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And so begins the practise of photoshopping Cruella laughing maniacally while stood in front of various scenes of human misery….

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by NewsThump,NewsThump on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

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Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by NewsThump,NewsThump on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

I am not going to retweet the image. But I am sickened by those who are comparing Cruella Braverman visit to detention facilities in Rwanda to visiting Auschwitz. The Tories may be incompetent liars who act unlawfully- but they are not Nazis. #StopMinimisingtheHolocaust..

Couldn’t get back to sleep last night after seeing that image of Cruella Braverman laughing her head off outside her Rwandan concentration camp. Disturbing and sickening in equal measure. She has brought great shame on this country..

Do we have any barrister that used to work with Cruella Braverman at Cornerstone Barristers or at No5 Chambers? I’d be interested to know if she was already showing signs of psychopathy then or if she developed them later when she progressed in her career in the Tory party..

I’ve had lots of amazing gifts from books to chocolate but this is my favourite it’s Cruella. She’s my fav ♥️..

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by Tara,Tara on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

Here we have Cruella, in rapture on the roof of a Rwanda “Hotel” where she plans to send desperate people looking for help. This is the type of devil that we are allowing to run our country. What have we become?.

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by Benton Heath,Benton Heath on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

Cruella Braverman. Who thinks all refugees should be sent to detention centers in Rwanda just so she can pose in front of them and laugh over it. A brown woman of Indian origin, no less..

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by Dr. Ayesha Ray,Dr. Ayesha Ray on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

After Cruella took off with Doug, Delilah and all the puppies, Logan geared up for the fight of his life. He and Lucy fought against the wretch with everything they had, but while the battle was one, it shook him up more than he thought. Thanks @DanukiStudio for making this!.

Maravillosa actriz que tiene el honor de ser de la única en interpretar a dos de los villanos más terrorificos del cine: Alex Forrest en “Atracción Fatal” y Cruella de Vil en “101 Dalmatas”. Un 10 de actriz..

Cruella seems to be having a right good time in Rwanda, evil laugh for the camera, comes naturally 🤔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

@LeonBapt Obrigada, eu adoro a Cruella, acho ela super carismática 🤣🤣 Eu apenas não faria casaco com filhotinhos de dálmata kkkkk Bom dia e bom GP!!.

Cruella Braverman will pander to voters, who still can stand her, killing refugees, whilst bending their knees, then dragging them off to Rwanda..

@ScottBentonMP @SuellaBraverman How can she stand and smile. Cruella is such an obnoxious person, there has to be another way..

@MsAlliance Reminds me of this Francis Bacon portrait that could be of Cruella..

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by Bee بي 💙💛,Bee بي 💙💛 on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

@Haggis_UK @CounsellingSam Yes Dowden put your brave smirking face forward you know it all crap and a con. GB News has Cruella signed up a few sponsors for non stop free publicity of her horrible plans?.

@GBNEWS Gibbering bollocks news celebrating Cruella, the thumbs up ghoul. No wonder they got a ticket to ride..

Cruella also visited this academy while on her vanity trip to Rwanda. What the hell has it got to do with asylum seekers brutally deported from the UK?.

@MickBooker GB PseudoNews calls itself ‘the people’s channel’ - just another indication that yours is a populist propaganda channel. The fact Cruella invited you along to Rwanda is just another indication that you’re toxic bastards. Toxic populists- that’s GB PseudoNews..

@CPJSBXStudios this was brilliant, though what would have made it perfect is if that was Cruella instead of Dracula.

@TheGumFairy Why is it every time I see Cruella, I instantly think of Stephen from Django Unchained?.

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by Don Johnson,Don Johnson on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

At least William Wilberforce got a loco named after him. I can’t see the same happening for Cruella Braverman..

As fukin gruesome as Cruella Braverman is, she is representing us. Whether you like it or not she is the fukin reflection in our mirror. We are an absolute abomination of a society, how do we negotiate and inter act with the EU when we behave like a disease..



This image is quite horrific. Chilling Cruella. The cruelest home sec in all history. Flagrantly wicked. #rishisunak and his utterly shameful corrupt VIP greed. Incompetent and costly. This too will end. A global embarrassment. #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry.

@AdamBienkov Surprised Cruella isn’t wearing a coat made of immigrant fur for the photo op..

@NileGardiner When she is in the UK, Cruella Braverman talks about deporting illegal migrants to Rwanda, but when she is in Rwanda she talks about building a community of refugees. Only a fool would fall for it..

Identity politics from Cruella Braverman to Uncle (Clarence) Thomas.

@supertanskiii @FourierCharles Irma and Cruella, separated at birth.

Cruella Photo,Cruella Photo by martin lees,martin lees on twitter tweets Cruella Photo

Photographer: Think of something happy. A plane to Rwanda full of refugee children, perhaps? #Cruella.

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