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Congratulations! Steph McGovern welcomes baby daughter with girlfriend.

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Congratulations @stephbreakfast and girlfriend on the birth of your daughter! 👶🏻 💕 👩‍👩‍👧.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph! One of my favourite bits of advice about being a #newparent was the following, said in a deep film trailer style voice: “Think of it like the eat when you can, sleep when you can.” xxx 👶.

i saw congratulations steph trending and was praying someone had knocked up steph houghton, unfortunately not.

Why is congratulations Steph trending on twitter? Is this because I actually went to uni today???.

to everyone tweeting congratulations steph, i wanna just take the time to say thank you. it means a lot to me and my non-existent achievements x.

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@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph from Soroptimist International Middlesbrough , welcome to another girly swot! 👋😍👋😍👋😍.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph - fantastic news! Another Girly Swot for the northeast to be proud of!.

Our Communications Manager Steph is celebrating 6 years working with us this week! Congratulations Steph 🥳🎉.

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Congratulations to Steph McGovern, who’s revealed she’s given birth to her first child – a girl. The telly host told fans her daughter was born just as BBC Breakfast was wrapping up. Awww, cute!.

Congratulations Steph from Mo and I. Wonderful news. 💕.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Many congratulations Steph. A great new adventure begins 💕☘️.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph - especially from Lucas !!.

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@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph! Wonderful news - enjoy your new little family ☺️.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph! Absolutely wonderful news! 🎉 #ArkwrightAlumni.

Congratulations Steph from Bigbell End. You win your very own print of “Dripping Wet Beaver Desperate For Wood”.

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Congratulations! Steph McGovern welcomes baby daughter with girlfriend.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph 👪 Best wishes to you and your family ❤.

When is she presenting her first show? 👶❤️👋 Congratulations Steph!.

scrolling down the ‘congratulations steph’ trending ting and seeing what all the Steph’s are achieving whilst I procrastinate on twitter instead of doing my essay.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Many congratulations Steph - welcome to the world little lady 🍼 👶 x.

Congratulations Steph, can’t wait to see you on BBC Breakfast..

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Congratulations Steph & a big welcome to your new addition !.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Massivest congratulations Steph. You’ll be an amazing mum x.

@stephbreakfast @BBCBreakfast Huge congratulations, Steph! What a lucky little baba! ❤️🎉💐.

Congratulations to everyone who completed our Living Well Programme in Crawley yesterday. We hope you enjoyed the course, met great people & learnt new skills to help manage the symptoms of your health conditions. Huge thank you to our volunteers, Richard & Steph for tutoring 🙂.

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