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We need a term for something beyond “tragedy of the commons” when the extractive platforms try to kill off the sources they depend on to feed their models in the first place. The same thing the gig economy tries to do to workers, and equally short-sighted..

I am in the process of calling for an emergency debate in the House of Commons in response to calls from our community to declare a state of emergency in response to the ongoing crisis with #MMIWG2S. URGENT actions needed NOW! Our lives are precious. We are loved! #Genocide.

Electoral reform is the gaping hole in Labour’s plan for constitutional change and devolving power. Until the House of Commons better reflects how people vote the rest is tinkering..

Good that @UKLabour is looking to update & upgrade UK’s creaking legislative systems, but vital Labour adopts PR. Abolishing Lords without fairer voting will replicate failings & exclusions of Commons..

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Veterans Affairs can find nothing in its files to suggest that a former member of the military — a paralympian — was offered medical assistance in dying by a department employee, the department’s deputy minister has told a House of Commons committee..

【連投877日目】 おはようございます☀ 今日は音の日📅 1877年のこの日、アメリカの発明家トーマス・エジソンが、自ら発明した蓄音機「フォノグラフ」で「メリーさんの羊…」の音を録音・再生することに成功した🎤 今日が人生で一番若い日✨ #おは戦41206dk🔥 #朝活.

We’re on different teams but I’m sorry to see @MarkPawsey is retiring from the Commons at the next election. Mark has consistently put in the hard work on @CommonsBEIS and adds great value to our work..


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Come study for finals December 11th 5:00-7:00 in this High School Commons!.

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$TLRY leaps and commons look exciting from this entry, has momentum. Marijuana laws getting more lax, more states set to allow recreational, should be a good. Whole sector hot today. Major catalyst coming..

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@chrisgardenuk @PradyuPrasad There’s nothing stopping that evolution but I’d be worried about the length of an unproductive interregnum. And the prospect of divided legislature… Would Tories be quiescent if they controlled not the lords but the commons, whose legitimacy and tradition they still believe in?.

@JohnPaulCline 🤔 Comparing to England what you describe sounds like the tragedy of the commons in English history which was caused by an every man for himself attitude towards common land. The trouble with enclosure and individual ownership tho is land and water need managing as a whole..

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2) a Culture Forum (see pg16 point ) Would ensure the *public voice* is clearly heard in the development of cultural strategies (we’re already working with @MayorOfWY on this! 🙏🏾) 2/2.

@DonFbpe Split England, Scotland and Wales into regions of about million people and have each elect 15 senators to replace the Lords. Northern Ireland is around m people anyway. End the primacy of the Commons, any law must pass in both chambers..

@Junxrrcarter It can be confusing because of the terminology - but the House of Lords and the House of Commons both sit in the palace at Westminster..

Come by the Learning Commons @ Perry Library from 11am-1pm, December 6-8 to de-stress before finals!! Get free snacks, swag, and more! 💙📝🍪.

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Zero Commons Ursula Vogt Abner Bob Valerie Kennan #武汉 #武汉线下.

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Sebastian Thoreau Hermosa Adolph Joanna Commons #快钱 #同台三包.

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Isaac Nathaniei Frederica Habakkuk Sophia Commons Lionel Finn Hugo Hicks #灰产 #上岸.

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Governing Markets as Knowledge Commons (Cambridge Studies on Governing Knowledge Commons) NTUBOVQ.

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点我头像+++++++++++++++V Natalie Lucas Cathy Fox Gene Bernard Monroe Buck Antony Commons Kim Godwin Reg Keynes Carey Ward.

Stress Buster Day is back with Therapy Dogs at the Library! FREE and open to the Century College community. Stressed out? Come de-stress and forget about your worries. 🦮Tuesday, December 6, 2022 @E1800 - Century Library Commons, by Fireplace area 12pm-2pm.

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Quinn Dewey Ternence Commons Zenobia Armstrong Jeffrey Thoreau Tess Smith #灰产 #文爱.

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SHSM students: First Aid/CPR is being offered this Friday, Dec 9th & Mon Dec 12th. It is a two day, full day, course in the learning commons. Lunch is provided. Link to register is in the Edsby group, registration closes on Wednesday..

Users of EndNote can drop in for further help and advice on using the software effectively to manage references. Tuesday 6th December 11:00-13:00 in the Research Commons and online..

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@darrengrimes_ Yes. Elected by the people as long as commons was elected by proportional rep. All in balance and maybe the last 12 years had at least created an interest in politics from the people of UK.

What tree are you planting today? --- Photo: Chowjoebklyn, CC BY-SA , via Wikimedia Commons..

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Bernard Commons Solomon Roy Morton Barrett #深圳 #深圳线下.

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❄ Holiday Event in 3️⃣ days! ❄ 📅 Thurs Dec 8, 2022 📍 Waterside Café/TMC Commons/1st Floor 🥂 Drinks and Dinner at 6p ✒ Educational Talks at 7p by Drs Macedo and Koneru ⌛ Trivia at 8p Register 👉🏽 🌟 FREE 🌟 membership for trainees!.

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Who owns the future(s)? Understanding the ingredients for a foresight commons @rachelcaldicott.

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