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The pound plunges to its lowest level against the US dollar - at just over $ - since decimalisation in 1971.

@chadhow4rd I’m surprised US news isn’t shouting about it since the dollar seems to be kicking ass right now! We’re fine over here tbh bro, for now anyway..

@iJayBardhan British pound falls, Sterling falls, Yen falls NZ dollar falls because of their bad rulers . Will this suits to India as well right???????.

@OliverKay @danmufc11 Can I ask what your alternative model to purchase a multi billion dollar company (in any sector) would be? Because if the answer is cash, then you’re only talking about sovereign states that probably effect your metropolitan elite politics even more than private equity..

Emerging Markets: Asian currencies hit multi-year lows as US dollar buoyed by safe-haven demand - Reuters.

Rupee at all-time low against dollar: NCP seek explanation from FM Sitharaman.

Pound hits all-time low against dollar after mini-budget rocks markets.

@bnbqueen3 @TechTreesCoin NFTs will be introduced in their game that will allow us to play and earn rewards. There is a million-dollar prize to defeat the final boss. Are you gonna try your luck $TTC #TechTrees #TechTreesCoin ..

Rupee at all-time low against dollar: NCP seek explanation from FM Sitharaman.

В Казахстане евро резко подешевел в отличие от доллара Источник: © LS.

Liz Truss facing party pressure amid fears over pound slump | Evening Standard - no alternative but to go to the country #generalelection if any no confidence letters go in or significant numbers of Tory backbench MPs vote this down #costoflivingcrisis.

Drag is a super power and this video proves it. Drag helped this poor scared person to conquer their fears and make a dollar doing it 💅🏻.

@williamnhutton @lazqetjohnson Sterling will stabilise against the Dollar naturally in 2023 when interest rates adjust USA down and UK up..

Oya na dollar is One (Official rate).

Доллар перегрет и может уйти в коррекцию Ралли доллара напоминает траекторию улетающей в космос ракеты на фоне роста доходностей облигаций Казначейства США. Рубль терял в цене против основных конкурентов на старте недели, которая завершает сентябрьски....

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Anybody missing Boris yet? “The pound falls to record low against the dollar” by @FinancialTimes.

@AndisMom4 I’m just like you! I’m just 50% white, rich & will private jet home to my multimillion dollar Montecito digs. Rise up! You can do it! Just don’t call me or email me or actually touch me. Eww!.

Grid renewal generates billion-dollar shock as costs of energy transition become clear via @ABCaustralia.

The Chinese currency hasn’t been this close to the weak end of the fixing band since 2015..

Pound at all-time low as new British Chancellor of the Exchequer hints at further tax cuts.

@Silver_Gold_U @TaviCosta Not true Aaron , I live in South Africa and been holding Krugers past 20 years and doing very well. Wouldn’t touch the Dollar ! My Zimbabwean mates concur..

“The pound falls to record low against the dollar” by @FinancialTimes.

@Little_Yvie Hi darling very nice quality sexy ass I love to fucking you very much I am sick to your ass I pay your free money USA dollar come here be my guest 💋💋💋✌️✌️✌️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏟️🏟️👍👍💞💞.

Navratri ke shubh awsar par aap sabhi ko isme jarur hissa lena chahiye doato #Shiv_Shakti_Yatra.

@hinaparvezbutt Miftah per bhi aisa hi howa tha bad ma sab ne dekha k dollar 240 ka ho.

@MacaesBruno Wake up Bruno your euro is at the lowest to the dollar ever.

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We’re going to find out for just how long Kwarteng can remain ‘sanguine’. UK bonds slump after pound plunges to record low against dollar – business live.

@jezzerbear Although the former is high-dollar (or £) days the vast majority of consulting is the latter at significantly lower rates (although still more expensive than hiring someone) - the temporary nature of the roles mean it is often not worthwhile for companies to employ someone..


The #rupee declined to against the US dollar, down per cent or 34 paise from previous close at 1:19 pm on Monday..

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