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Updated: September 17th, 2021 01:37 PM IST

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Biden: “the world is flat & the sun orbits around…me!”

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@Cammy26_2 @CF3Loyal I think that’s the worst game I’ve seen Davis play for a very long time, but that’s testament to his high very levels. We need Jack back ASAP and Bacuna up to speed, and to give. Davis a rest.

(Another) fun night! @IowaCubs win their third straight! Brennen Davis homered. Again. So did Abiatal Avelino. And Tyler Ladendorf. Some more fun stuff happened as well. HIGHLIGHTS:

@maru__sia Реально все этой херней болеют( у нас большая часть офиса уже переболела (и я в том числе) - боль в горле, у некоторых ещё и насморк. И не добиться от врачей обследования и направления к Лору 😒

Nueva edición de #ZonaMixta y con un programa lleno de información junto a @danifernandezva y @Horacon. Tendremos todo sobre el fixture de la Selección Peruana, la palabra de Jean Ferrari, Copa Davis y mucho más. 📰 🇵🇪 También por Movistar Play ▶️

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Soo y’all have Brave Davis as y’all PM, please let me know how y’all feeling right about now ?

And the first play of the game is a FUMBLE. Pass over the middle of the field from Davis is hauled in. But the ball is stripped. Denton High ball. #txhsfb

New artwork for sale! - Triangulum 2 - @fineartamerica

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Heaven Schmidt Davis. 26 años. Dame, líder de la ONAIA (Organización de narcotráfico Alemana Italo-Americana) Problemas: Trastorno explosivo intermitente. Psicopatía inducida. Profesional en uso de armas de alto y bajo rango. Peligrosa en combate de cuerpo a cuerpo.

Biden: “the world is flat & the sun orbits around…me!”

@mickakers Hear me out, maybe people weren’t comfortable giving these tyrants their personal medical records to watch a football game. Mark davis is a loser trust fund baby who made money from taxes and then decided to mandate a trial vaccine before you can watch a game.

Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) DB Sean Davis (@umdsfinest21) is wearing number 33

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@SeahawksBrasil Wyatt Davis? Se for ele, pelo que eu vi tá tudo ok. Tem uma galera já pedindo ele no time, mas acho difícil por hora. Deve pegar uma experiência até começar a ser testado pra valer. Rookie dificilmente entra de cara no Vikão.

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@Real_CNote @DolamiteD It’s like the third show in a row like this for him. And I get that it’s a local market show and not really for “us”. But I can’t believe that Lakers fans even like talking about anthony Davis this much

@hernanfpacheco Antes del partido los delanteros del Lyon eran los peores de su equipo, metieron un gol y medio. Y en ataque encima hoy no se cayó ni una idea, desastroso, hasta Davis jugó mal.

@scottGH1207 @ChrisMcL16 Davis was woeful but we are badly managing him at the moment hes 36.

@hoganmark Any thought to cutting bait with Elijah Moore for Dyami in a redraft? I think Moore has a shot to put up some special weeks, but I’m concerned that Wilson will be unable to sustain more than Davis as fantasy viable in year 1.

Davis Neighbors’ Night Out is a night to celebrate our community and welcome UC Davis students to our neighborhoods. This year, safety comes first. We’re asking neighbors to host safe, small, outdoor gatherings. Learn more and sign up to host a party at

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Whiting & Davis Bracelet Intaglio Cameo Silver tone via @Etsy


@ChrisMcL16 @johnmasonrtid The midfield came to life and we shut things down a lot better when Davis went off.

Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing and I know we where playing a good side but at home do we really need Lundstrum Davis and Kamara?

Who else loves MASS? 📷: Micheal Heffernon ▪️ Brett Davis #NomadOutdoor | #GearThatHunts

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Ive said this for over a year now but These padres announcers orsillo and grant are way better than joe davis i could listen to padres games all the time to be honest #Padgers #Dodgers

We are nearly six months into our #AllHandsOnDeck initiative; six months of working with our law enforcement partners nearly around the clock to put criminals like Davis behind bars where they can no longer contribute to the violence on the streets of our city.

I have to get a covid test at UC Davis rn, and I can’t eat or drink anything in the last 30min, which I did, now I gotta wait BUT now I breathed wrong and have to cough and i need water but I am NOT waiting another 30🙃

@davis_winkie @halbritz I thought being called Gilligan was bad but Twinkie Winke is much worse

Chief Davis alongside fellow officers and our @ffxfirerescue partners paid our respects for Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss. Thank you for your service to our Country.

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Kent clearly carrying an injury. Age maybe finally catching up with Davis and McGregor. Goldson and Kamara running down their contracts. New signings still to show up. Plenty of reasons to be concerned.

#OTD in (Recent) Sports History: Buffalo Bills CB Vontae Davis memorably retired in the middle of a Week 2 game. (2018) #BillsMafia

What if I told you this speech was not, in fact, praising Jefferson Davis but condemning the culture that held this cadaverous figure up as some kind of hero?

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