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CONLAN IS HOME 🍀 #ConlanMarriaga starts RIGHT NOW on @ESPNPlus.

Michael Conlan is back to winning ways after he claimed a unanimous points victory over Colombian Miguel Marriaga in Belfast. #RTEsport.

Good to see Mick Conlan bounce back so fluidly after the KO loss. Was able to freeze and hypnotize Marriaga into inactivity..


I actually cannot fucking wait to see Conlan demolish Wood next year.

Conlan Photo,Conlan Photo by Cian ☘️🇾🇪,Cian ☘️🇾🇪 on twitter tweets Conlan Photo

I’m about to watch Polish street fights if the Conlan fight doesn’t get any better..

Michael Conlan Dominates Miguel Marriaga Over Ten For Decision Win.

Where does this take Conlan? Floyd Schofield worth watching on undercard of Dazn card.

RETURN OF THE MICK | Conlan Drops Marriaga 3 Times, Gets Win In Comeback Fight | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS.

Conlan Photo,Conlan Photo by Boxing Videos,Boxing Videos on twitter tweets Conlan Photo

Another slip and another 10-8 round for Conlan. Not sure who’s tougher for Marriaga, Conlan or the referee. #ConlanMarriaga.

2nd knockdown for Conlan scores in the 8th. No big shot landed, but he’s piling up points..

@trboxing @ESPNPlus Anyone who thinks Mick Conlan is decent, you’re very much mistaken. His defeat wasn’t a blip, he’s very average, with zero power. All hype, no substance. #Boxing.

Watch Free Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Conlan vs. Marriaga Live Stream 8/6/22 August 6th 2022 Free Live Stream Link 🖇️ Telegram: #ConlanMarriaga #boxing Hyyvgggcccgggg.

conlan is definitely shell shocked though he is winning this fight clear and hands down.

Michael Conlan ticked a lot of boxes tonight. Boxed well and scored three knockdowns - two of which he admitted were wrong - to come through a dangerous test. Says he is open to offers next but prefers if a shiny belt is on the line #ConlanMarriaga.

Looking more n more apparent that leigh woods KO of mick Conlan was nothing more than a lottery shot because for him to pick marriaga n do that to him is a statement. Great performance that.


@tpc1878 @BoxeoPats They have that in their own stable with Warrington. Conlan has to sign with them I think.

Michael conlan REACTION! via @YouTube.

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Michael Conlan on top in Belfast with UD against Miguel Marriaga. (📸: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images) [ #ConlanMarriaga | ].

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@DominicGalla7 Ffs give over you ya balloon I don’t like mick conlan in the slightest but that was a good promo showing Belfast at its worst too what it is now Fairplay to him making something out of himself.


@pipedown27 @Cian_McGivern Because of this and if Conlan keeps winning he’ll become a mandatory challenger so therefore they’ll have to👍🙃.

Conlan Photo,Conlan Photo by JC,JC on twitter tweets Conlan Photo

@pipedown27 Aye the dominant conlan narrative is baws. He tired from round 7. Add to the fact Wood went to Conlans back yard and knocked him out badly..


@pipedown27 @Cian_McGivern Yes he may of not won but Marriaga has fought the previous #1 p4p fighter in lomachenko and Oscar Valdez within the last 5 years. Extremely valuable fight for Conlan against someone with that experience. Can’t wait until he beats wood next year👍.

@fresh2defHARIS Conlan outclassed a veteran who’s been at the top, nothing terrible about that.

me alegro por conlan aunque esperaba con ambos una pelea más animada (pero la vd entiendo que conlan fuese así después de la última pelea que tuvo)... me voy a la cama ya que tengo las cervicales fatal, ta luego.

.@mickconlan11 dominates Miguel Marriaga to bounce back from first loss - The Ring @trboxing.

Michael Conlan recovers from first to professional loss to triumph in Belfast (via @the42_ie).

Michael Conlan answers his critics with an emphatic victory at … #News.

Conlan Photo,Conlan Photo by Don Shelby,Don Shelby on twitter tweets Conlan Photo

Marriaga es un blanco 🎯denasiafo fijo le está facilitando la destruction a Conlan.

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