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It was a red card. No arguments, says talkSPORT’s Dean Saunders #WALIRN #FIFAWorldCup.


Suarez looks like he’s playing with a piano on his back. Luis Suarez looked to be well off the pace as #URU drew their #FIFAWorldCup opener.


Wales have been battered this second half, just had Hennessey sent off and Dean Saunders goes ‘we can still Nick this’😂😂😂😂 I love listening to this guy, he lives with the fairies.

And that dafty Dean Saunders was banging on about winning the group 😂😂 tin pot nation 😂🙈.

Side note: listening to Dean Saunders today on Talkshite it is absolutely no longer a surprise to me that we got relegated under him. What a 🤡 #wwfc.

Dean Saunders thought Wales would easily win this because of how they sung the national anthem. #WALIRN.

I don’t understand how that’s happened. Dean Saunders told me Wales were going to finish above England because they had “players who can run” 🤷🏻‍♂️🇮🇷 #WALIRN.

Listening to dean Saunders clutching at straws while commentating on the wales vs Iran match 😂😂 love it.

Dean Saunders absolutely devastated here on talksport. Pre match he was talking about Wales getting there goal difference up 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Dean Saunders, Fireman Sam, Kelly Jones, Shirley Bassey, Rob Brydon! Your boys took one hell of a beating..

Wales are utter 💩 but dean Saunders will still say they are world class with bale if their side.

You haven’t experienced sporting joy until you’ve listened to Dean Saunders commentate on a losing cause for Wales.

Is there a worse pundit than dean saunders. You’ve just been dumped 2-0 by a side you’ve slated since England thrashed them now you’re defending wales. Awful performance. @talkSPORTLive.

That’s justice for having to listen to Dean Saunders chomp on for 90 cyaaaa 😂😂.

@Martin_Wickham An adjacent point: before Iran-Wales kick-off Dean Saunders actually said ‘They [Iran] are divided – we’re [Wales] together’ like it was some tactical advantage. Despicable. So glad he’s booing now..

Is there a more bitter pundit than Dean Saunders? I think the answer is no. I love it 😀.

England beat Iran 6-2, Iran beat Wales 2-0. Dean Saunders believes Wales will beat England..

@RickGlanvill Dean Saunders being upset has at least given me a reason to be glad Iran won….

Dean Saunders furious at Johnson for walking while Iran players steam up the pitch! Welcome to the life of a #nffc fan 🤣.

I wanted Wales to go through (I’m not Welsh) but the upside is I won’t have to listen to Dean Saunders again this World Cup.

I would say Dean Saunders stick to management but he’s shit at that as well @talkSPORTLive awful co commentator!.

@Thorney93 Dean Saunders “ If we get one , this Iran team will fold like a pack of cards “ 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️.

Can only assume Dean Saunders has astonishingly come out of retirement to score a late winner for Wales..

Dean Saunders Photo,Dean Saunders Photo by Daniel Ayers,Daniel Ayers on twitter tweets Dean Saunders Photo

Still smirking at Dean Saunders saying Moore had an easy hat-trick today. Absolute wally brain..

@bermo112 I was out walking the hounds this morning & suffered Dean Saunders flooding out of my his drivel really set the mood. Oh for the effortlessly fluid chat of Ally McCoist any day of the week..


Yet more proof that Dean Saunders still holds the ever so competitive crown of thickest person on Talksport..

@Total_Villa Dean Saunders easily. Back in the day don’t know if anyone remembers Leighton Philips?.

@Total_Villa Hard to pick. Dean Saunders, Mark Delaney, Always thought Neil Taylor did a good job for us. One Welsh player, I always wished that we would have signed was Ashley Williams..

I had actually hoped Wales would do OK at the WC but seriously Dean Saunders is so annoying and petty that I am glad they lost today. Hopefully he might actually shut up and go away now 🤫.

Dean Saunders hopes being beat 2-0 won’t effect them qualifying on goal difference haha.

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