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Dean Cain’s boast that he would have knocked out a teenager led me to his bio, starts off with some fun alliteration but oddly finishes with him calling himself stupid.

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@HuffPost @RealDeanCain comments 48 hours following the murder of 50 innocents by a fascist terrorist: 1. I’d punch the anti racist kid, who egged a gloating fascist politician, unconscious. 2. Anti-fascists are the real fascists. Dean Cain is scum. ….

george reeves: christopher reeve: brandon routh: tom welling: henry cavill: tyler hoechlin: dean cain: i would karate chop a toddler on the throat if it tried anything.

Dean Cain is joy to have on Twitter. It needed to be said. That is all. @RealDeanCain.

Sigh. 🤨 wee troll. I will ask you nicely to not waste your time with me. And i am sure that Dean Cain is the most wonderfully kind and humane person in the known universe, that would happily punch a kid in the face. And thank you for the kind words. 😬😘.

You know who’s a better Superman than Dean Cain? Pretty much everyone else who has played Superman. Fuckin John Newton & Tom Welling are lightyears above Cain..

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Tao acabando com o dean cain pq ele disse q revidaria tb Ai ja tao dizdndo q o tal senador é fascista entO n merece legitima defesa Vsf esquerda.

Dean Cain’s boast that he would have knocked out a teenager led me to his bio, starts off with some fun alliteration but oddly finishes with him calling himself stupid.

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I hope someone throws an egg at Dean Cain while he is delivering pizzas for Papa Johns..

I learned Dean Cain(and Sabato Jr. dude) went full blown MAGAt on Twitter about a year ago. Nothing he says or does now is shocking to me. You either die a hero. Or live long enough to see yourself become the villain..

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The every few months (years?) Dean Cain reminds everyone he’s an asshole is always a trip.

I gotta admit, I’m surprised to see Dean Cain trending. I thought he was that at least his career was. 🤷‍♀️.

Dean Cain can get in the fucking bin alongside James Woods. Pair of overly aggressive fucktards..

The Dean Cain thing is simultaneously perfect classic twitter (everyone mocking a celebrity for being stupid) and perfect modern twitter (Superman likes Nazis now, sorry)..

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an American actor with no knowledge of Australian politics seeking to beat up an underage boy! What on Earth, Dean Cain?.

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I explained what was happening with Dean Cain to my partner because he’s doesn’t have Twitter. This has not been a good argument for him to get Twitter.

Remember: Dean Cain might be a disappointing garbage human, but Chris Evans is not. For every turd of a Superman there’s a gem of a Captain America..

Nobody: Dean Cain: I would’ve played some Sixpence None The Richer for Hitler and defeated him with love..

is cain.

@Caitlin_Welsh is cain.

I thought being blocked by Andrew Bogut was weird, but here comes daytime Superman Dean.

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LOL he has Real Dean Cain as his username as if anyone would pretend to be that deadshit.

While Australia schools Dean Cain on superman’s history with nazis, can someone remind me of why Dean Cain saying something on twitter about native people from the US is ringing bells?.

@EssentialBron Dean Cain said he would have punched egg boi, Australian twitter said that was very Superman of him, he blocked us all..

Sorry did anyone else notice Dean Cain fantasising about pummelling kids if they insult Nazi senators?.

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Ce soir, l’immense A L’EST D’ÉDEN est programmé par @ARTEfr. Magnifique adaptation par Elia Kazan du roman homonyme de Steinbeck. Ou comment le cinéaste trascende une douloureuse histoire filiale, façon Abel et Caïn, au cœur du Sud des Etats-Unis. Inoubliable James Dean..

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