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Updated: September 25th, 2021 01:39 AM IST

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No new leads on RAF airman Corrie Mckeague, missing since 2016, police say

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Tonight’s #Corrie must have been the worst for a long so my rating for tonight’s episodes 💩💩💩💩💩

Brilliant tonight. The last scene was adorable. Mary you are a dream ❤❤❤ @APattiClare #Corrie

A fantastic episode of #Corrie tonight and a comedy performance to all. 👏🏻 #RIPNorris @itvcorrie

That ending was like old school @itvcorrie 😢😢 everyone singing together in memory of a street icon #Corrie a wonderful tribute

Prediction?: After this assault charge, anyone feel like Max will blackmail Daniel and it will become a student blackmailing a teacher storyline? Max possibly lies about Daniel being in a relationship with Summer? #Corrie

Two things:- 1. Why did Corrie not do a web series of 6 episodes about Still Waters? 2. Claudia’s chat about playing badminton every morning has just spurred my desire to live there even more.

When Corrie gets it right it is so good, now get rid of Grace and the builders family, terrible actors and story line #corrie

What an excellent episode! A fitting send-off for such an iconic character 😭😅 #Corrie

#corrie In fairness, Claudia was probably actually AT her salon more than Audrey was.

This is what #Corrie is all about. Humour and warmth with wonderful characters. Even in a funeral.

No new leads on RAF airman Corrie Mckeague, missing since 2016, police say

Child kidnapping isn’t one of them though story/message could’ve been put across without that #corrie

@OfficialTracieB Same here! But if we were all the same life would be so boring right? Also never seen an episode of Love Island or Gogglebox either!(I do love Corrie though and hope one day you will return😊) xx

#Corrie is my favourite programme but this deafness story is a complete failure. Writing and acting are terrible. #coronationstreet

This is going on a bit much you’ve made your point enough sign language move on #corrie

@Nick_Metcalfe But Tyler didn’t mention Corrie running from 7pm to - the key event of that

@mylifeinwordsuk Totally agree with you Lee, I was disgusted by that story line tonight , that’s the first episode I have ever hated , that was definitely a bad move by #Corrie If it carried on I don’t think I will watch it, 🤬🤬🤬🤬

So there are 2 police officers on Coronation Street? The one who arrested James and Craig, who basically answers EVERY 999 call 🤦🏻‍♀️ #Corrie

I think Nancy Pelosi turning up in tonight’s episode of Corrie may have made the episode more interesting

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#Corrie spoiler: Kelly Neelan spotted out of prison having emotional chat with Nina

#Corrie Photo,#Corrie Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

#corrie: grew up with my dear uncle who was profoundly deaf. He would have welcomed progress

@I_am_KenBarlow @itvcorrie The same person who’s responsible for employing the Bailey family probably 😭 #corrie

I loved what Audrey said about feeling sorry for the younger generation, they will never go into a draw looking for a needle 🪡 and find the face of an old friend looking back at them #Corrie @11syoung

This #Corrie story is fucking dumb. They do great things with deaf characters, BSL, etc, then have its deaf character act like an irrational lunatic. It makes zero sense.

Spoilers: Broken Kevin exposes killer Corey to his football club in #Corrie via @MetroUK

We know you have to grow up Max but casting made a poor choice ! Not even close to a match ! #Corrie

#Corrie Alina setting up a story for 3 years time when the child is 7 (time is different in soaps!) 😀

I knew that she was a pregnant! Good on her! I guess her & her child will return, in a few years #Corrie

Bye Alina Pop🥺 @RuxPorojnicu you have been fabulous to watch and massive good luck in the future #Corrie x

Oh well in 20 years time Tyrone will have a knock on the door and greeted with hello dad #corrie

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