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Updated: October 15th, 2021 07:37 AM IST

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For entirely spurious reasons @munyachawawa has remixed the theme tune of Antiques Roadshow #ComplaintsWelcome

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Ppl moaning about how dreadfully he programme are are boring themselves so boring dumb even dumber or just thick & have no sense of humour whatsoever so if you found it that bas why were you still watching is the question #complaintswelcome

@ianrathbone @Channel4 Has potential, currently has a bit of first series awkwardness, eg, the pace is too fast. I like the PoV, News Watch Gogglebox mix up. Bit of fake humour between the presenters which I hope will fade out. Good format. Set looks too big. Was the sound muffled? #ComplaintsWelcome

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#ComplaintsWelcome is brilliant show and good to see brand new talent on screen! Well done @Channel4

#ComplaintsWelcome Not so much a topical panel show as An audience worst table at a wedding three have less chemistry than a piano lesson.


I liked #ComplaintsWelcome reminds me of 90s tv show formats and you could give the Knappett her own channel as far as I’m concerned

I have a complaint for #ComplaintsWelcome. I hate when people say ableist when they mean disablist.

Complaints Welcome – The DVDfever Review – Channel 4 – Tom Allen #ComplaintsWelcome

Just seen @josierones on #ComplaintsWelcome and LOVED what she had to say ❤👏❤👏

@Whiskygalore68 I remember when Taskmaster was first on TV it took me a few episodes to get into. Go on give #ComplaintsWelcome a bit more of a chance!


There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back. #ComplaintsWelcome

First ever TV credit! I could get used to this 😏 #ComplaintsWelcome @Channel4

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If I wanted to see a conversation about Swedish cars I’d watch top gear #ComplaintsWelcome

Well it’s no ‘Points of View’ is it? Have a feeling it’ll rack up more complaints about itself than other tv shows. Naff central. #ComplaintsWelcome

I was hoping #ComplaintsWelcome was going to be a funny version of @bbcPoV with @tomallencomedy and his dry wit. The other two are as funny as being hit by a bus.

Not enough cunts on TV?… Tune into the BBC Parliament channel!! 😂😂👍 #ComplaintsWelcome

I wonder how long it will take for #ComplaintsWelcome will be doing a segment about themselves?

Hmmm, I think we see too much female nudity rather than male nudity tbh #ComplaintsWelcome

Late Night Mash with @MrNishKumar showing pale imitations on Channel 4 like #ComplaintsWelcome how it should be done tonight.

Fresh Comedy? thats the biggest joke of all, really cant stomach any more of this crap, incredibly inept overblown hype, paving the way for Ch4 being privatised ! #ComplaintsWelcome

Antibody else notice that Trevor McDonald photo on the desk just keeps looking more and more disappointed? #gibbonshit #ComplaintsWelcome

I am pleasantly surprised by #ComplaintsWelcome some good humour, presenters enjoying themselves and bouncing off each other well

Now you know a shows shite when you prefer the ads 🤦🏻‍♀️ #complaintswelcome

#ComplaintsWelcome - Really funny Three great comedians on one show for an hour Great

Are there any shows where I can complain about this crap? How can C4 follow up the brilliant Taskmaster with this pile of shit! 😝 #ComplaintsWelcome

#ComplaintsWelcome New to @Channel4 - make sure to have That Green Lamp on the desk.

#ComplaintsWelcome a fine example of one of my most common TV complaints - half hour shows stretched out to an hour.

As a telly nerd love that finally the BBC complaints log has its own show #ComplaintsWelcome & that it looks like Points of View on acid. Also that its title pre-emptively owns any complaints about it

Let’s face it… Come Dine With Me would be shit without legendary Dave Lamb’s commentary!! 👍👍👍#ComplaintsWelcome

By eck i cant believe tha dunt want any more yorkshire programs on fucking bollocks#ComplaintsWelcome

For entirely spurious reasons @munyachawawa has remixed the theme tune of Antiques Roadshow #ComplaintsWelcome

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