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A lot of you did not grow up in the south and the midwest understanding that conservative christofascists want to kill you and it shows..

@EmmaKennedy Oh that’s overall. Top swing from Conservative to Lib Dem is Christchurch, 1993-.

Clarence Thomas: the ultra-conservative chief justice who does want room for weapons in the US | Abroad.

@AdamKinzinger @January6thCmte Trump cultists confuse their allegiance to the cult with actual Republican/conservative values and think that every Republican who isn’t a cultist is a RINO. Trump can do no wrong in their eyes, it’s a shame and horrifying at the same time..

@GNev2 @UKLabour The door is wide open to an ABC alliance vote at the next GE. Anything But Conservative. Labour and Lib Dem must seize the opportunity to oust the Tories by working together, campaigning together and not campaigning against each other..

@BellaWallerstei @BorisJohnson needs to pull his finger out and become a conservative then..

One thing noticeable about the bye-election results. The winners, though not Conservative, looked much more Conservative than the losers. Who were Conservative. But hey, win or lose, at least the Conservatives were diverse!.

@DPJHodges Really, really? The Liberal Democrats have overturned a Conservative majority of 24,239 – the biggest ever in by-election history..

Also, both a grandson and great-grandson of Heathcoat-Amory were Conservative MPs, the latter, David, being a chair of the ERG..

So these red flag gun laws will allow a woke indoctrinated liberal democrat the power to put on a red flag to a conservative neighbor they know has guns and doesn’t like their political stance???? WOW! Pathetic liberals. Spend the government money on metal detection and other.

Instead of being all sorts of things to all people in order to keep our safe seats and the red wall , we need to return to core conservative beliefs. Lower taxes, less regulation, strong defence, strong law and order, civic patriotism and strong borders..

@mikeportsmouth Imagine being so desperately pi$$ed off with the useless Conservative government that you felt compelled to vote for Labour or the Libdems. Imagine, at a time when a decent new party could sweep the board, there is still no better option than voting for the LibLabCon..

@johnredwood Of course it has nothing to do with the Conservative party no longer being Conservative?! Whatever you are on, I would like some. Seems to be an excellent way to escape reality..

@JoyAnnReid @thereidout The current SCOTUS has become nothing more than another chess piece in the conservative Christian GOP efforts to control the US population and is most definitely biased as hell! #TermLimitsSCOTUS.

Increasingly, the opposite is true: Conservative Christianity in America gives us “values” (actually grievance, fear & resentment), but excuses any bad behavior by the true believer. It is a moral get-out-of-jail card..

@absolute_sh1ts @BrexitBuster Resigned from what though? If they had any soul they should actually resign as a conservative MP..

@juliedawn12 @JohnKasich We are hearing from the other side and most of them have been the former President’s men. Also, there are two Conservative Republicans on the committee..

@BBCBreakfast Digging deep into what he said, his main worry was the Conservative party and not the people as a whole . Another MP who needs to be put out of office.

Speaking to snr Conservative source. Their thoughts: three things need to 1. Tighten Tory selection process (no more wronguns) 2. Cut taxes & introduce more ideologically Tory policies 3. Reshuffle - get rid of snakes vying for leadership & undermining PM in private.

What does it actually take for the people on the Conservative party to say enough is enough & get rid of Boris? The highs of 2019 are long gone & they will never win the next election with him carrying on like nothing has happened..


@Slivovica97 @Puglaas I guess you’ve never met any of the conservative politicians… They avoid truth like nobody else.

@GNev2 Hilarious “sky sports” “expert” raking in millions from a corporate company shouting at a conservative government is beyond laughable. Gary you plank..

Via @angusreidorg: Nearly half (46%) of Canadians trust the Bank of Canada to fulfill its mandate adequately, while almost the same number disagree (41%). Past Conservative (59%) and PPC (86%) supporters are particularly critical.

Interesting point - I suppose the number of MPs in the Conservative Party changing does change the 1922 Cttee maths..

@Acyn I love how when rich, conservative white dudes feel the heat of the law and consequences for their actions it’s “staasi” tactics. But when black people are arrested and killed by law enforcement, it’s “they should have complied.”.

He cares about public health and safety and about Canadians. Not like those Conservative convoy idiots..

@TristanSnell Lord I hope so. This is getting exhausting & there’s a CPAC or some conservative mtg every other week. It feels like whack-a-mole but the moles are multiplying faster & faster..


Lindsey Graham: The RINO Who Keeps Telling You He’s Really a Principled Conservative (many of us call him the weasel).

Conservative Photo,Conservative Photo by Pog,Pog on twitter tweets Conservative Photo

And increasingly Canada’s #ConservativeParty has chosen the angriest, more misinformed movement in the country as its dancing partner, playing with rage and populism and delusion that won’t lead anywhere good The Conservative brand in 2022 @EvanLSolomon.

@RyanTumilty Conservative MPs want pause on MAID extension for patients with mental illness via @nationalpost.

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