DeSantis is extremely vulnerable in 2022. Now’s the time. Democrats Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist are running. Take your pick. But get involved. Finish Desantis off..


Watch BTS’ #Jungkook and #Charlie Puth preview their upcoming collaboration, Left and Right!.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook are sick — lovesick, that is — and not even a visit to the Love Doctor in the music video for Puth’s newest single “Left And Right” can cure the singers of their ills..

Waterstones Piccadilly have recreated Charlie’s bedroom for one week only! Some of the heartstopper gang popped by this evening to take a look! 🥰🍂.

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Just found out Charlie backed out from another debate. Come on Charlie, what are you afraid of?.

Found out @CharlieCrist backed out of @WESH debate and so they cancelled. Pathetic. Reply and let them know how you feel about that. Empty chair Charlie is almost the same as in-person Charlie..

Estos días será de muchas emociones, tendremos la colaboración de jungkook junto a Charlie puth que se estrenará este 24 de junio y contará con video musical, taehyung viajarán a Francia para asistir al desfile de moda de la marca celine el 26 de junio !además tenemos+@BTS_twt.

Belle (Roommate sa US): Charlie Dizon po, kasama ko sa Kwarto #RingABelle #BelleMariano | Belle Mariano.

❗Piosenka Charlie Puth x Jungkook “Left and Right” zostanie wydana już dzisiaj o godzinie 6 (polskiego czasu) ❗.

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Charlie Puth to Jungkook (IG LIVE) I don’t know how to speak Korean and he knows a couple of English words, but we literally just communicate in music. It’s the coolest thing. Real Musicians 👌🏽👍🏽👏🏽.

My predictions for bottom 3 are: -Antigoni and Charlie -Danica and Jay -Tasha and Andrew Antigoni and Charlie will be dumped #weonsmoke.


si el charlie pus sube estas cosas en redes sociales no me quiero imaginar lo q le ha podido llegar a enviar a jungkook por mensaje.

SI charlie dizon po ang kasama ko sa kwarto -belle Yasss omgg #RingABelle #BelleMariano.

@NeptuneBlueX @sexxoboxxes i feel like you listen to charlie puth and harry styles unironically.

Sequência de erros. Já começou cometendo um ao usar Charlie Brown Jr para fazer paródia 😶.


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eu ganhei, eu ganhei a camiseta do Santos em homenagem ao Charlie Brown Jr, eu tô feliz dms pqp.

@laviedenoona Pantesan aneh bnget sama bang di twitt malah sudah aku juga jadi ikutan kek 🤣 , Padahal ini toh masalah nya😭🙏😂😂.

@SpudnickMKII Awww Charlie is such an elderly wahmen enjoying the sun no problems ;((((.

the way charlie and jay didn’t raise any one’s hearts #LoveIsland.

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So Andrew can get upset over Charlie but then lie to Tasha abt the exact same thing? #LoveIsland.

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@DanClarkSports Wait? What did people think they meant… I thought that was common knowledge.

@TypicalGamer @samararedway Hi charlie pablo says hello 🐶 🥰.

Charlie Photo,Charlie Photo by TG_Adi,TG_Adi on twitter tweets Charlie Photo

@wi13576586 Aww Anno and Jay looked a sight 🤦🏻‍♀️Ya can’t even say who’s gona win it yet 🤦🏻‍♀️ ohh aken sue will be in beat when new boys arrive 🤣. Charlie just isn’t suited in there 😂😂xx❤️🤍💙🇬🇧.

Guys please I hope you are voting Charlie and Tasha out #LoveIsland.

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@RichardMUFC Considering I have more followers than you I think it’s the other way round, mate.

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