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Coronavirus has done enough damage. We don’t need it also to become the excuse for a permanent government power grab, writes @KimStrassel

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Έλα παιδιά όσοι επιζήσουμε από τον ιό,να δούμε την Κυριακή το Contagion στο Star να αυτοκτονήσουμε αυτοβούλως.

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#Contagion மாதிரி தான் குடிமகன்கள் விரக்த்தில எதையாவது பன்னிட போறாங்க 🥴

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But this is probably true. Sprawl + single occupancy vehicles + little walking around outside = far better in terms of limiting contagion.

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Le consultant médical du film Contagion déclare être atteint du coronavirus

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@ScionFaerie @ASlavitt Yes. And one only has to have read a TINY FRACTION of international news to know this is what happened in Italy. And we are on Italy’s steep contagion curve, where our demand for ventilators and Tx is outstripping supply.

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#COVID19 stocks the global economy and the outlook is highly uncertain & negative. Several nations are battling its exponential contagion. Countries are shutting down to prevent being sucked into a kind of black hole: RBI Governor #CoronaLockdown

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Coronavirus has done enough damage. We don’t need it also to become the excuse for a permanent government power grab, writes @KimStrassel via @WSJ

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New (old) review of #Contagion is ready to go!

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@Arshathz Watch Contagion (2011) movie starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet. Almost everything same as corona shown on the movie.

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Rejected DISNEY COVID19 lyrics Can you feel my Gloves tonight keeps my hands germ free not enough with world wide contagion please stay six feet from me

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A rough calculation suggests the single biggest recipient of taxpayer dollars in this legislation—far in excess of $600 billion—is government itself. This legislation may prove the biggest one-day expansion of government power ever. via @WSJ

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Coronavirus has done enough damage. We don’t need it also to become the excuse for a permanent government power grab, writes @KimStrassel

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A story as old as time. One of love, hate, and contagion in a galaxy far, far away. Opening this Life Day… SITH IN THE TIME OF #CORONAVIRUS (ɴᴏᴛ ᴀ Rᴜɪɴ Jᴏʜɴsᴏɴ ғɪʟᴍ)



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Trump said today workers will go back to work alongside each other, but they will be practicing social distancing. Will they be practicing *physical* distance, which prevents contagion? No, they will be practicing *social* distancing. Trump cited washing hands as example.

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DR dlm contagion tu mati masa nak siasat virus. dia mati tanam bungkus dalam plastik je. :(

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The fact the movie Contagion has been out since 2011 & has aired many times, on many different channels, and now you cant even watch it without paying for it 😤🤔 @Ask_Spectrum has all future airing Locked is sickening too me, What True peices of shit 🖕@spectrum

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Watching the movie contagion with Matt Damon a little escape from reality I wonder if something like that could happen in reality?

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#Contagion if Mat damon turns out to be amune to covid19 then there is something fishy going on ..big

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@fadelabdellaoui La Hollande espère arriver rapidement à une contagion de 50 à 60 % de sa population afin qu’ils puissent dé immunité collective au virus. Chacun sa philosophie, ses moyens. La vérité est un peu partout, surtout pas dans les chiffres ou les statistiques

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Johns Hopkins University has sent this detailed note on avoiding the contagion: SCIENTIFIC CLARIFICATIONS The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat). n/1

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Watched Contagion tonight. Glued to the narrative. The similarities with Covid-19 are astonishing. Good practice espoused, well cast and believable. The health specialist who advised on ‘Contagion’ (2011) has caught Covid-19

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@bfs2020 Key point is testing. If testing. Isolate infected. Quarantine during infectious cycle. Reducing contagion by testing reduces potential risk. Fail early testing larger group infected. Larger death rate. If testing mitigate contagion. Death rate minimized. If early testing.

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the Jude Law character in Contagion seems very prescient in predicting the young lad with no experience or knowledge but a politics degree from Durham who keeps appearing on news shows spouting nonsense

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@Glinner I’ve recently rewatched Outbreak then Contagion

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@GlenDhliwayo I was up studying PLCs, then watched Contagion now visiting my Twitter feed before calling it a day. What are you up to

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New: Trump wants states to classify each county by its #coronavirus risk level. But the very notion that risk in a contagion can vary from one county to another contradicts the basic health advice Trump’s own experts are issuing.

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Unless Jesus chooses today to return, you will not learn more important news than what is in this thread, I promise. #Coronavirus is vicious. But the real contagion here was the panic caused by folks like Imperial College. And it was all BS. All. Of. It.

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Now, the biggest of all challenges would be the need to balance the threat of contagion with those of poverty & hunger, which lockdowns will only exacerbate. @PMOIndia shd come up with assured allowance guarantee scheme for most vulnerables, daily wagers & BPL/APL families ASAP.

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My exclusive tonight. We are literally in the epicenter of the contagion in NYC and the city is telling health care professionals they can’t get tested. Therefore they are shedding virus quietly if positive (symptoms or no)—infecting patients and colleagues

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