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Danny Murphy having to have shots that hit the woodwork not being on target explained to him like Ted explaining the cows being small/the cows being far away to Dougal..

🚨🚨🎙️| Danny Murphy [BBC pundit] on Kim Min-jae: “I was talking to someone this morning who was saying #mufc are interested and they are talking £100m.” [BBC].


🇦🇷 “I was looking at the Argentina team…” 🤔 “How many of those players get into the England team? Two, maybe three!” 🤷‍♂️ “You’d fit Lionel Messi in, and then maybe Romero if he is at it.” Danny Murphy doesn’t get the hype that surrounds the Argentina team! 👀.

Danny Murphy genuinely suggested Poland ignore the yellow card issue to show more fight..


😳 “It’s a joke seeing how adults behave after drinking back in England.” 👏 “I’ve experienced nothing but pleasantries here in Qatar!” Danny Murphy says the drinking ban in and around stadiums in Qatar has been a good thing. #FIFAWorldCup #TSWorldCup.


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 “Kane’s our only world class player.” 🌍 “There’s a couple on their way to being World Class but not yet.” ⭐️ “The likes of Rice, Foden, maybe Saka… Bellingham could become world class!” Danny Murphy says the only world class player England have is #THFC’s Kane..

ENGLAAAAAAAAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 The FIVE Insider game preview with my guy @David_Ornstein & Danny Murphy! #FIFAWorldCup.

I thought Argentina played pretty well as a team there. But by gods, Danny Murphy’s vomit-inducing eulogisation of Messi every time he blasted another shot over the bar meant I was desperate for an Aussie goal at the end..

.@jonmorosi explains why Sean Murphy and Danny Jansen are potential catchers to be moved this winter ♨️ #MLBNHotStove.

If Danny Murphy was in charge of FIFA that Valverde shot that hit the post would be counted as a goal..

Messi, incredible footballer, but I’d probably ask him to pay his taxes and not take money off the Saudi government before I grant him ‘incredible human being’ status like Danny Murphy just has..

If Messi had made the run that Behich did with 10 minutes left, I reckon Danny Murphy’s heart, brain and testicles might have all exploded at the exact same time..

Me and my friends would’ve beaten Danny Murphy to death with hammers I can tell you that much.

Andros Townsend has literally zero experience as a commentator, yet he is still miles better than the likes of Lee Dixon, Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy. #POLKSA #FIFAWorldCup.


Get the impression Danny Murphy doesn’t actually like football and if he wasn’t getting paid to talk about it he’d be on here as a “fan” constantly moaning about transfers and investment and how “it’s all on Klopp” when we only win by one goal like all the other fucking cranks..

Mexico out. What a brilliant game of fitba. Real shame for them as they at least tried to play fitba unlike Poland in the other match who were dire. As a punishment, the Poles should be forced to get a pre-match team talk from Danny Murphy..


Danny Murphy says Godin is famous for his last minute goals, especially in the champions league final, yes when he scored in the 36th minute.

Danny Murphy obviously had a different points system to FIFA if he thinks Poland are playing like they plan to go out.

Next week: Willson Contreras signs with @Astros @Cardinals trade for Sean Murphy or Danny Jansen.

Danny Murphy asking why shots that hit the post don’t count as shots on target should have everyone getting Taunton on.

Danny Murphy is trending in the UK and it’s purely down to everyone saying he’s a miserable boring gimp hahaha.

*GOAL* | @MoretonRangers 2 - 4 Pershore Town - Josh Willis plays Danny Murphy through, he composes and slots the ball through the keeper..

Danny Murphy genuinely just said this is his third World Cup and his first ever 0-0. He’s racking up stats like he’s actually playing..

Danny Murphy and Jermaine jenas really are 2 of the most clueless cunts in the game. How on earth they are consistently getting jobs at these tops tournaments baffles me.

Danny Murphy apparently recalls a late goal from Godin in a UCL 🤦🏾‍♂️.

The highlight of Uruguay 0 South Korea 0 was BBC co-commentator Danny Murphy having an existential crisis about why shots that hit the post aren’t counted as being on target for the pedantically technical reason of not being on target..

Danny Murphy asking why hitting the post doesn’t count as a shot on target is the highlight of the World Cup so far..

Danny Murphy said Godin scored a last minute header in the Champions League Final. He just confused Godin with Sergio Ramos 😂😂.

Danny Murphy having a go at Poland for playing the way they played tonight and saying that they didn’t deserve to go through to the next round… They beat Saudi, drew against Mexico and beaten by one of the favourites of this tournament. So what the fuck is that man’s problem?.

Rescue teams are still trying to get to Danny Murphy after he spent an entire 90 minutes up Lionel Messi’s backside this evening..

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