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What if I told you that Crawford has been playing over the dude who just made that absurd steal?.

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@LeonKnight_ I can think of only 2 who are not too far away in weight classes, Bud Crawford who I’m a massive fan but is slightly on the small side while if Canelo comes back down to 154lbs and Spence steps up it would be a VADA has to have a massive presence though imo.

@StevESPNKim Porter , mandatory then Thurman at the end of the year. Then we roll onto that raiders stadium in 2020 for Crawford..

@curtiswoodhous8 Spence is a sound fighter, I believe Crawford is special and will put on a clinic. Great fight no doubt..

@sonny95orourke Gifted mate, best in the division in my opinion. The Crawford fight would be huge but I’d fancy Spence in that one.

@PhilBhojwanay I’ve said it before Crawford is class but I’ve always slightly favoured Spence in that fight. I stand by that but sadly don’t see that fight happening any time soon..

@Skyedrobinson Spence crawford is probably the best fight to be made in boxing and will never get madr.

@e_gc88 Now that is a fight, Spence - Canelo lol. Very tantalizing. Canelo go wound am sha. As good as Spence is, I don’t see him beating Canelo. I’m not even sure Spence is interested in moving up weight classes. Don’t sleep on Crawford though. That man gets busy..

@AdamCatterall Very true. There was no quit in him whatsoever even when his corner was suggesting pulling him out end of Rd10. Would love to see Spence in with politics likely to get in the way though..

Peterson is a solid name. But I can’t give him credit for Garcia. He fights at 135. And Crawford wanted to unify a title but Spence want to fight lightweights and old fighters like Pac-Man.

Spence want no parts of Crawford we know who is the boogeyman at 147 that is Crawford.

@BoxingKingdom14 Spence been called him they both called each other but crawford top rank and bob arum aint letting his cash cow get clapped..

Jamal Crawford out here telling late night #SunsTwitter everything they wanna hear..

@Crawford_MILB Thanks. I thought that might be the case. Especially with the way the Rays treat prospects. I appreciate it.

Worked late at the UC and then hurried home to watch 4A state title game. Just catching up late to what Corey Crawford did — holy smokes. Was he as great as the numbers suggest?.

@Crawford_MILB Ah sorry, no can do. Once you embrace 🇨🇦 you’re stuck with us forever..

GLP 2017 Tori Crawford had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the Penn victory. Great minutes for Tori off the bench!!!.

Corey Crawford backstops Blackhawks to 5th straight win #ChicagoBlackhawks.

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Watching the #Sens game tonight Wolanin and DeMelo played damn good. Loved the jump up into plays. The positioning of sticks while defending 2 on each of them with Brannstrom and Chabot 👀👀 Looks good in my Kelly has my vote for next coach if Crawford’s gone.

For those of you that do not think Corey Crawford is not an elite goaltender, what have you been watching? FYI he has more Stanley Cups than Carey Price, Lundquist, Bishop, just to name a few.

@MJ_LeTourneau @premierboxing Terence Crawford fought undefeated Benavidez in his last fight! Good god!.

What if I told you that Crawford has been playing over the dude who just made that absurd steal?.

@gohabsgo999 They have 30 shots in 40 minutes. Habs have been the better team but Crawford has been great..

Crawford would have some of the best teams in SD if kids who lived near the school went to the school..

@ClairCares You mean a shutout?? I hope COREY CRAWFORD gets a SHUTOUT tonight. #Habs. LOL. #GoHabsGo.

@kevinod58 Yeah, the Blackhawks looked bad in the first 20 minutes. 2nd period was better. Corey Crawford already has 30 saves.

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