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Updated: September 15th, 2021 06:37 PM IST

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Hi @BBCBreakfast On your Twitter page you have a clip of Work & Pension Secretary Thérèse Coffey saying £20 a week is about two hours extra work every week That’s not true👇 Will you be pointing this out to viewers in the morning?

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@alonsogoat It’s basically confirmed raab and coffey are going, I’m not sure about Patel but the signs point to it.

@ochigome_1 俺もエビ超好きー😍 エビフィレオにエビマヨにエビアボカドww えび天おいしいよー! おお腹すきすぎて写真撮る前に食べちゃったから画像がないww

What does the B stand for in Plan B ? And C for that matter ? The winner gets a life size model of Therese Coffey 🎇

Campaigners have responded angrily to the Work and Pensions Secretary’s comments about Universal Credit. Therese Coffey told #BBCBreakfast recipients could work “about two hours extra” to replace the £20 uplift. @NinaWarhurst explores the claim ⤵️ More:

Hi @BBCBreakfast On your Twitter page you have a clip of Work & Pension Secretary Thérèse Coffey saying £20 a week is about two hours extra work every week That’s not true👇 Will you be pointing this out to viewers in the morning?

UK work and pensions secretary Thérèse Coffey was talking “complete bollocks” on ending the Universal Credit uplift as she toured TV studios this morning — @PeterStefanovi2

Thérèse Coffey knows that she is know that the interviewer will not question her and she knows that those watching will believe what they are told.

Tory minister Therese Coffey confirmed “masks have certainly helped” in stopping airborne transmission of the virus. That being the case, why not make masks compulsory now? This simple measure could save lives. “LTBPUITT”

Remember Coffey as the one who blamed the asylum seeker in Scotland for not being aware of the help available which would have prevented her death. Humanity on a plate right there!! So this total lack of understanding is no surprise 🤬🤬

@STVNews Theresa. Coffey. What if the people. Are unemployed. Heartless Tory bitch are stv backing this

#pmqs When asked about people losing the £20 uplift, Thérèse Coffey, said to recoup the deficit, people should get better paid jobs, or work longer hours !! A caring sharing Tory!

@PaulBrandITV @Bournemouth4EU Perhaps Coffey could attend two hours counselling for being a heartless piece of work.

Inc: Unstable Loc: SPRINGTOWN RD, New Paltz (NEWT) (COFFEY RD / CRAGSWOOD RD) Time:9/13/2021 09:59:56

@PeterStefanovi2 @skynewsniall Miss Coffey once again auditions for the latest Bond villain and The UKs Latest hit show . “Strictly come cruelty “ She’ll easily make the Finals of both

Thérèse Coffey accused of getting universal credit figures wrong. Cut of £20 is more than two hours’ work and Coffey ‘either knows she’s lying or shouldn’t be in job’, says Angela Rayner.


@LiamThorpECHO She knows Therese Coffey: When it comes to the universal credit elements, I fully accept that the taper rate is 63%

@Tim_JR_Hill Exactly. And Coffey should know the facts instead of talking heartless patronising tosh. #ToriesOut

A conservative - Therese Coffey - lies. Night follows day. #keeptheuplift

@guardian I had no idea Coffey was paid that much! We should look again to see if her efforts are value for money.

Coffey Vying with Williamson for the most ignorant minister? She obviously doesn’t understand the benefit or tax system she presides over. As ever ill prepared for her interview - doesn’t she know they will loose benefits for ever £ they earn?

Thérèse Coffey accused of getting universal credit figures wrong

Therese Coffey’s expenses alone (not salary, just extras she claims for) are the equivalent of the annual UC (at the current rate) of 34 people. I’m thinking there’s a different reason we ‘can’t afford’ £400 a month. @10DowningStreet

@johnharris1969 @Anna_Soubry SUFFOLK: Suffolk Coastal MP Dr Therese Coffey still has the highest expenses claims in the county according to figures published today by the House of Commons. Dr Coffey claimed just over �27,000 in expenses during her first six months as an MP.

Heartless/Thoughtless ... @Conservatives @ScotTories response to cutting income again - we will be seeing what we can do to help people perhaps secure those extra hours, but ideally also to make sure they’re also in a place to get better paid jobs. When?

People highlighting that Coffey is ignorant/the Tories are out of touch - nope. The Conservatives have unparalleled access to detailed information about the likely fall out of all their policies. They just don’t care. This is really important - what they’re doing is deliberate.

@sturdyAlex Theresa Coffey: No, I haven’t read the analysis of the tax reforms by the HMRC. It wasn’t my job, it was the Chancellor’s. It’s the Chancellor’s problem. Other known as OPP (other person’s problem) & ICCL (I couldn’t care less)

Coffey showing her usual total lack of understanding and lack of interest in the lower paid or unable to work folk. This woman displays no empathy or integrity in anything she says 👇

Work-from-home rule and face masks likely to be brought back in winter Sent via @updayUK

Good questions from @skynewsniall. Unconvincing answers from work and pensions secretary Thérèse Coffey.

ENTIRELY HAPPY?! Low paid workers in our country will lose £20 a week. Including the 10% increase in National Insurance they will lose c. £1,300 a year. For these working families, this will HURT. More children will end up in poverty. Yet Therese Coffey is “entirely happy”. 🤯

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