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This is to be applauded. 👏🏻 It is high time those in public office are actually held accountable for their failings. Tired of tax payers having to pick up the bill….

Imagine getting a bus from Croydon to Edmonton. Depression to anxiety..

He has photos and everything ffs! Lock up your daughters, Croydon!.

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4 DAYS: 11:00am - @jennylockyer will be at @TheOvalTavern for Music Time for 0-3yr olds in #Croydon on 1st Apr TICKETS:.

@RuthCadbury @SadiqKhan They are not new , the Heathrow to Croydon already runs ,via Feltham , Kingston etc.

With Darkstalker away in France a familiar face returns for CounterAttack #22 Sign ups for CounterAttack #22 ft @RobbieAKForty7 are live, come on down to HoG Croydon this Sunday Link below 🔽.

Wilfred Denniston Wood KA (born 15 June 1936) was Bishop of Croydon from 1985 to 2003, the first black bishop in the Church of England. He came second in the 100 Great Black Britons list in 2004. #Blackhistorymonth.

@timfarron Have you been to Bradford Rochdale east London Croydon? Obviously not Tim ?.

We understand the desire from the local community to reinstate some much-needed greenery and a sense of joyfulness. We are excited to create a vital new green space for people in Croydon to enjoy..

PIC has agreed the £ purchase of 2 Ruskin Square in Croydon, a new 344,940 sq ft Grade A office, next to East Croydon railway station, from the @Schroders Capital UK Real Estate Fund. The building will be let to the UK Government Property Agency:.

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Congratulations @OPJWSSport1 - fantastic performance at the Croydon Primary Schools Swimming Championships..

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#OTD Mar28,1963 The #Beatles performance on the BBC radio program On the Scene is broadcast. The Beatles perform Misery, Do You Want to Know a Secret and Please Please Me. The show was recorded Mar21, then they drove south to Croydon to rejoin the Chris Montez/Tommy Roe tour.

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@ShamrockSoup @BBCTomEdwards claims to have the full timetable: 07:27 departure from West Croydon appears to be the longest, at 2h19m.

As someone from Croydon, it’s technically not London. However, it’s like 10/15 minutes from SW/SE postcodes so we ain’t as far out as people like to make. BROMLEY IS RIGHT THERE TO SLANDER 😭.

Louis De Zoysa is accused of shooting Matt Ratana in the chest while handcuffed during a search at a police station in Croydon.

You’re telling me I could get from Edmonton to Croydon on a single bus?? Omgggg.

@nigelwUK Try a paper collar to see if you can track the owner?.

@CarolinePidgeon Croydon to Heathrow via Kingston and Teddington sounds very X26 ish..

Croydon North CLP is hosting a fundraiser on April 14th. We look forward to seeing you there!.

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@Specsavers I am currently at your Croydon North End branch and i am disappointed. I booked a 12:45pm optician checkup and it’s now nearly 1 hour after and I am yet to see anyone. I have been told you have 4 opticians, but literally no movement and a full waiting room..

A restaurant owner from Croydon has been fined £60,000 after an man was fatally electrocuted..

If you need a affordable laptop repair service serving Shirley, contact us for a quote. #croydon.

Two taken to hospital as one arrested after broad daylight Croydon stabbing.

Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, Croydon, and lower Bensalem in Bucks County. We have proactively contacted our customers in those communities through our website, social media, and call/text alerts..

@riprap1 A wet day in S London but Caterham Rptr via helical antenna and 3w reachable fm inside train to Croydon fm London Bridge..

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@ediz1975 @MayorofLondon Two routes already exist X26 Croydon to Heathrow X140 Heathrow to Harrow It would be an express service with limited stops Full details here.

@geek_gareth @RossLydall Try doing Kingston/Croydon at 11pm or on a Sunday, and then get back to me about those 🤔.


Of the top of my head at least 4 of these already exist as limited stop services: Heathrow - Croydon = X26, Heathrow - Harrow = X140, Russell Square - Croydon = X68, Uxbridge to White City = 607.

@theashrb West Croydon to like… Walthamstow Central then ???? Yeah sounds about right Lmao.

Our Easter activities are now available to book!!! Enjoy your day guys!!!!.

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