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An absolute honour to cover the operation with @AirlinesAntonov today At @iah. This was a 35T Heat Exchanger heading to Asia. The teams did a fantastic job getting it all done on-time and in style. Thanks to Daniel Dawson from WFS Aero, Alex from Alliance Cargo Express, ACS, the….

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“Cometo un error de cálculo en la última y nos cuesta el partido, debemos hacerle el duelo y levantar la cabeza” Kevin Dawson, arquero de @AsoDeporCali.

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whenever I’m feeling down I just remember that shane dawson proposed on two knees and I instantly feel better.

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The Fourth Sunday in Lent: Laetare Sunday & Mothering Sunday at St Ann’s, Dawson Street.

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Moosomin’s Dawson Davidson and the Golden Bears will play for a National Championship on Sunday in PEI. Good luck @Davidson_98! #GX94Sports.

Dream stans are seriously out here insulting people’s looks like “shane dawson” wasn’t trending after Dream’s face reveal 😭.

Bitaw na !!! Jack Dawson Disclaimer ⚠️ The story, actors, and incidents portrayed are fictitious. No identification with actual persons and products is intended. For Business and promotion only.

Pasto 2-1 Cali El Cali no volvió a ser el mismo desde que Pintó se puso a inventar contra Pereira ✅ Mantilla y Viveros por el ⚽️ ⚠️ Cali: 7 de 24 pts 😡 La irresponsabilidad de Congo y Dawson ❌ Velasco, Tello, Arroyo, Fabry ❌ El descenso acecha @covealaire.

“Cometo un error de cálculo en la última y nos cuesta el partido, debemos hacerle el duelo y levantar la cabeza” Kevin Dawson, arquero de @AsoDeporCali.

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me when I got Chris CHAN to rep my gender and Shane Dawson and nickocado to rep bisexuality . Enough.

@jessbee1999 Josie Janz Dawson yesterday was Severn Stars 2017 😂 she played for years with Fever who she was commentating on.

This is amazing 🤣🤣🤣 This is the response when shown a gif of Dawson’s rugby tackle on Bamford 🙈.

@Wrightgal80 Got to stay positive. Created plenty of chances yesterday to win. Defensively poor but on the whole since Dawson came in we’ve been better at the back. Just put it down to ‘one of those games’ and hopefully be better at forest. Jlo has to get his team and subs right though..

fuck off, star is so pretty. Your just mad your streamer looks like shane dawson. did u rly stalk stars profile to see a picture and save it on your phone to defend a groomers looks??? Kinda obsessive.

“Cometo un error de cálculo en la última y nos cuesta el partido, debemos hacerle el duelo y levantar la cabeza” Muy autocrítico y realista el arquero Kevin Dawson del @AsoDeporCali.

@DeporPasto 2 - @AsoDeporCali 1: esta noche la victoria fue lo + importante. El fútbol poco apareció para los volcánicos, pero su mística y el amor propio volvieron a ser determinantes para lograr el triunfo ante un rival q no pudo sostener la ventaja. Regalito el del meta Dawson.

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and we all know what she was watching. dawson’s creek influenced folkevermore and no one can convince me otherwise.

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A fascinating article about the inspiring friendship between George Dawson and Sam: Timmins. So good to hear about the blue plaques!.

@CrambazzledTask @DebsHLUFC Have said it several times but the worst decision in the game was Dawson not getting sent off - either for a straight red for the tackle on Harrison or a second yellow when he pulled Bamford down.

@leeds_lord @Wolfpackwwfc Yes. Would love to know how Dawson managed to stay on the pitch 👍.

Me neither Nathan. Couldn’t get my head around how it wasn’t given. Still baffling how Dawson stayed on the pitch. It’s easy to blame VAR when you lose and are out played..

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Rosario Dawson might have just pulled a Tom Holland and spoiled her return..

Dawson still has not liked the selfies I being at work is NO excuse.

#RuedaDePrensa Kevin Dawson guardameta del @AsoDeporCali Una fatalidad, un error cometo de calculo que lastimosamente nos cuesta el punto, o los 3pts por que nosotros vinimos en busca de la victoría.

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Dawson Cram’s No. 74 Service Master Restore Chevrolet for Atlanta..

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今から釣りにいきますが TylerとJean Dawsonに今年の春夏は頼んでおきます.

Having worst experience of my life rn. Imagine being out with someone that you cool wit and they telling u this story u really could care less, and on top of that they breath stank as asf but you too nice to be like “yo stfu yo breath stank my guy.”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

@Gunnerbomb22 Hahha ikr. I’ll be like 80 years old talking about last year when Dawson got the goal at the end of the game..

@604saluteII Dawson or Raines or Walker or Vladdy sr haha just a few of the Expo greats.

Dawson Racing has launched a 10,000 PFP NFT series, and at NFT Miami Week, the longtime racing team will be offering one of 12 real car parts from Dawson Racing..

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