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Updated: September 11th, 2021 09:37 AM IST

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@easymoneysnier @DavooXeneizeJRR Eso lo sabe cualquiera, pero Davo ni el partido vió, y opina como si sabría mucho.

Davo Twitter

Les recomiendo el regreso de Quetzalcóatl de @JMZunzu para que no se estén indignando a lo tonto

@astromarko @bufordsharkley Ha! I remember renting it from the library, for exactly that reason! Never saw it!

@HighlandFox @davo_arid Great question here. Mr. h*n*k* p*n*k* has major blind spots.

@braddavo I bloody hate the saying Man Cave it sounds floggy, but after that tip Davo you call your dungeon anything you like!! Nice tipping Brahh

@easymoneysnier @DavooXeneizeJRR Eso lo sabe cualquiera, pero Davo ni el partido vió, y opina como si sabría mucho.

@davo_arid @bufordsharkley Now you have me walking down mumblecore memory lane. I remember liking DANCE PARTY USA and FROWNLAND too. Gawd I’m really about to look up a list of “mumblecore films” now… look what you did.

@Masonjargirl1 I’ve noted before, *everyone*—both lovers and haters of LVT—has at least one movie of his that they love, and one that they hate. And like no two people have the same two movies!

@davo_arid @bufordsharkley I agree with Bujalski standing out in that group. Standing *apart*, too. He had a sense of humor that the others didn’t. The commentary track, alone, on the FUNNY HA HA dvd cracks me up.

@HighlandFox And too Asian too, yuck! (I only saw his first two big ones—Rebels and Vive L’Amour—and thought they were both fine, but haven’t really felt any urgency to go back to it.)

@astromarko @bufordsharkley I went through a very deep dive into mumblecore a couple years ago. He and Silver are the two that really impressed me.

@davo_arid @bufordsharkley Bujalski kinda surprised me. Not that I have a problem with it, just unexpected.

@Masonjargirl1 LVT gang. I actually went through his complete filmography earlier this year, and picked up a book of his interviews too. He’s a cool cat.

Donde quedó el Davo que hacía altos videos de Boca en YouTube?. Quiero ese Davo, no el que tuitea pelotudeces como esta o que boludea en Twitch.

Es una hermosa forma de esconder el pase. Lo célebro, Gago era uno de los mejores en Argentina.

@Nicoambrogi Algún subnormal como Davo. Que se dedique a hacer los videos que hace un YouTube y no tuitear pelotudeces como esta o boludear en Twitch.

@astromarko @bufordsharkley I’ll officially make an 11-20 to stop this scandal dead in its tracks Eastwood PWSA Mike De Leon Hathaway Lee Chang-dong Nathan Silver Bela Tarr Dreyer Wiseman Bujalski S Craig Zahler Even Though He’s Only Made 3 Movies

@davo_arid @bufordsharkley I think this might haunt you … nothing against Wain, but

@codyclarke Pieta, Bad Guy, and The Bow. Pretty much his entire filmography is on Kanopy, too, so it would be so easy!

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