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Three women face tough choices, with devastating consequences. New drama #DeepWater Starts tonight 9pm @ITV @annafriel.

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Russia had noticed deepwater equipment test off the Etorofu island (disputed between Japan and Russia) from 14 Aug to 4 Sep. Any Idea?.

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Opinion | More than nine years after the greatest oil spill disaster in history, many of the safety regulations put in place after the horrific BP disaster are at risk. We can’t let the oil industry write the rules..

@james27vaughan Not a “knicker thief” She was looking for her own knickers after the naughtiness of the night before! 🤭 #Deepwater.

So a child is woman stares into the water impotently. Man rips off jacket and jumps in, saving child. Great not buying into gender stereotypes at all!! #deepwater.

I quite enjoyed the new drama on itv this evening! Definitely worth a watch 👌 #DeepWater @ITV.

So happy to see @jakey_jan on my tv screen tonight in @itv’s #DeepWater. You did bloody great!!!!! 👍🏻 Your family must be so proud of you, looking forward to watching the next one ~ Emma xxxxxx.

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Not sure about #DeepWater yet but always great to see @almackenzie on our screens. Needs to happen more often.

Well, I have lived in the Lakes for 28yrs and I have never seen such a steamy side to it #DeepWater Have I been missing out?.

Any and all fans of crime thrillers, get on these books. #DeepWater.

Nothing about this is remotely like anything in the real world that I live Who would leave the bathroom door open? Whod forget her knickers. Whod be so easy seduced? Whos be smiling as a boy is pulled out water after nearly drowning. I could go on #DeepWater.

The scene in the kitchen at the dinner party, was excruciatingly acurate of many social situations I have been in. #DeepWater 😟🙁.

Just looking at property prices in Windermere - some interesting local attractions #DeepWater.

@SonjaPinnell Yeh and why wouldn’t the girl just call her mum when Anna Friel didn’t come to get her? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #DeepWater.

I have no idea what any of that was about. Pile of shite 🤷‍♀️#DeepWater.

Nooooo @ITV don’t release #deepwater all at once on the hub. I hope this doesn’t happen all the time. The waiting for the next episode is the exciting part..

@annafriel Sorted it’s on #DeepWater #itvhub staying up all night I reckon 😂👍🏼.

Traumatised by her trying on earrings & putting them back on the shelf. Events in the bathroom took a quick turn around - must have been the perfume spritz @allssfc72 #DeepWater.

“What kind of mother forgets a sleepover?” First of all why didn’t the daughter remember the sleepover? It’s her best mate, her sleepover??!! This is daft #DeepWater.

@annafriel Legit loved #DeepWater tonight. It got better as it went on. I can’t wait for the next episode! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.

Not a traffic jam in sight, must have been filmed on Christmas day, Windermere is normally in gridlock. #DeepWater.

Little Cyclops was watching Ana Friel & Frank Bruno in the Bathroom. #DeepWater.

It’s 1980 again. Howard’s End set in the Lake District #DeepWater @itvdrama1.

I enjoyed it and can’t see why people are confused by it? For those whiningabout one of the other 300 channels!#DeepWater.

@LouMartin15 Ha ha yes riddled with cliches, no likeable characters, I’m already addicted. Defo watching next week 😂 #DeepWater.

Three women face tough choices, with devastating consequences. New drama #DeepWater Starts tonight 9pm @ITV @annafriel.

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