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Just found out that one of my former corrie colleagues unfollowed me. Very disappointing. I returned the favor..

Nice to see #corrie getting some bonus use out of that volume wall tonight..

#Corrie Photo,#Corrie Photo by The Talk of the Street,The Talk of the Street on twitter tweets #Corrie Photo

Gary gets away with murder yet again as Kelly leaves Coronation Street for good #Corrie via @MetroUK.

And how the hell did Gary and that bloke that had been knocked out get from the woods to the hotel. #corrie.

Leo got murdered in that lovely Rains mac. Stephen should’ve taken that off him when he was getting rid of the body. #Corrie.

Gary in the next episode: If you let kellie go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. #Corrie.

How did Gary get to hotel so quick, plus how did he know which hotel! 🤔🤔🤔#Corrie.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce reveals if murderer Stephen will kill again after Leo #Corrie via @MetroUK.

Ok so Ryan tries to rob the Bistro and gets caught almost immediately - Stephen kills Leo in broad daylight and will probably get away with it 🤷‍♀️ #Corrie.

Leo dead in Coronation Street as new killer Stephen commits his first murder #Corrie via @MetroUK.

Dear #corrie please please don’t drag this Killer Stephen storyline out for a couple of years like Phelan and Gary and all the other killer nonsenses. We’re all desensitised to death and destruction! #behappy.

Now that Kelly has gone, can we turn to more important things such as will Roy get the coat back?!#Corrie.

Coronation Street spoilers: Aadi shot to save Kelly - but she leaves him #Corrie via @MetroUK.

When Jenny finds out that the love of her life (second love of her life) is sat in a bin , rotting .😢 Her world is going to be shattered again. #Corrie.

I knew it!! Just as Leo was getting interesting as a character as well, shame. Jenny’s partners are seemingly cursed. #Corrie.

oh my CHRIST what an iconic #corrie episode !!!!!! loved Jenny talking about Patrice as well @SallyAnMatthews you are just ICONIC !!.


#coronationstreet I am going to go with - Gary goes back to Maria and the kids, Adi dies in all the chaos beforehand, then Kelly uses that one way ticket and leaves Corrie that way. Dev will be right that Kelly was nothing but trouble for Adi as it will be her fault he’s dead..

That lady from the charity shop was not wearing Hayley’s coat-hers had patchwork colour in the hood #Corrie.

#Corrie Photo,#Corrie Photo by Anthony Saunders,Anthony Saunders on twitter tweets #Corrie Photo

it’s mad how much more enjoyable corrie is when carla’s in it her power is unmatched.

I actually can’t watch #Corrie on Friday. I am going to bawl if Kelly or Aadi die. 😭.

I just don’t understand why he would bother wasting the time going after Kelly. It’s an unnecessary risk #corrie.

@MarkHToo I may have said I was never that into #Corrie but I did watch a lot of that Platt era. I loved the Hillman stuff and Todd/Sarah. The early aughts was good for the show I think..

Corrie cast Emmerdale legend as DS Gordon Lennox’s estranged wife.

@deijos1 Phelan got his comeuppence but Gary seems to slip through the net every time. It can only be a job for PC Tinker to take him down. #Corrie.

Shot of the night. So creepy and dark! 😱 Who would have thought STEPHEN REID would have had it in him?! #corrie #coronationstreet.

#Corrie Photo,#Corrie Photo by Conversation Street Podcast,Conversation Street Podcast on twitter tweets #Corrie Photo

@itvcorrie when you go to the cupboard for chocolate and someone has eaten it all #corrie.

#Corrie Photo,#Corrie Photo by Kelly ford,Kelly ford on twitter tweets #Corrie Photo

@MIDNIGHTMUNSON if i hadn’t been watching corrie my whole life i’d have gave up by now i’m just miserable 😭 millie so good it’s such a loss for corrie.

I didn’t like Leo but Jesus Christ they could of killed Stephen off instead #Corrie.

Stephen’s ‘dragging-a-dead-body-out-of-a-bin-then-into-a-van’ acting was actually pretty good. Not that I’ve ever done that. #Corrie.

@itvcorrie @ConversationStr Think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a character move a body and actually struggle under the dead weight. Usually even the smallest, feeble people drag a body as if it were 10lbs of spuds! Great stuff #Corrie !.

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