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Dion Dublin there, looking around, thinking of knocking through that wall and putting down some laminate flooring in the adjacent studio. #JPNENG.

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Saw Dion Dublin was trending then spent forty minutes crying with laughter at the tweets..

Manchester United legend Dion Dublin needs to be shown some respect! #JPNENG #FIFAWWC.

Why is Dion Dublin trending?! Have I woken up at 7am Sunday morning in the early 2000s ready to bring all the blankets downstairs for match of the day?!.

Why the fuck is dion dublin 😕 soz but last night & the day I had today, Iam honestly too tired even google it 😂.

@paul_winginit Colm Meaney DUB- PMI, Pacquiao (spelling?) Manila to Puerto Princesa, Céline Dion LAS to NYC, half the cast of The Crown LHR to but my fave was sitting in a hotel bar talking to a lovely guy from NI in Dublin only to realise half way though that it was Liam Neeson 😅.

Don’t understand why Dion Dublin is a pundit. What’s the correlation between homes under the hammer and football?.

@VialliChelseaFC @CFCBlues_com Azpi much better defender Petrescu, Desailly came to us after his best years and he got mauled by Dion Dublin then his legs went in the Ranieri years..

When Dion Dublin captained a #CCFC team that knocked out Liverpool and Aston Villa in the FA Cip. #PUSB Aston Villa 0 Coventry City 1 FA Cup 1998 14th feb via @YouTube.

Dion Dublin was the joint highest goal scorer in the Premier League in 97-98 with Alan Shearer & Michael Owen. Dublin did it playing for Coventry City..

I’m genuinely unsure if Dion Dublin trending about women’s football is a mass twitter prank or people are that dumb they have no idea he was an actual footballer, and not just a presenter for homes under the hammer..

Why am I not at all surprised to see that both Jonathan Pierce & Dion Dublin are trending for both being absolutely useless at their jobs during the Womens World Cup..

Watched the #lionesses go through to the last 16! Amazing! However why is Dion Dublin from Homes Under The Hammer a pundit!? 😉.

Dion Dublin looks clueless talking about the #Lionesses and their possible opponents,this is why it pays to have an all female pundit team who know teams/players all this equality bullshit,we have a man on the pundit team and he’s fucking useless..

Watching the women’s World Cup Dion Dublin on the punditry, nan says ‘oh look it’s the bloke off Homes Under the Hammer’ 😂.

Can’t look at Dion Dublin without thinking of the 5 minute compilation of him saying “the stairs, going up to the bedrooms”.

Ngl Dion Dublin needs to get back to homes under the hammer sharpish, his analysis is awful imo.

Dion Dublin there, looking around, thinking of knocking through that wall and putting down some laminate flooring in the adjacent studio. #JPNENG.

@BBCNews It’s great with all the license fee controversy and you have 4 people at the ground telling us what we have just watched and one of those is Dion Dublin!!.

Strange that the Homes under the hammer presenter Dion Dublin, is also a football pundit #manofmanytalents.

Nice to see Dion Dublin talking about football instead of wearing a large overcoat and having a moan about downstairs bathrooms. #ENGJPN.

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