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*completes largest comeback in franchise history* *grabs snacks* *checks @Twitter* @TeamLou23 | #ClipperNation.

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GUEST UP: @Con_Chron joins @ALawRadio to recap #DubNation coming back in a BIG way in Game 3 of their series with #ClipperNation LISTEN:.

Doc Rivers: “Quando un giocatore sbaglia è merito degli avversari, ma dobbiamo trovargli tiri migliori. @gallinari8888 per noi è importante: se non segna andiamo in difficoltà. Ci servono i suoi punti” #NBAPlayoffs #ClipperNation.

“I don’t care if we jump on them early, I want to jump on them all game” - Doc when asked if there is a need to come out swinging early Sunday for Game 4 #ClipperNation.

From down 31 points at 7:31 in the 3rd to a @LAClippers comeback victory! Game 3 story begins TONIGHT on @NBAonTNT (10:30pm/et). #ClipperNation #NBAPlayoffs.

Can’t wear my jersey till Friday for work, but best & believe I was finna represent the homies (@LAClippers) after last nights win 💪🏾. #ClipperNation.

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La defensa de Landry Shamet de ayer es para ponerse de pie y aplaudir (defendió a Curry y Thompson principalmente). Colaboró con un 4-9 en triples, una tapa, tres asistencias, cuatro rebotes, dos robos y el triple ganador. #ClipperNation.

Don’t miss out, #ClipperNation.

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3-1 Seems to be a problem for Golden State! #ClipperNation #StrengthInNumbers.

Just a few thoughts from the #ClipperNation- #DubNation game, there is always a debate after a game like this did team x win the game or did team y blow it. To be clear the Clippers won this game..

A sunny day, A day of #ClipperNation Our Way @ClipsNationLAX @ClipperholicsFS.

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👀 the @LAClippers erase a 31-point deficit to top GSW on the road and even the series at 1-1! #ClipperNation.

Lou Williams, benchten gelerek sahanın en skoreri olmasını sağlayan 36 sayının yanı sıra, 11 de asist yaptı! #NBAPlayoffs #ClipperNation.

🇺🇸試合結果🇺🇸 クリッパーズが最大31点差から逆転! シリーズを1勝1敗のイーブンに プレーオフ1回戦第2戦、クリッパーズがウォリアーズを135-131で下しました。#ClipperNation #NBAPlayoffs.

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👀 the @LAClippers erase a 31-PT deficit to top GSW on the road and even the series at 1-1! #ClipperNation.

*completes largest comeback in franchise history* *grabs snacks* *checks @Twitter* @TeamLou23 | #ClipperNation.

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lol game 3 is going to be absolutely insane. #ClipperNation.

Landry: clutch as hell Trez: clutch as hell Gallo: clutch as hell Lou: clutch as hell #ClipperNation.

New wallpaper for Wednesday, if I could afford the tickets, I’d be there in person. Thank y’all for one of the greatest nights ever. #ClipperNation @LAClippers.

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Mark Jackson stop complaining about the no call on at the amount of no calls the #Clippernation has shut up.

All this #ClipperNation on my TL I swear I ain’t seen that hashtag once all season till now 🤔.

The Clippers trail the Warriors 42-45 with 6:09 to go in the half. Harrell: 16 points, 4 rebounds Williams: 13 points, 5 assists Gallinari: 5 points, 5 rebounds #Clippers #ClipperNation.

The Warriors seem to be fine with Lou getting a full head of steam when he has the ball, okay then, let’s see how that keeps working for them #ClipperNation.


Lou Williams também esta jogando muito. 13 pontos, 6-8FG, 5 assistências em 11 minutos. #ClipperNation.

[email protected] rookies, Shai & Landry Shamet, discuss their NBA regular season and the upcoming #NBAPlayoffs! #ClipperNation.

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