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A meme needs to be made out of the last pic 😂😂 #DarkPhoenix.

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i hate myself for splurging na wala na nga akong pera tangina sarap mong hambalusin, lucky sean #DarkPhoenix.

The #DarkPhoenix is out today! Who is your favorite X-Men character from the movie? - Bring the X-Men home with this @Loungefly backpack! - SideshowCollectibles.

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Tan buen -excelente- actor que es James McAvoy para desperdiciarlo con esa mediocre construcción de personaje del Profesor Charles Xavier en #DarkPhoenix :(.

How does a studio go from X -Men First Class and Days Of Future Past to Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. What the fuck happened? #DarkPhoenix.

Oh I am ready mam!.😍🔥 #EveryHeroHasADarkSide #DarkPhoenix @jes_chastain.

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As a stand alone movie #DarkPhoenix was enjoyable. However they have literally no idea what’s going on in their own timelines. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point because X-Men will be transitioning to the MCU but like try at least a little?.

Comunque, per quel che vale, l’ho preferito DI GRAN LUNGA ad Apocalypse. #DarkPhoenix.

This track played during the final act of the film. It had me invested during the entire sequence. #DarkPhoenix.

Curiosamente en la intro aparecen imágenes del cómic de #DarkPhoenix.    Una referencia a la película que está actualmente en cines?.

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I saw #DarkPhoenix and i actually came in worried, i left out fine. I did like the movie very much. Its just a shame it has to end this way. I will not spoil any of the movie to anyone out of respect..

In addition to her interview with Nerdist, @DenofGeekUS asked to speak to @ArkhamAsylumDoc about her thoughts on #DarkPhoenix. Check out the interview here:.

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Will #DarkPhoenix fail at the box office? does not really matter, this franchise has already made its own history and is among the 10 most profitable in history, haters will have to live with it .... kisses.

Jean is a little kid when she meets Charles in 1975. Come 1992 which is 17 years later she could still pass for 17. No one ages in these movies. #DarkPhoenix.

#DarkPhoenix está muy bien en lo visual, efectos y sonido. Lo mismo en cuanto a las escenas de acción, respecto a coreografías y cómo están hechas. Para mi gusto deja mucho que desear la historia..

Who do you think cared less about the final product they were making D&D for #GameOfThrones final season or Simon Kinberg on #DarkPhoenix ?.

#DarkPhoenix enjoyed it, just need to place it in the Marvell universe, time wise. Another super woman in the about the Captain? Got free coffee too, Cineworld people had trouble getting the film to run: theatre not busy tho’. The 3D in the movie was good quality..

#DarkPhoenix X-MEN sadece kendine özgü bir kitlesi olan güzel Bu sene veda senesi..

jean grey when artificially enhanced superheroes try it #darkphoenix.

no cops at pride just jean grey, the most powerful mutant and bisexual icon #DarkPhoenix.

X-Men so different to what we watched as kids on Sat Mornings. Looks great #DarkPhoenix.

Como me esperaba, #DarkPhoenix esta recibiendo pésimas críticas. Que bueno que ya terminó para que dejen de dañar la franquicia #XMenDeserveBetter.

Happy to hear that @Timcast and I agree on #DarkPhoenix. There’s that one cringe scene but it’s a fun ride and not the disaster it’s being made out to be. Not great. Not awful. Prediction: The Words “X-Men” will never be used for a movie again. But there will always be mutants..

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Absolutely LOVED #DarkPhoenix!! The Phoenix Saga is still my favorite comic arc and this movie did it justice. Highly recommend seeing it!.

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#DarkPhoenix Mi opinión yo amo X-Men, ya que crecí en este mundo mutante, desde mi primer cómic hasta la primera película y serie que vi de los X-Men, ayer @20thcenturyfox le dio un fin a sus pelí fue un sabor algo agridulce, se que no es un fin, si no un nuevo comienzo.❤.

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A meme needs to be made out of the last pic 😂😂 #DarkPhoenix.

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