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Updated: July 29th, 2021 08:37 AM IST

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Join me as I explore my past along a familiar path in the Hampshire countryside . Chris Packham : The Walk That Made Me Weds 28 July , 8pm @bbctwo & @bbciplayer

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@MrDavidEBrown Totally agree that Chris Packham’s Fingers in the sparkle jar is a great book

1. Simone Biles - 200K+ 2. Man United vs Brentford - 100K+ 3. Bob Odenkirk - 100K+ 4. Celtic - 100K+ 5. Dusty Hill - 100K+ 6. James Guy - 50K+ 7. MK Dons vs Tottenham - 50K+ 8. Helen Glover - 50K+ 9. Craig David - 20K+ 10. Chris Packham - 20K+


What a great TV programme this is. @ChrisGPackham The Walk That Made Me where he discusses how his Autism affected him growing up and how walking and spending time in his natural surroundings helped him survive. #thewalkthatmademe

@Cheeseo76847269 Why do people not like Chris Packham. Hes a conservationist. I never really saw him being a problem for his political views.

What a great programme about Chris Packham’s walk. Recommended as an antidote to the usual celebrity dancing, romancing, dusting, cooking nonsense. #thewalkthatmademe

Oh my goodness, how much did I enjoy that walk with Chris Packham, what a joy and emotional experience, so relatable. Thank you. #ChrisPackham—Thewalkthatmademe

Chris Packham is my new favourite person. His spring walk along a childhood path was a lot more than I was anticipating.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful, on so many levels. Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me: via @bbciplayer

@bbc2. Just watched Chris Packham’s: The Walk that made me. What a beautiful film that was. The photography and his narrative all the way through was insightful, informative and very relaxing. Loved it.

@arleneisaboot Was excellent - just Chris Packham walking 10 miles to Winchester with just his thoughts and memories

More Chris Packham on TV and media, and less Piers Morgan, and the world would be a much better place

@ChrisGPackham @BBC if you missed The Walk That Made Me on BBC2 tonight PLEASE make time to watch it on iPlayer because it was the most authentic, personal, kindhearted bit of telly I’ve seen in many a year. Chris Packham, thank you 🙏🏻

Just watched #thewalkthatmademe absolutely brilliant. I laughed and cried with the genius Chris Packham 👍 A beautiful and moving hour of TV.

Did anyone else watch Chris Packham ‘The Walk That Made Me’ on BBC2? I thought it was beautiful.

Chris Packham Photo,Chris Packham Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Chris Packham ‘The walk that made me’ loved every minute of it. Simply wonderful TV, a must watch ! #bbc2 #bbciplayer

I have never been a great fan of Chris Packham. But watching his program on BBC2 just now, was just amazing. Seriously, if you are struggling, give it a watch. Should be on the iplayer soon. Chicken soup for the soul.😊😊😊🤗 Chris Packham:The walk that made me.😊

Chris Packham -the the fascination with sluices and the water meadows chalk lanes, Winchester Cathedral bells -first rang there at 16 scared of 12 bells -long wait between pulls will I get it have Winchester & Portsmouth Guild certifiate.

Just watched “Chris Packham: the Walk That Made Me” on BBC2. Wow. His openness was remarkable and I couldn’t agree more about the mental health benefits of nature. Thank you, @ChrisGPackham

I’ve been saving this to watch and so glad I did. Please watch then share widely you never know who it might help. Thank you @ChrisGPackham just thank you.

Just finished a walk along the River Itchen in Hampshire, walking with Chris Packham ‘The walk that made me’ on BBC2 - enthralling insight into the power of nature,memories, pets and mental health - Thanks Chris for taking us with you😇

Join me as I explore my past along a familiar path in the Hampshire countryside . Chris Packham : The Walk That Made Me Weds 28 July , 8pm @bbctwo & @bbciplayer

V sweet. For all of you Chris Packham fans out there. One about Michaela Strachan, for my husband? ☺️☺️

Not as catchy as ‘John Kettley is a Weatherman’ but Chris Packham definitely deserves a song. @atribeoftoffs

@RTS_media @BBCTwo Chris Packham is a huge ambassador for people like myself and him who have Aspergers syndrome which is a form of Autism. Chris Packham is a good guy.

The great Ben Norris singing about the great Chris Packham. It will stay with

@CarlBovisNature 1. Jay 2. This morning 3. Yes 4. Chris Packham 5. Springwatch/Autumn watch 6.

Viva Chris Packham indeed 😍 And yes I’d love to see him in Number 10 too! 🙏🏻 #SIBC

@CarlBovisNature 1. Starling (Juvenile) 2. Yesterday 3. No 4. Chris Packham 5. Any of the watches 6. Merlin

@CarlBovisNature 1. Woodpigeon 2. Last week 3. More a meadow looking at its length 4. Chris Packham 5. Springwatch/Autumnwatch (closely followed by the inspirational Really Wild Show when I was a kid) 6. Osprey. One flew over my head once. Shame there was a roof in the way. 🤦 #AQuestionOfNature

.@BBCTwo announces new nature documentary Chris Packham: The Walk That Made Me

Chris Packham Photo,Chris Packham Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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