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Crawley scouts when Cal the Dragon saves an iShowSpeed penalty.

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Time for Crawley Town’s Official #FIFARatings! ⏰ Here’s how our squad is looking in #FIFA23, what do you think?🤔.

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League Two kulübü Crawley Town yine skandal bir karar aldı. Amerikan kriptocuların yönettiği Crawley, internet takımı olma ilkesi gereği birkaç internet fenomenini kadrosuna katmak istiyor. Taraftarlar çok öfkeli, karardan dönülmesini istiyorlar..

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cal the dragon trying to get scouted by crawley.

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@surreycricket Rory burns once showing England it’s criminal he’s being left out, look what happens when Surrey have him for the entire season, quite funny that Crawley is still there ‘to win games’ yet burns actually proves that when he’s in a team, they win more..

Imagine being a Crawley Town loyal and seeing them tweet this shite 😭.

Kolby Wanchuk and Logan Hay moved up, while Tanner Butner and Sterling Crawley have emerged as the two contenders for the No. 15 spot..

The @vscofficial will hold their annual general meeting on Saturday in the Belle Vue Bar, prior to the game against Crawley Town. All welcome #drfc.

Whilst investigating an unrelated matter, officers discovered these two bronze stags stowed away in a vehicle. A bit of detective work revealed they belonged to Notcutts Garden Centre in Ditchling, who were happy to be reunited with them! 😃.

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Ay you man shout me and ISTheCarver we’ll make Crawley litty.

Crawley scouts analysing cal the dragon and ishowspeed for their front two next season.

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The officials for our game against @crawleytown in Sky Bet League Two this weekend have been confirmed. #DRFC.

Gonna be mad when the likes of Speed and WillNE are linking up for Crawley Town.

Jesus Christ. Am I reading this right? Crawley Town of League Two are sending scouts to watch Vikkstar, Pieface and ishowspeed to be possibly included in their squad for the first round of the FA Cup. I’m sure they’ll love a trip to Harrogate. 😭.

#FOUND | Good news - missing Daniel has been found. Daniel from #Crawley was last seen on Sunday September 11. Thanks to everyone who shared our appeal..

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@LowerLeagueLook @WAGMIUnited But you were asked about it/made aware of it before any Crawley fan was. Surely you can see how wrong that is?.

limbs when this is recreated on a cold night in crawley.

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@DanJones3142 @rjb_1998 Crawley vs Wrexham in the National League will be a great ep of the Disney+ show.

Aynı Crawley Town, geçtiğimiz aylarda sadece NFT alanların erişebileceği bir forma çıkartarak yine kendi taraftarından tepki görmüştü..

17-year-old attacking midfielder, Luke Harris (2005), is on the bench for Wales!! Harris has only made one senior appearance for Fulham, and it was 45 minutes in the EFL Cup against Crawley Town. He last represented Wales at the U17 level, but has represented at the U19 level..

Crawley aren’t there for the players they’re there for Mark Goldbridge.

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If Speed gets scouted and signed for Crawley that’ll be unreal 😂😂💀.

Wagmi and by sheer association Crawley, are an absolute joke..

📢 The train with a fault is now on the move. It was blocking the line from Horsham towards Crawley/Three Bridges/London for some time, so delays of 15-30 minutes are possible. ℹ️ Check before you travel this afternoon and allow some extra time..

@crawleytown @Sidemen Not surprised by this at all WAGMI all about clicks, Crawley will go nowhere with these owners. They will sign someone from this charity match and it will be the whole Mark Wright scenario once again!.

This morning, we recognized Candice Crawley as ECO of the Month for August. She was chosen for her dedication in helping a @RichmondPolice officer who needed help for a baby spitting up blood. Thanks to both of their quick reactions, the baby was OK. Congratulations, Candice!.

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@Major_basheeer I love them both so I can’t complain but yeah Crawley surpassing Stokes is strange 😅.

@LowerLeagueLook @WAGMIUnited Just pure garbage from a WAGMI mouthpiece. Swap Crawley with Bradford and me with you in this situation and you’d be livid..

@kim_crawley Yeah and this was ~2005, so before anything was expected to be automatically encrypted..

Coming from a Crawley lad you’re not wrong but it’s jokes at the same time.

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