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Nobody wants to see a spin-off of a well-known children’s movie that is motivated by a queer agenda. Especially not when the star is calling half of America bigoted dinosaurs. Full episode:.

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To experience the world of dinosaurs, they had to create it. Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton, Executive Producers of #PrehistoricPlanet, reveal the epic journey they took to bring Earth 66 million years ago to life..

An asteroid impact turned the dinosaurs into birds. I bet if you asked a bird they’d say it was all worth it. Wonder what it’ll take for us to grow wings. Someday we may have to..

The failure of dinosaurs to adapt to new technology was their downfall..

Deciding to just not play college ball is super good actually. Let these old dorks cry and complain about “work ethic,” or whatever, they fucking dinosaurs..

Birds are descendants of dinosaurs. And this one will jack you up..

@darth @bittersweetdb Mixed up files was one of my top five, always always wanted to spend the night in the Met, sloshing coins out of the fountain. Three years earlier, NYC best ever was The World’s Fair. It had so much everthing. (Plus dad worked on it, bonus). Dinosaurs to video phones, in…1964!.

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James and I just finished watching #JurassicWorldDominion and it was fantastic! Lots of fun, lots of dinosaurs (old and new) and SUCH funny/nostalgic moments from the original Jurassic Park movie ❤️ heck I love Jeff Goldblum so much.

@AaronBastani Marvellous, henceforth that shall be my argument in any vaguely intelligent / logical debate:- just look at what happened to the dinosaurs??.

Imagine if @JurassicWorld released a compelling threequel instead of bugs and a shaving cream obsessed millionaire From Dinosaurs Attack 80s cards.

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@FN_Smurff Dinosaurs in a certain radius would’ve been vaporized. The whole impact didn’t shatter everythings bones at once. Most Dinosaurs died due to the after effects, intense heat, starvation, and later the smog covering the Earths Atmosphere..

you know WHATTTT .. i take it back. your ass IS too old to be on twitter .. ARGUING WITH MINORS when you were there to witness the dinosaurs being wiped out ….

Glad to see that, in the 2 yrs since I last watched question time, the BBC haven’t lost their impressive knack for locating the most deranged minor public school idiots the uk has to offer so that they can put their ‘trade unionism killed the dinosaurs’ theory to a wider public..

I canny believe the dinosaurs didn’t move with the times and accept the changes in technology. I mean, “just look what happened to them”. 🤣 imagine having that thought. And then imagine vocalising it for the entire UK to hear while saying it with wild eyes..

why is it we are called the looney left when we have brain rot right spouting out diatripe that make sense. hilarious typical tory BBCQT looking fools again..

@Agitate4Change @Lloafy8 what a stupid woman. dinosaurs didn’t become extinct because they stood on a picket line or did it have anything to do with how they lived their lives 😄.

Dear @bbcquestiontime @MentornMedia do you spend a lot of time trying to find people like these - or do you have a supply of them cryogenically frozen to thaw out each week? #dinosaurs #bbcqt.

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@Forthemanynott5 I was eventually allowed in the kitchen . But was warned to watch out for the dinosaurs 🦖 🤣😉….. being 4 is a wonderful imaginative play age 🥰.

The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by @SteveBrusatte - an excellent audiobook. I loved the portraits he paints both of the dinosaurs he describes and his colleagues who hunt them. Fascinating lives..

@AvaSantina Interesting point, but what kind of preparations does this woman think the dinosaurs should have made for colossal chunk of rock hitting the Earth at Mach 100?.

@MTHart12 hi there👋 Below my debut fantasy novel.☺️ Story of a soldier traveling to a different world inhabited by dinosaurs, mythical creatures and humanoid races of all kinds. . 📘.

@owillis I took the dinosaurs out this morning and they’re already deep into their morning naps. Ridgebacks are basically giant cats..

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As a traditional artist, I always have trouble when drawing king animals especially dinosaurs as the paper is not enough to fit in, so I have found the solution..

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This account isn’t my life. It’s my fun little corner where I can take my mind off things, share stuff, and talk to fun people online. I want it to be an escape for myself and maybe others too. Plus who needs the input of the guy who draws vtuber dinosaurs on serious discussions.

@_Dan_Ryan What fucking idiot even thinks they had B-52s during WW2? This is idiocracy. Where the museum talks about fighting nazi dinosaurs..

Argh these guys are terrible at communicating. Dinosaurs dunno how to handle remote work..

red pandas have 2 close relatives, but both are extinct. they died with the dinosaurs..

@ThinkingAtheist I keep forgetting that my little 8 pound calico cat goes out and tries (and sometimes succeeded) her hand at killing dinosaurs..

So we went from fucking dads to fucking birds, cats, dinosaurs, and a fish to now fucking humanoid versions of ice pops. Sure ok I can vibe with that tbh.

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@JavierVeg_ I thought it was very entertaining . A nice end to a movie franchise that for a lot of people was so incredible in 1993 and allowed us to experience the world of dinosaurs..

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