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Fancy winning our brand new 3D Advent Calendar? Retweet this, follow us and use the hashtag #ChristmasBeginsWhen to tell us when Christmas begins for you 🎄 Good luck! Ends 20/09.

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Gem ()


paige (part of the paige and brighty show)
Paige (part of the paige and brighty show) ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen my birthday is over. so the 21st of january. yes. i am unbearable.

Afton 🍍
Afton 🍍 ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen Halloween ends and I put my Christmas tree up soon after. Usually wait until after first week of December but this year can bugger off so putting it up when I want 🎄🎁☃️

L x
L x ()

# never leaves my house! Santa is an amazingly massive lie that monitors my house for good and bad children.

Sue 💙
Sue 💙 ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen this is the only toilet roll you can find left anywhere in the house ⛄️

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Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen you see #KevinTheCarrot on TV and ‘Fairytale of New York’ plays.

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Nick ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen Boris Johnson and his band of narcissistic arseholes get kicked out.

Rebekah Thomas
Rebekah Thomas ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen it’s December 🤷🏻‍♀️ can’t believe I’m seeing advent calendars in shops already!

Stacey Jayne
Stacey Jayne ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen @scott_mills plays Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas on @BBCR1. FACT. 👌🏼

Eve ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen I listen to #GeorgeMichael singing Last Christmas🎼🎶🎄💕

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Imagine Experiences
Imagine Experiences ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen You stop buying socks as presents and gift one of our experiences instead 😉

GiddyPumpkin ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen ever you want it to!! I reallly cant wait for the cosy pyjama nights, watching #christmas films with a big hot chocolate, big comfy jumpers every day and the warm wholesome feeling that comes with it all 🎅🛷🎄😊Excited to bring my xmas collection out too!

Team Taff 🐾
Team Taff 🐾 ()

December - NOT September - the first. Saw first advent calendar two weeks ago, ppl are still BBQ’ing FFS 🙄 #ChristmasBeginsWhen

Garlic Fantasist🍤
Garlic Fantasist🍤 ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen you hear the Salvation Army band playing the first Christmas Carol!

🇪🇺 Pax & Bastet, Feline Esqs 🌳🌲
🇪🇺 Pax & Bastet, Feline Esqs 🌳🌲 ()

Friday before Christmas, I finish work (usually for two weeks!) and then I bring in my Christmas tree and get out my decorations. It lasts as long as I like. 😹🎄🎄🎄#ChristmasBeginsWhen

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♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫
♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫ ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen I get word from the Air Force that Santa has been spotted

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L U K E ()

When you open the first door on your advent calendar (scratch through that foil) #ChristmasBeginsWhen

Wibble ()

When people stop whining about how many people they can’t have for Xmas #ChristmasBeginsWhen

James Dutson
James Dutson ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen Halloween and bonfire night out of the way. That’s when the Grattan catalogue came out to pick presents. (showing my age?)

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cat ✨ 14 DAYS
Cat ✨ 14 DAYS ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen Halloween is over, no discussion. pls no american mutuals asking bUt wHat AbOuT tHaNkSgi- we don’t have that in the uk. or anywhere else in the world for that matter

Donna kebabmeat
Donna kebabmeat ()

W,hen my son was very young, he had a small chalkboard Days left to Christmas door hanging. On this particular Christmas day, I was talking about the day, when all of a sudden he jumped up, grabbed the days to go board wiped it clean and wrote 365 #ChristmasBeginsWhen

alice is diego’s dyke ☂︎
Alice is diego’s dyke ☂︎ ()

when ur dysfunctional family puts on their sweaters #ChristmasBeginsWhen

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Vox Populi
Vox Populi ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen supermarkets clear shelves of Easter chocs & immediately replace them with Christmas

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Barbara Carter☕️
Barbara Carter☕️ ()

I’m A Celebrity starts and is packed with adverts for horrible looking party food. #ChristmasBeginsWhen

Nikki 🌹
Nikki 🌹 ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen I un-hide Last Christmas on the 1st December.

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Michele Hardy
Michele Hardy ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen you go to the garden centre in 26oC heat and find these 😳

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Tim Graham
Tim Graham ()

@candykittens 1st of December of course :) #ChristmasBeginsWhen

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Miss Bennett
Miss Bennett ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen seeing this trend has me super excited for Christmas! My favourite time of the year!

Aberdeen Uni Museums and Special Collections
Aberdeen Uni Museums and Special Collections ()

#ChristmasBeginsWhen in 1860, the students at The University of Aberdeen after fearing they were not going to get a Christmas holiday that year got a longer holiday which was extended to January 6th.

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Candy Kittens
Candy Kittens ()

Fancy winning our brand new 3D Advent Calendar? Retweet this, follow us and use the hashtag #ChristmasBeginsWhen to tell us when Christmas begins for you 🎄 Good luck! Ends 20/09.

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