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Luca is right 🤷🏿‍♂️ Antigoni was just chilling and doing up besties with the other girls, Danica was up at 6am every morning with her clipboard and pen planning her strategy for the day #LoveIsland.


one more snide comment from paige to danica and i’m typing up that ofcom complaint #LoveIsland.


i’m so glad danica is now gonna get a chance to find someone because she bloody deserves a casa amor experience after the time she’s had #LoveIsland.

Danica is Andrew realllyyyyyy your type? I know your desperate but please 😭 #loveisland.

Antigoni and Charlie gotta go home tonight, they’re not adding anything and it would be a pisstake for Danica to have gone through all this and not get to experience Casa Amor #LoveIsland.

They’re being so unreasonably towards Danica. She’s been there five minutes she didn’t have enough time to sus out the dynamics! Open the public vote I need to get Luca and Gemma out. #LoveIsland.

Davide literally said Antigoni’s not even his type so why? Especially after kissing Danica unprovoked? #LoveIsland.

Kae Kurd
Kae Kurd

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. They got Danica running around like a man doing his shopping on Christmas Eve. #loveisland.

Danica is an amazing woman still fighting for her country, her husband, her family, and every veteran struggling..



You have step up and you have to get engaged: Rep. Mondaire Jones, first Black openly gay member of Congress, and Del. Danica Roem, first transgender person elected to Virginia General Assembly, give advice to young people in wake of civil rights battles.

Behind the scenes with Gill and Danica Collins - such a wonderful set of relaxed, beautiful @GillEllisYoung1.

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‘yeah yeah yeah rub it in’ like luca would’ve went in with you anyway danica #LoveIsland.

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Ass Wednesday full English breakfast ...😋 @red_mistress and Danica Collins.

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I think everyone was missing ekinsu point. Her point was it isn’t a issue to gtk others it just made sense for it to be danica or antigoni not Paige, who he’s seen for days & showed NO interest in until the recoupling. Her point was that he was that he has an agenda. #LoveIsland.

im glad danica called out luca for being crazy obsessed #loveisland.

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Mind you these are the same ‘I’m a girls girl’ girls who have not stuck up for Ekin su or Danica when the boys have been disrespectful and out of order #TALKSWITHASH.

Lucas been throwing so much shit in Ekins face during the challenge but as soon as Danica says one thing about him he had to make it personal and attack her🙄#LoveIsland.

I feel like Danica thought all the Mandem would be falling all over her. Everyone is just on holiday. Well…everyone but Luca who’s already planning the wedding. 😅#LoveIsland.

Although i enjoyed watching Davide and Danica kiss lol ... it seemed like Davide only did that out of pity for her. Ion like dat #LoveIsland.


Davide can mug off Danica but when Ekin-su did the exact same thing he had a whole meltdown? #LoveIsland.

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We see what we see Luca is possessive,I’m still very troubled with the way he reacted to Danica when she picked him if he had drink in him I honestly think he would’ve got violent over a 19yr old. #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.

Just caught up on #Loveisland Dami and Indiyah make so much sense 👌🏾 Even Jay the weirdo is clocking Ekin Su is TAPPED. Davide is on point 👌🏾 Danica is cringe. I wanna be friends with Jacques lol I hope him and Paige work out..

I need Danica to keep being there for Ekin-su cause these other islanders are having too much fun bullying her #LoveIsland.

At the end of the day, they are all playing a game, cos tell me why Davide kissed Danica and don’t get me started with him want to also kiss Antigoni. He is trying to secure his spot but ekin-su is the bad one. Oh please #LoveIsland.


i hope danica is safe in the vote and will make all those girls second guess everything #LoveIsland.

Dao bih sve da na duel Željku Mitroviću izađe Danilo Mandić umesto Save Manojlovića. A da voditeljka bude Danica Vučenić. 🙏.

Fact that Dami can switch to indiyah while ikenna can move to danica, leaving amber single is what she doesn’t realize. #LoveIsland.

Yessss Dina he only did that cause Danica is the only one constantly stroking his ego. #TALKSWITHASH.

Wah Tasha went all out? Baby girl I am sorry to tell you, but in the game of dance, Danica is your ELDER! She bodied! You didn’t show up 🤷🏿‍♀️ #LoveIsland.

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