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#cherrybay full of spice boys and sluts and I’m in me element cos I love sluts.

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This is an announcement for Dillon’s “football friend”. Will he please fuck off #cherrybay.

Can the girl in the leopard print dress please go to the stage to meet Matt dayman #CherryBay.

T said he’d pay 10 Dingo Dollars for sheeds to suck his one inch warrior. #cherrybay.

Sealy said will the bird from Newcastle stop eyeing him up as he has a bird called Bumphries. #cherrybay.

Swear Luke Costen just said he’s buying everyone in the building a shot? Mad #cherrybay.

Anyone have a razor? Have you seen the state of Luke Costen’s barnet? #cherrybay.

All girls stay clear of Chris white he dances like a 8 year old at a school disco #cherrybay #billyisAvirgin.

Can we get George Capel some expoliasion pads please? He’s got a flight on cortois airlines tomorrow and doesn’t want the air to rot his skin #cherrybay.

@brandonjaf is a fat prick who rapes 12 year old pigs as they are dying and becoming Tesco produce. #cherrybay.

#CherryBay Weekender 🍒🍒🍒 — at CherryBay Zante.

#cherrybay Luke thinks he’s hard coz he smokes & no drink gets him pissed apparently and he has a shit quiff.

Charlie Downs has a fetish for girls beginning with ‘A’ and ending in ‘nnie’ #CherryBay.

Lewis Mills looks like Jack Grealish’s retarded younger brother that his uncle touched #CherryBay.

Matt Dayman loves touching becca in the cherry bay toilets, no splash no gash #cherrybay.

Charlie Downs has a shit quiff and has escaped to Zante to get over his ex who cheated on him 4 times, but he can’t actually pull so he is currently using his tears as lube to wank with #cherrybay.

Brandon sticks his finger up his bum n gives it a sniff after a poo for pleasure #cherrybay.

Laganas lurker Ethan Fitch has never saw any action ever, some girl change that please? 😉 #cherrybay.

Steve, Courtney and Mikey are running this joint #sorrynotsorry #cherrybay 💜💜.

@liambaileyy lass with the black and white bandana will shag anyman she loves it #cherrybay.

#cherrybay full of spice boys and sluts and I’m in me element cos I love sluts.

#cherrybay there’s a fella in a fake McQueen top will some bird get with him because the lads Cba with his dancing anymore.

Come On #LFC 👊🏼 — watching Liverpool FC vs Chelsea FC at CherryBay Zante.

Pure Addicted after party with Dappy at the world famous #CherryBay tonight 🤘🏼🍒🍒🍒 — listening to So Acclaimed at CherryBay Zante.

stepped off the plane in brum 2 hours ago, is it normal to already have holiday blues i know right now i’d love to be in #CHERRYBAY.

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