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Why is Sony willing to drop the price of the PS5 Digital Edition so low? - Higher margins for digital games and services - The user will never buy a disc (lower margin) Sony earns around ~50% more when you buy a third party game digitally vs physically. ~30% more on 1st party.

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Kevin Le 🇳🇱
Kevin Le 🇳🇱 ()

@LuukFC_ Same lekker hoor :). Heb hem ook met disc. Op lange termijn heb je er zo veel meer aan.

Dame Agnes Guano
Dame Agnes Guano ()

Meet The Liberator Fully Automatic! Listen to the sales pitch then flip this flexi-disc over and discover how and why Denis Norden became a washing expert.

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.. ♡ So Much In Love ♡ ..
.. ♡ So Much In Love ♡ .. ()

ถามจริงนั่นคือใบ summary ที่ได้จากรพ.แรกหรอ เหมือนไม่ลงรหัสโรค หัตถการเลยว่าผป.เป็นอะไร น่าจะมีแค่ประวัติกับการ disc ปะนะ โล่งขนาดนั้น

the 🆕 LEG🅰️L ®
The 🆕 LEG🅰️L ® ()

PS5 event show failed to deliver! Xbox won on price and exclusives! via @YouTube EARLY! Now everyone see’s clearly how the master of tracing and copy cat tactics is! Lackluster event giving people the same console with a differnce for a disc drive!!

やる気元気しょーきち ()

#Nowplaying Girls Talk!! - NI + CORA (高田憂希, 大西沙織) (H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!! [Disc 1]) 女子トークについて、勉強してる

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Idk ()

@Hieroglyphycs That’s what I did I’m not finna risk not even getting a ps5 at all so just went with the disc

Charles —
Charles — ()

Grabbed the disc PS5, Spider-Man and Demon’s Souls. We moveeee

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Will Hernandez
Will Hernandez ()

Went to buy one and got the out of stock message for the version with the disc drive. The discless one was already out of stock.

Down Under Halo
Down Under Halo ()

@vicious696 just pre ordered in aus. After listening to last gamertag radio you convinced me on digital ps5 and disc drive series x. Also, just want to say really digging your commentary and stance on gaming from the viewpoint of another dad and gamer. Keep up the great work!

アンソニー 🌹 🏳️‍🌈 #DeezNuts
アンソニー 🌹 🏳️‍🌈 #DeezNuts ()

Everyone talking about the ups and downs to the digital and disc ps5

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King Noctis
King Noctis ()

@Rhymestyle Can I ask your thought process between choosing digital and disc? Unless you just like to collect discs

Secret Code
Secret Code ()

@nondarbb @ZhugeEX that would of been tempting for me but I heard everything is purchased digitally through the sony store, DISC still have those cheaper deals so i might stick with that.

Chase ()

@jcjenkins95 @harrisonculliso It ain’t that much more powerful and the all digital PlayStation is $400 and runs everything the same as the one with a disc drive

Josh Morin ∞
Josh Morin ∞ ()

for PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu Ray Disc. Im sadly gonna still pour my wallet into this.

Dignity yhii
Dignity yhii ()

@TigerCA123 @geoffkeighley But anyone buying either digital only console will pay far more over the next generation instead of buying a disc copy

Sfner ()

@undomesticanid Is the upgrade from Series S (no disc drive) to PS5 Digital Edition (no disc drive) worth those $100 extra?

Bademeister333 ()

@insomniacgames What about my Spider-Man PS4 disc? Will we be able to play our PS4 version on PS5 with ehancements?

Stephen Richards
Stephen Richards ()

@Loghairn @Andrew_Reiner I don’t think you will be able to, as you need to put the disc in the drive to download and use the upgrade. That’s just my understanding.

Ni-raiya Sensei👑
Ni-raiya Sensei👑 ()

I’m really torn between disc and digital cuz Ion even buy disc like that but I can’t them on sale joints

We live in a twilight world.
We live in a twilight world. ()

@Deekman @videogamedeals Not to be an asshole but not everyone wants to play 20 year old games. I can’t even tell you the last time I bought a game on disc. I’ve never regretted buying a digital version of anything.

Tay ()

@SeanAlarid You want exclusives? Ps5. The xbox has a better graphics. By tera flops. Both will run well. If you aren’t gonna pay the extra 100$ for a disc drive ps5 imo. The cheaper xbox isn’t as fast.

HH 🇳🇬
HH 🇳🇬 ()

So the only difference between the main version and digital version of the ps5 is no disc drive? who is paying 100 more for the INCONVENIENCE of having a disc? I am confused

Himbo Slice ☭
Himbo Slice ☭ ()

@wtfBRIZ @BlvckPeteRose And backwards compatibility. Wish the Series S had a disc drive I’d get that

XoFlyer ()

@MattsWrId So does this mean If u bought 2k on disc u have to buy the more expensive version

James St Patrick
James St Patrick ()

@Aneezamja Yeah I hear that’s why I’m in two worlds about it! Dont you have to pre-install some stuff for the PlayStation to be able to read the disc on disc version like Xbox does too? And surely that takes up some storage aswell

XXRedBeardXx ()

@aaronroyce13 @tomwarren I think most of the Series S cost cut came from the lack of 4K, the reduction in Ram, and the halving of the SSD memory. I think the disc drive probably takes up like $30-50 of the cost reduction, as it should be.

Joe Chambers
Joe Chambers ()

@Graceful_Swan I believe digital is the way to go. Buying a disc game is fading away.

C750 Mitch™️
C750 Mitch™️ ()

@shatreice No so if I get the digital then I have to buy games off the PlayStation store which are digital (not a disc) so it goes to a drive and a cloud and that’s how you would play the game. But can’t get discs bc theres no reader (slot) for them so if you bought discs you’d be wasting💸

Petty Sensei
Petty Sensei ()

@2KInsiderr The cheaper one has a few less specs than the $500 version. It’s not just about the disc. If you want to be cheap and you can’t afford the big boy than stay in your range. Stop making it seem bad to spend the $500 ppl

Daniel Ahmad
Daniel Ahmad ()

Why is Sony willing to drop the price of the PS5 Digital Edition so low? - Higher margins for digital games and services - The user will never buy a disc (lower margin) Sony earns around ~50% more when you buy a third party game digitally vs physically. ~30% more on 1st party.

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