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Updated: September 15th, 2021 08:37 PM IST

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I can’t say that I’ll miss Gavin Williamson in Education, he was starting to make Chris Grayling look decent.

Chris Grayling Twitter

@BarristerSecret OMG, Chris Grayling must be worried about losing his ‘Worst Lord Chancellor Ever’ title

Dominic Raab has been appointed Justice Secretary. Other previous postholders have included Chris Grayling, Liz Truss & Michael Gove. Presumably having a rudimentary understanding of legal complexities is not an essential requirement of the role.

Gavin Williamson can rest assured that as Education Secretary he scaled heights not seen since the days of Chris Grayling #reshuffle

Chris Grayling reported to be currently watching Smokey & the Bandit & Convoy after overhearing a colleague say they were going to tidy up their old CB as there may be Cabinet opportunities.

Chris Grayling now furious that someone is better at failing upwards than he is.

@LunchTodd (Although it has to be said you’d have to go some to find anyone worse than Gavin Williamson, even in the parliamentary Conservative party. Oh god. It’s going to be Chris Grayling, isn’t it? 😱)

The idiot child of Chris Grayling and Dido Harding has been expelled! Thoughts and prayers… … to a generation of school kids.

@jwahjwah @LaylaMoran Maybe Boris Johnson will bring in Chris Grayling from the cold. 🤪😱😂

Gavin Williamson. For when the strategic mind and tactical genius of Chris Grayling isn’t quite enough.

@vicderbyshire Chris Grayling to take responsibility for all nuclear power stations and weapons.

Correction: 7 in 6 years if you include the first 4 months and 9 days of 2015, when Chris Grayling was in charge.

Before anyone gets too carried away, remember Chris Grayling is still out there. 🙄

@DanOgunshakin Chris Grayling repeatedly set the bar very low for these Tory ministers and a lot of them seem to have regarded it as their mission to go even lower, like a competency limbo contest.

l look forward to Chris Grayling filling all available posts.

Last time I wasn’t working during a reshuffle Chris Grayling accidentally became Tory party chairman for 30 seconds.

@GavinWilliamson Are you on drugs , you have been a disaster you have made Chris Grayling look like he has half a brain.

@GavinWilliamson @TomSwarbrick1 I thing the brief was above you. You did your best, but then again, so did Chris Grayling!

Goodbye to a cabinet minister who managed to make Chris Grayling look competent

@BarristerSecret Chris Grayling had the job. Proof if any where needed that they don’t take it seriously.

Who will be the new Minister for Plan B? Instead of Ministers without Portfolio the Johnson Government will be having more Ministers Without a Clue. Known collectively as The Scoobies they will be supervised by Chris Grayling.

@PoliticsJOE_UK Ha ha ha The excitement is breathtaking! Running out of fall guys. Will Chris Grayling make a comeback?

Spotted: Chris Grayling on the corridor where the Prime Minister’s parliamentary office is

@ishkolhatkar @BarristerSecret He had an opportunity that they did not have; to undo what Chris Grayling had done.

@BarristerSecret Just heard, and this is secret just for now OK ?… Chris Grayling is to become Minister for Women’s Tennis.

‘Reshuffles can often be messy affairs. It was just three years ago that Chris Grayling was appointed Conservative party chairman for 27 seconds before the person running the official Tory Twitter account realised their mistake.’

I can’t say that I’ll miss Gavin Williamson in Education, he was starting to make Chris Grayling look decent.

anyone remember when during a reshuffle they made Chris Grayling Tory party chairman for about 15 seconds

@MattChorley Given we have Chris Witty refuting claims made by Niki Minaj about testicles who then has a go at Laura Kuenssberg, Grayling’s appointment seems perfectly normal.

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