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Sammy Guevara doesn’t get credit for being just as fucking crazy as Darby Allin. He’s a mad man!!! #AEWDoN

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Sega Dream ()

@datirstymariner the ladder Darby landed on broke in half and Darby smashed his knees into the concrete.

Bryant Mooney ()

All you have to do to get me sold on All Out. Give me Moxley vs. MJF & Cody vs. Darby Allin for the AEW & TNT Championships respectively. Hopefully there can be an audience for it.

Marc Whitman ()

@ScorpioSky I still think either you or Darby should of won that match tonight, that was probably the best PPV I have ever seen though so thank you very much and thanks to everyone at AEW


#AEWDoubleorNothing RESULTS Casino Ladder Match -- Brian Cage def. Orange Cassidy, Joey Janela, Luchasaurus, Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, Kip Sabian, Darby Allin and Colt Cabana to earn a shot at the AEW world championship:

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Dave Schwartz ()

LW: Daniel Sedin C: Darby Hendrickson 💪 RW: Dino Cicccarelli D: Dion Phanuef D: Denis Potvin G:Dominik Hasek

Cam ()

@ChikoWasHere First of all, Page declined to participate in ring, because of and Darby are still being built as are young guys that WILL be the face of the has no story yet. They’re building this thing with Cody so that Archer can destroy him

NorthWestern Energy ()

Northwestern Energy is aware of the outage in the Darby area. Crew is en-route and will have power restored as sonn as possible thank you.

Alex Luna🦦 ()

1. stadium stampede 2. MJF hitting his head on edge of ring 3. brian cage 4. darby allin skateboard spot 5. orange cassidy

Dubya C ()

@AEWrestling Brian Cage chest passing Darby into the ladder, Penelope Ford showing she can go, Moxley vs Lee , Bar fight, & Sammy Guevara getting tossed off the endzone seats.

Timeerased ()

#aewtop5 1/ Shida winnin 2/ Darby thrown by Brian Cage 3/ Cody 1st TNT champ 4/ One winged angel on sammy 5/ Hangman arriving on a horse

J.B. #SportsTalkJB ()

@Ghostsquad555 I thought Darby Allin should have he hasn’t won a big match yet.

Rob Naylor ()

@RRSterling Him, Darby, OC, MJF & Jungle have just made the absolute most out of their platform & are total stars.

Captain Deadpool ()

Sammy Guevara doesn’t get credit for being just as fucking crazy as Darby Allin. He’s a mad man!!! #AEWDoN

Lucas ()

@keenanfisher13 Honestly I think Darby is going to cost Cage the title match. I don’t think they will have Brian Cage lose clean so early and it will further his upcoming feud Darby

Leatherface, but in drag ()

@dogxface All of these matches have been awesome. I don’t know how Darby’s knee isn’t shattered from that fall

Chenkari ()

@bc_darby I am currently fluctuating between 125-130 pounds, please make sure the group can carry me

The bath scene from The Handmaiden ()

@_nutpriv I didn’t like Archer loosing but I think Cody makes sense as the first TNT champ and he’s put enough guys over at PPVs. Darby finally beating Cody to become the second TNT champ will be a good story and I don’t think it’ll hard for them to rebuild Archer

Shad Gaspard is and will forever be missed ()

@ProGamerBastard Darby should had spot light not looked like a wimp and a has video of him falling off like 20ft ramps, house and snapping his ankle legit and still makes his own way to hospital. Whoever is booking Darby can go f××k themselves

Señor Peanutbutter en Cuarentena ()

Cody puso over a MJF y se quito solo de la escena titular del Campeonato Mundial AEW, venía perdiendo varias luchas en PPV, hoy gana un Campeonato del midcard y ya todos pierden la cabeza, si lo gano es para dejar over al siguiente campeón sea Darby o incluso MJF. #AEW #AEWDoN

🗽🅡🅙 The BrooklynSavage 💀 ()

@kingflame81 Thank @nickl104 for that idea, I was bitching about Darby losing again to Cody and he spoke on this


@CJLarson5 @mareea_rose I didn’t even watch and I even said Darby should of won that match this decision will come back and bite them in the ass

Mark Horton ()

@CodyRhodes You should really think of using this for Darby Allan it is s perfect fit for the character

😈 ()

@DeLasLuchas Eso espero la verdad, me encanta darby y realmente quiero verlo triunfar

@FinnBalorPrincess ()

@Anci3nt_Marin3r I think after what happened in the semi finals he needs to badly for his redemption cause he isn’t gonna be Darby unless he doesn’t

➶ Simp Mike (sammy guevara hype man) ()

@Ken_D2nd I wanted Lance to win but the story is right there. Cody vs Darby 4. Darby finally goes over.

Paul Chaunt ()

@keenanfisher13 Yes give the title a meaning and then he will drop it to a Darby or a archer or a mjf

Justin J. Lopez ()

@MrWarrenHayes My bold prediction is Darby will FINALLY defeat him and it’ll be for the TNT title. Maybe at ALL OUT.

The Ancient Mariner ()

@wrestlinggirl41 I hope that’s what happens. I haven’t lost hope yet that they have bigger plans for Darby.

Will68 ()

@FusioMan I agree. I don’t know where they are going with this. I hope they fool me and Darby comes out better in the end.

Sideshow Robbie 🏳️‍🌈 ()

@LocalSoundwave People say that some wrestlers “want to die in the ring” meaning that they never want to retire, but sometimes I think Darby literally wants to die in the ring

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