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Oliver Dowden, erstwhile Johnson apologist, who did so much to stoke the culture wars agenda as Culture Secretary apparently concludes that culture wars aren’t enough to save his party. He sticks the knife into Johnson..

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#Dowden was an appalling “Culture Secretary”; since proved himself 1 of nastiest ideologues & most shameless liars, enthusiastically tweeting falsehoods re rail workers & refugees, supporting #RwandaDeportation until yesterday. Only resigned now game’s up. Not an honourable man..

No A reminder that as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden summoned the heads of national cultural bodies to a meeting to demand they followed Government policy on culture war issues such as retain and explain& imposed a gagging order on attendees..

@hijakejohnstone She’s on the same level of derangement as our dim-witted, uncultured Culture Secretary.

@OliverDowden What are you taking responsibility for? Doing nothing when BLM attacked our statutes and you were culture secretary?.

@MrMichaelSpicer He was useless as Culture Secretary. The Chairman’s job was only to get him moved..

@OliverDowden You were a truly appalling Culture Secretary. You have supported a truly appalling prime minister. You have no integrity or honour to save.

@OliverDowden You were a terrible Culture Secretary although, to be fair, the current one is worse..

@soundwithmike He hasn’t been culture Secretary for months, that position is held by the ever delightful Nadine Dorries..

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