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Michèle Lamy was the star of @ghettogastro’s quarantine cooking series, “Gastronomical Cribs.”

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Otto S Jacket ()

In celebration of $cgc $weed and $vff running up after hours I decided to upgrade the cribs for #LennyandCarl I can’t be the first person to think of

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Chauntay Renee ()

@Target I need your cribs to be restock ASAP! Does everyone having a baby want gray nursery stuff 🙄

Ross john stewart ()

@thecribs 1/2 Mid 2004:After a casual invite to ‘come up sometime’. ...driving from London to Wakefield the same evening on the hoof - as you do -with my band The Mardous (such was our admiration for them). Arrived at the studio very late, to a massive party - The Cribs playing a gig ...

KJ 🦋 ()

I’m talking: TORTURE the mf who killed me, their kids, families, pets, ALLAT. BOMB their cribs & cars. Fuck they whole neighborhood up got all the addresses you need on that mf.

Kaiser Chiefs Fans ()

Some pics that Nick Scott (@narcsville) posted during The Cribs listening party tonight 😃

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Kaiser Chiefs Fans ()

It was awesome being able to see the lads and The Cribs in Chelsea a couple of years back ✌

. ()

@curtc0op @thecribs On a cribs hype tonight, completely forgot about this song as well

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Sam ()

@thecribs 2) I’ve spent a lot of time between North London and Yorkshire these last fifteen years and this album, as much as any of the Cribs back catalogue, brings so much of living in those two places to life. Seriously underrated band.

Jimmi ()

I really fucking love The Cribs’ music and I think the time I found them at has made me love them even more. That first Cribs gig I went to definitely changed my life, I don’t really know what would’ve happened if I hadn’t gone.

Nyago ()

これをアルバムの1曲目にしたらBritish Strokesという評判を裏づけることになっただろうって。 I’m Alright Me by The Cribs on Amazon Music.

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The wild baboon of my heart ()

Was going to sleep but thought about The Cribs too much and now I’m all excited and giddy

Nick Scott ()

Springtime was somewhere the band grew into being The Cribs really, and you could see it throughout the space

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Gill Makes ()

Such a great #TimsTwitterListeningParty tonight, in need of a Cribs tour asap 🖤 #thecribs

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Bradley ()

@Tim_Burgess @thecribs Love you Cribs boys!! Such a great album! Miss cribs gigs so much!!!!!! Please do another UK tour (or just come back or london) asap after all this shit ... maybe for Cribsmas #TimsTwitterListeningParty #thenewfellas

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22 Grand Pod (Podcast) ()

Well that was fun. For anyone looking for some more Cribs nostalgia check out our latest podcast with Gary #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Kari ()

@thecribs Amazing - The Cribs listening party next please? ❤️💜💛🖤 #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Levi 🌻🌈 ()

That listening party got me well nostalgic and I’m actually sad that I can’t find any photos from that era when I was getting into The Cribs towards the end of my school years and was a massive music geek

Francisco Pires ()

Thanks Tim for organising this! Wonderful night! The Cribs album is ace #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Phil Taylor (BP) ()

#TimsTwitterListeningParty perfect song to end this album! Cribs smashing it out of the park once again!....Ignore the Ignorant next?

Melissa Bee, RN ()

@mostlyinane Oh, no, am I missing The Cribs? 😿 Why is Nursing? Hospitals are dumb.

Jordan ()

The Wrong Way To Be has two of the best singalongs at any Cribs show #TimsListeningParty

Nathan Trout ()

Men’s Needs put The Cribs into the stratosphere, but when you listen to this it’s The Cribs at their rawest and most unpolished #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Liam Giddens ()

Seeing the cribs get a @Tim_Burgess @LlSTENlNG_PARTY deffo makes me realise that the Pigeon Detectives deserve one!!!

Nick Scott ()

I remember this mad idea for a gig. The Cribs, @KaiserChiefs (well, Chiefettes) and the Lodger all played one evening

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Cait x ()

@grohsarthur It’s so fucking good! Think it might have been the first Cribs song I ever heard!

David Brown ()

1st time listen. 54 year old fucker been moaning about the death of guitar music. What a prick, apologies to the Cribs #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Ian Holman ()

The Cribs - The New Fellas - My first listen to this album and I must confess it’s rather good! 😎#TimsTwitterListeningParty

Jimmi ()

Also not that anyone really cares but I’m getting a Cribs tattoo in 4 months and I’m v excited (as long as tattoo shops can open by then) #TimsTwitterListeningParty

Zoey dollaz ()

ion too much agree with the burning down random business and have that energy for these officers cribs! 😤

Vogue Magazine ()

Michèle Lamy was the star of @ghettogastro’s quarantine cooking series, “Gastronomical Cribs.”

☚ #FridayVibes eamonn ☛
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