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Piero Hincapié 🇪🇨 aparece entre los 40 nominados a recibir el Premio Golden Boy. Se entrega al mejor jugador del fútbol europeo menor de 21 años. Él y Marquinhos 🇧🇷 (Arsenal) son los únicos sudamericanos entre los candidatos. ⚽️💎.

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by VarskySports,VarskySports on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

Piero Hincapié es uno de los 40 nominados (y apenas dos sudamericanos, junto a Marquinhos) para recibir el Premio Golden Boy, el cual se entrega al mejor futbolista sub-21 del mundo. Orgullo ecuatoriano 🇪🇨..

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by Pablo Giralt,Pablo Giralt on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

🗣 Del Piero: “Jude Bellingham? I wish he played for Italy.”.

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by Italian Football News 🇮🇹,Italian Football News 🇮🇹 on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

I knew someone who thought Del Piero was his full name and thus used to call him Derek Piero..

These pundits man (bar the legend Del Piero ofc) no wonder general education of fútbol in this country is in the gutter.

🗣 Del Piero on Italy not qualifying: “It’s very hard to manage when you win. It’s easier when you lose. When you win a big tournament like Italy did, they did it tactically, mentally, with a dream when they started qualification. With something more than what you are.” #Azzurri.

Den här låtsasturneringen var otrolig. Ett ösigt England vinnare och full hybris till VM året efter, Roberto Carlos frispark, Romario & Ronaldo, Zidane, Del Piero skyttekung..

TREMENDOUS to see Del Piero on C4 again, brings back memories!.

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by Kevin Harper,Kevin Harper on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

Alessandro Del Piero is on Channel 4. It feels like a Sunday afternoon during the ‘90s. Bravo..

Presenter: “How does he get the space to make the chance here?” Ever so good of Alessandro Del Piero not to say: “Because Harry Maguire had *absolutely no idea* he was there.” #itaeng.

Mannnn Del Piero come back to Juve 😩🥺. Such a beaut, he deserves to talk real football with his team not with these bums.

Turned channel 4 on for England vs Italy game and first question I’ve heard to Del Piero is if he thinks England can win the World Cup. Channel changed. Tune back in at 7:45 on mute..

Alessandro Del Piero on the Channel 4 coverage is the only reason I’m here for this game… 👑.

Eni aluko next to allesandro del piero giving us her insight into football punditry 🤦🏻‍♂️ let’s just put Eddie Izzard in there as well ffs 😩.

Del Piero bossing the punditry pitch side. What a player he was. Cool as fook as well. Proper Italian presence..

what I would give to be as cool as allesandro del piero talking about football in a second language.

@romeoagresti Fuori subito Allegri e Nedved, dentro Del Piero e un allenatore VERO!!!?.

Allesandro Del Piero, was an elite footballer, can we substitute the second half of pending dross, for 45 minute highlight reel of his goals instead ? #engvsita.


Who Del Piero dey call Wright-Philips abeg? Did he just call Sterling, Wright Philips? 😂 What’s the connection? Weird. 😂😂😭.

@ivomirko Su Channel 4 c’è Del Piero a fare commento tecnico pre-partita 😊.

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by Matteo Mangiarotti,Matteo Mangiarotti on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

@Marco_Roger10 Grandi juventini. Alex del Piero, Nedved Con altri super campioni. Trezeguet, Buffon, Camoranesi.

@JustJohnny1882 It was Italian League that started the big transfers not Spanish or Premier League ! Baggio was even better than Del Piero 🤷‍♂️.

@piero_cavagna Es un monstruo, TAL VEZ sea el más inteligente tácticamente dentro del BIG 4.

Del Piero! What the helliero! Please some tell me spesh shoes are in fashion. He used to be the coolest #ItaliaInghilterra #ITALYvsENGLAND.

Del Piero Photo,Del Piero Photo by Gary Footy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿,Gary Footy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on twitter tweets Del Piero Photo

@StanCollymore I think the most remarkable thing from the 1st half, was Del Piero referring to “Wright Phillips” during his half time.

Alessandro Del Piero on Channel 4. Just like the good old days of Football Italia 😍 #ITAvENG.

Del Piero there, wondering who the fuck these two women are and why they are talking to him.

@shakyboy88 England get C4 n Del Piero and the rest of us scumbags get fucking Premier Sports and Alan Hutton.

Boring, dull as ditchwater, negative football from England, standard modus operandi of @GarethSouthgate got Alessandro del Piero 🥱 time for tennis.

@FootballRemind 🇦🇷 Messi 🇧🇷 R9 🇫🇷 Henry 🇪🇸 Reyes 🇵🇹 Figo 🇮🇹 Del Piero 🇳🇱 Bergkamp 🇩🇪 Klose 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Wright.

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