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Kirsty Young has decided to step down permanently as host of @BBCRadio4’s #DesertIslandDiscs:.

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Well, your record collection is pretty meat-and-potatoes. #desertislanddiscs.

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Lovely moment on #desertislanddiscs when @marcuswareing talked about his dad being there for him at the end of the phone every night when he felt lonely ☺️.

Blimey was that the blandest ever selection of #desertislanddiscs by Marcus Wareing?.

Whenever there’s an episode like that of @marcuswareing on #desertislanddiscs I can practically *hear* my mum calling me to say, “What a nice man!” Shared listening, long distance, was a feature of our lives. I’d have been agreeing,.

What on earth is #DesertIslandDiscs doing allowing people to have luxuries that are useful tools and books about survival. This was verboten in the good old Roy Plumley days. #RulesAteRules..

Very smug about the book I got in work today #desertislanddiscs.

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I was re-listening to #desertislanddiscs @antanddec, at the end when she told them they had to be cast to separate islands and Dec said that made him sad, I teared up a little. Thinking of last year. But they made it through with ❤️ and support, just look.

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Caught up with Jared Diamond’s #DesertIslandDiscs and it didn’t disappoint. So glorious to hear one of our most preeminent geographers cast away by @laurenlaverne 🌍.

A great podcast Really enjoyed listening to this episode from Sue Biggs at @The_RHS yesterday whilst driving home from Cork #DesertIslandDiscs.

Blimey, this #desertislanddiscs has left me in need of a hug, booze and some good music. At least Imagine wasn’t in there..

He’s not called Chris Eubanks! This song isn’t called Simply the Best! This #desertislanddiscs is rather taxing..

Do you think celebs ever refuse #desertislanddiscs cause they’re just not into music? They should..

I knew he would pick the bee gees as his track to be saved! Oh dear. #desertislanddiscs.

@CC_Bloom Which is why he never had any time to listen to proper music beyond what was in the charts at the time. #desertislanddiscs.

Omg Marcus Wareing on #DesertIslandDiscs Whatever he’s paying his therapist - it’s not enough!.

Can you’re imagine if the last song you heard in your life was a falsetto? #desertislanddiscs.

Can you imagine the face of the #desertislanddiscs producer when he first saw today’s castaway’s playlist?.

Did he buy an 80s compilation tape at a petrol station on the way to the studio? #DesertIslandDiscs.

Anyone else on #thearchers tweetalong dancing in their kitchen to #DesertIslandDiscs ? 💃.

Suffocating slightly from the repression. Gasp! @laurenlaverne #DesertIslandDiscs.

Sunday morning run done. Tick. Paper reviewed. Half a tick. Marcus Wareing on #desertislanddiscs. About to tick :-).

Food, family and laser focus! Find out what it takes to make a master chef on this week’s #DesertIslandDiscs with castaway @marcuswareing. @BBCRadio4 at.

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I said, what’s tennis? @BillieJeanKing recalls playing the game for the first time. #DesertIslandDiscs #Wimbledon.

What a great day for 80s music memories. This is one of my #DesertIslandDiscs.

Kirsty Young has decided to step down permanently as host of @BBCRadio4’s #DesertIslandDiscs:.

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