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Declan Rice: “I see it in training…. There’s goals for fun” Yeah. Because you’re playing against our defenders 😭😭😭.

Declan Rice’s first half by numbers vs. Germany: 100% long balls completed 100% dribbles completed 94% pass accuracy 5/5 ground duels won 4/4 tackles won 1 interception Impressive defensive display. 🍚.

Declan Rice Photo,Declan Rice Photo by Statman Dave,Statman Dave on twitter tweets Declan Rice Photo

If Declan Rice had remained Irish you’d pick him up for about £20m It’s a toss up between him and Mount for most overrated English players around currently.

🚨 Declan Rice after the match: “But I didn’t think it was all bad tonight. One chance for them, one goal. I thought we controlled the game” One chance Declan? Barella missed an open net. Cristante missed from 12 yards out. Gabbiadini missed a 1v1 Hilarious quote 🤣.

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Jorginho career highlights • Champions League Winner • Euro’s Winner • UEFA POTY Winner Declan Rice career highlights • Released by Chelsea aged 14 • Lost Euro’s Final • Relegated with England.

There’s about 100 Declan Rice’s out there in different leagues around Europe. #ITAENG.

Bukayo Saka beats Harry Kane, Declan Rice to win 2021/22 England Men’s Player of the year award via #KubiLive.

Wtf has happened to Declan Rice!? He’s having as bad a season as Mount! what’s going on?.

@umirf1 Why does Declan Rice miss out for you? Doesn’t it make sense to have him as the 6/8 and Phillips as the sitter?.

Declan Rice is a good player but he could be 6yds out with an open goal and still manage to find that sideways pass.

Que jugadorazos son Declan Rice y Bellingam una lástima que son tan caros. Rice me encantaría para sustituir a Busquets..

Svagt England. Ett ljus är dock Declan Rice. Jag hoppas verkligen Toddan lättar på lädret till sommaren..


Declan Rice I think has got ways to use him that can be effective but in the 1st phase of play he looks like a really average player. The midfield dynamic rn isn’t helping him. I don’t think he can play as a 6 at the highest level🤷🏾‍♂️.

Came back to the bird app to tell you Yerdas and Cobhamsexuals that J5 has once again embarrassed Declan Rice..

@LeedsARG_ @JuannDis No jugaron bien con lámpard y gerrard en el mediocampo y queres que la rompan Declan rice y Kalvin lesiones Philips..

Declan Rice was never worth £100m. He’s never shown he’s worth £100m. He shouldn’t ever be worth £100m..


Did Declan Rice really say “ we score goals in training” 😂😂😂 did he really ?.

Tchouameni has 2 trophies Declan Rice has 1 relegation Never compare them.

Declan Rice Photo,Declan Rice Photo by Travis | El Quisling 🇪🇸🇯🇲,Travis | El Quisling 🇪🇸🇯🇲 on twitter tweets Declan Rice Photo

Declan Rice disagrees with Joe Cole after England suffer Nations League embarrassment #Football.

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‘Trust me, we’re getting good’: Declan Rice sees positives despite England’s 1-0 loss to Italy.

@ESPNFC Shut the Fuzz up!! Declan rice is no good to be in England squad! Overhyped kid as hell! He is a mediocre joker!.

Declan Rice says England ‘score goals for fun in training’ and ‘will be good’ at World Cup despite matching San Marino’s open-play goal record in Nations League.

Bukayo Saka beats Harry Kane, Declan Rice to win 2021/22 England Men’s Player of the year award.

@ESPNFC England should get rid of this Declan rice crap and get themselves some aromatic Jasmine rice..

@ArsenalInterac1 Duglas Luis en enero Venta de partey en verano al mejor postor ya creo que fue suficiente Neves o declan rice en verano con todo.

@ArmeriaGunner Hay que ir con todo por Duglas Luis para enero Para verano Neves Declan rice Y evaluar la situación de partey venderlo es una opción no se puede así con todo respeto por partey.



Declan Rice Photo,Declan Rice Photo by DSK,DSK on twitter tweets Declan Rice Photo

Declan rice saying England score goals in training is funny as fuck 😭 No shit brother you are playing against English defenders.

The comments in this post are laughable oh but don’t worry if Declan Rice played for a top 6 side he’d be more appreciated but because he plays for West Ham! 🤦‍♂️.

@idextratime parah mana ada om declan rice loh. oiya masih ada maguer sih. yauda ya nasib klub.

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