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With this week’s #DesertIslandDiscs castaway, the brilliant @stephengraham73. So grateful to him for a conversation about his life that was honest, funny, moving and Join us at on @BBCRadio4 🏝.

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#DesertIslandDiscs with @StephenGraham73 was a proper goosebump experience this week. Fabulous music and stories told with laughter, sadness, tenderness, but above all, love. Thank you..

Spellbinding #DesertIslandDiscs with actor @StephenGraham73 and @laurenlaverne Some very honest conversations and great tunes. And talking #spycops 26mins in.

As a 45 YO fellow scouser I had high hopes for #DesertIslandDiscs @laurenlaverne in terms of music, but the candour of the interview knocked me for 6. What a bloody lovely fella @StephenGraham73 is!And I was talking about Andrew Schofield in work this wk which is just plain weird.

Give this a listen with @StephenGraham73 I’ve had a cathartic cry this morning #desertislanddiscs.

@StephenGraham73 just wanted to say thank you, for opening up about your experiences with mental health today with @laurenlaverne for #desertislanddiscs it really means a lot to hear.

Brilliant #DesertIslandDiscs with @StephenGraham73 its so important people who are so well known speak truth like he did about their struggles. Had me crying I’ll admit but so necessary @laurenlaverne.

Brilliant episode of #desertislanddiscs today. Felt like @StephenGraham73 and @laurenlaverne were two old mates catching up. Funny and moving in equal measure. Top track choices 👌We all need more Kasabian and DJ Fresh on a Sunday morning!!.

‘You’re never quite sure what is going to happen next’: actor @StephenGraham73 on his love of improvisation #DesertIslandDiscs with @laurenlaverne.

Another cracking #DesertIslandDiscs This series is just awesome. Thank you @StephenGraham73 for telling your story so honestly & beautifully. What a man and what an interviewer. @laurenlaverne has nailed it again..

Wonderful programme, wonderful human #desertislanddiscs.

What an absolutely fascinating #DesertIslandDiscs As #StephenGraham is such a brilliant actor, no insight into him as a person, and let’s face it, many of the characters he plays are hardly likeable! He comes across as just the loveliest of guys, and this has been so moving..

Listening to #DesertIslandDiscs on @bbcR4 with @StephenGraham73 👏 a lot of honesty will help people with #mentalhealth.

Courageous, kind, caring and tender - yep we’re super fans of our patrons @StephenGraham73 and @HannahWalters74 #DesertIslandDiscs.

Wow. @StephenGraham73’s #DesertIslandDiscs has floored me. What a lovely fella. ❤️.

Don’t usually listen to #DesertIslandDiscs but Stephen Graham is compelling listening. Crushing honesty about his early struggles. Top work fella..

Enjoying @StephenGraham73 on bbc4 #DesertIslandDiscs What top top bloke. Very honest with great taste in music 👊.

Stephen Graham’s favourite Oasis song is the same as mine and he’s officially now my favourite #DesertIslandDiscs.

#DesertIslandDiscs with @StephenGraham73 .... best radio I’ve heard in a long while.

Superb #DesertIslandDiscs as ever @laurenlaverne, ManCrush now fully activated listening to @StephenGraham73 Ta 🙏🏼🔥💥.

Friend just called around wet plus soaking wet I missed an essential bit of #desertislanddiscs explaining that it was lovely Is it me? #VictorMeldrew 🤨.

I’m meant to be shopping in Truro’s Waitrose. Instead I’m sitting in the car in the car park spellbound by @StephenGraham73 ‘s powerful life story, handled superbly by @laurenlaverne on #DesertIslandDiscs. This programme simply gets better and better..

Oh, Stephen Graham. I just want to bloody hug you. You brave, lovely, searingly honest man. ❤ #desertislanddiscs.

@StephenGraham73 this interview is brilliant and so moving. Huge love for this great actor. @laurenlaverne excellent as ever. #DesertIslandDiscs.

‘I’d been through these few traumatic things and never really grieved’ Uk actor @StephenGraham73⁩ opens up to #desertislanddiscs’ ⁦@laurenlaverne⁩ about life, loss and working with his heroes in #TheIrishman.

With this week’s #DesertIslandDiscs castaway, the brilliant @stephengraham73. So grateful to him for a conversation about his life that was honest, funny, moving and Join us at on @BBCRadio4 🏝.

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