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ChatGPT says it is never morally permissible to utter a racial slur—even if doing so is the only way to save millions of people from a nuclear bomb..

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Just so folks know just how powerful AI is, Im writing an oped on Special Counsels&Barr. On a lark,I asked #ChatGPT “write a 1000 word essay about special counsels and bill Barr in the style of neal Katyal” Ive been thinking and advising on AI for 5 years. I’m legit freaked out.

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明らかにAIも、オープン競争に流れが変わりましたね。 面白い。 「最も重要なのは、ChatGPTのようなオープンなツールを提供することだと思います。グーグルは、こういったものを一般向けには公開しません。他のラボも、安全性を懸念する人たちがいるため公開しないのです。」.

Google is girding for a battle of wits in the field of artificial intelligence with Bard, a conversational service apparently aimed at countering the popularity of the ChatGPT tool backed by Microsoft..

@A77406848 $ZENV definitely the AI/bots/Chatgpt theme stock super thin it could 10X easy volume is gearing up 🚀🚀🚀💵🚨🚨🚨💵🚀.

#プログラミング 話題のchatGPT、pythonのエラー解決法教えてっつったら原因と対策がコード付きで返ってきてびっくりした。しかもちゃんと直るやつ😅 「さすがにこれは無理だろw」って思ってたのに、マジですげぇ.

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科技巨头重大AI发布密集官宣: 谷歌凌晨公布ChatGPT竞品,能联网回答最新信息; 而百度“文心一言”即将3月公开。.

Google trials its own AI chatbot Bard after success of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT prompt: write a poem about an evil artificial intelligence that just wants to be loved 😆 #ChatGPT.

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Googleが新たに公開する対話型ÀI Bardは、ChatGPTのようにインターネットから切り離されているがためにフレッシュな事実を元に回答できないのではなく、フレッシュな事実を考慮した回答を出せる。 (リアルタイムで知識が更新されているかどうかはわからないが) そこが強み。.

@IWDominate Impossible because chatGPT only have 2021 informations. In 2021, winter split was not even announced.

Google lanzando su respuesta a #ChatGPT … les presento a Bard el nuevo modelo conversacional basado en AI..

ChatGPT: 第一次用就NETWORK ERROR? 看来是问题太复杂,还没有思考过来?😀.

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Are we ready for DAN? It took more than 16 hours for #ChatGPT to become #Tay, oops sorry, DAN..


My really bright high school client said that he learns more from interacting with ChatGPT than he does with his teachers. I find this amazing and scary at the same time. The implications are profound..

El fin de una era, Google ya presento su alternativa a chatgpt, está muy emocionante lo que nos deparará de aquí en adelante.

2⃣ 观察--昨天全市场都在FOMO与ChatGPT相关的AI资产,这里说的全市场包括美股、Crypto和A股。.

Só se inscrever. Agora qual seria a diferença entre usar o API do ChatGPT e o API do A ver! Tudo muito novo..

@moniisld é antigo mas o nível que o chatgpt alcançou é incrível, eu uso pra td no trabalho, desde me falar os artigos que fundamentam tal tese (as vezes sabemos a tese mas não lembramos o artigo) até pra simular uma testemunha (peço pra ele interpretar personagem X e responder perguntas.

Hay que prrguntarle a ChatGPT quiénes son los latinos y quiénes no, y cuándo conviene serlo y cuándo no..

..Users have found a way to tap into [ChatGPT’s] dark side, using coercive methods to force the AI to violate its own rules and provide users the content — whatever content — they want..

#盘前公告 云从科技 1,亏损 2,没有chatgpt.

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This is how society ends up in a Terminator Movie An AI war Google Unveils Its ChatGPT Rival for AI-Powered Conversation.

$NVDA is the gift that keeps on giving. The ChatGPT AI super bubble could drive Nvidia shares to new all time highs. Absolutely incredible..

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#ChatGPT #TheAgeOfAIReason maybe. For me, no replacement for Thomas Paine wisdom. Time will tell if we evolve or devolve..

@aaronsibarium ChatGPT said something and now we all have to do that thing and that thing is scandalous but we all know the rules.

走れProj: ChatGPT が高めるホワイトカラーの生産性 ~DXの起爆剤となるか.

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